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UNnatural supplements & Supplement Roulette...Re: Most definitely
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Published: 12 years ago
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UNnatural supplements & Supplement Roulette...Re: Most definitely

>>> I feel there is allot of confusing sometimes bad info.(sorry just an observation I still love CureZone!)<<<

No need to apologize (at all!) - 'tis likely that 90% of the "information" on CZ is people repeating what other people said, that they heard other people say, that they found in a post from somebody that had no IDEA what they were talking about. 'Sad thing is, if one repeats a lie often enough, it become a "truth" :( :( :(

The use of isolated vitamins & supplements isn't natural healing at all - it's alternative medicine...that's why it doesn't work for anything but a temporary band-aid, and stops working when one stops taking them. One can EASILY end up with more bottles of supplements than people end up with bottles of pharmaceuticals. And in time (sometimes very quickly, but often times much later), people can end up with all kinds of imbalances from using them.

There's absolutely nothing *natural* about an isolated vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or standardized herbal extract. Our *natural* body doesn't get everything with them that is natural...hence in some way or another, every time we ingest one, our body is thrown off balance and has to expend energy & resources to regain the balance.

Good example? Vitamin C lowers copper levels and releases iron from the tissues (raising iron levels). Yes indeedy, mega-doses of Vitamin C can have all kinds of 'short term benefits', and sure we urinate it out so that it can't accumlate and cause toxicity. BUT, before it's urinated out, it alters the chemistry of the body slightly...and many people won't notice that for months (so they never attribute it to the Vitamin C. Let them to an ND for mineral testing, and they'll test high in iron and be put on something like IP6 - which could easily thrown them into anemia (because the iron levels in their body weren't really high, the Vitamin C just released it from their tissues). Supplement roulette - I advise against every walking up to the table to play the game.

Bottom line: disease is NEVER caused by a "lack of supplements".

>>>Now if I can just work up the nerve to try a Liver Flush again(last time was 3 years ago)I think the brick wall will start to fade. <<<

You can do it! And you DESERVE for the brick wall to start to fade!!! Liver Flushing is a simple as drinking some olive oil & citrus juice to trigger the liver to create & release lots of bile to flood through and cleanse itself.
In actuality, what you have to 'work up the nerve for' is what you'll have to do (and what illnesses you'll be facing down the road) if you DON'T do a series of liver flushes. All great natural healers agree (and most allopaths, too...those that have some brain cells left) - we NEVER see cancer unless the liver is compromised.

Why have a compromised liver (and all the symptoms thereof) when we've got something as simple as olive oil & citrus juice. It's really just silly to have a compromised liver when it's so easy to uncompromise it.

Flush ON naturalgirl!!!


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