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Hmmm...listening to our 'doctor within' Re: Calcium in foods makes me tired? Re: Adrenal Fatigue and SSRIs - Includes Unyquity Response
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Published: 12 years ago
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Hmmm...listening to our 'doctor within' Re: Calcium in foods makes me tired? Re: Adrenal Fatigue and SSRIs - Includes Unyquity Response

Wowee, 200 stones on a FIRST flush! You must have followed instructions and done some great prep work. GOOD FOR YOU!

And five days on the juice fast - excellent!

>>>but just trying to figure the whole picture out. For example...I juice carrots, which have a lot of absorbable calcium in them, I still get pretty tired almost right away. I would like to continue to juice them because I really like their taste and I know they are very healthy for me, but they seem to make me tired everytime I do.<<<

I advise everybody to listen to their 'doctor within' VERY closely...but this can be fraught with "issues" - because if our body is telling us something our head doesn't understand, we misinterpret what our body is trying to tell us. And in some cases (especially when we're changing our diet quickly) we confused what our head & emotions are saying with what our bodies are saying. As in the "I NEED solid food! Juice fasting is making me weak & tired, I even feel cold all the time, this means I'm not getting enough protein!!! My 'doctor within' is telling me to eat!" Which of course, is a TYPICAL reaction to a juice fast, our bodies are actually loving every minute of it, it's just that we didn't know what to expect, and we're confusing what our conditioned minds are saying, with what our body is telling us.

I'm sure you know, but carrots are MUCH more than 'calcium'.

To attribute a past hair analysis result, and that you're feeling a bit tired after drinking carrot juice simply because of it's strong calcium content...MAY be a bit of a 'stretch'...especially since carrot juice has so many more attributes & substances that could have various impact. And of course, in doing a major cleanse & restoration it's sometimes impossible to know just 'what is causing what'. The thing of which we can be ASSURED? Our body is replenishing it's storehouse, getting topgrade fuel AND working very hard.

That all being said, carrot juice is VERY rich and nutrient packed, and you are feeling tired after drinking it...and there's no way we can know exactly why. Is this 'tiredness' something that's indicating an imbalance? or an undesireable stresser on the body? (really not so likely) Or is this a reaction that similar to a car 'stalling out' or 'flooding' because the carburetor is in such bad need of adjusting, that a strong flow of normal premium fuel SEEMS to be a problem? Our body's carburetor? The liver!!

And is your liver in BAD need of adjustment & cleansing? Yes, we already know that, for sure. So is the problem the carrot juice (the premium fuel) or a liver (carburetor) that needs cleansed & adjusted? More than likely it's the latter...and your body getting nutrient dense fuel for the first time, is throwing you symptoms.

What to do? Don't put in cheaper/lower grade fuel...just get a different 'mix' on the fuel, until your liver/body can handle it. I suggest diluting the carrot juice with water (up to 50%) and/or mixing it with a more energizing juice (such as apple or orange). Either are fantastic with a bit of ginger juice (and that also help the liver!).

Do that, and see how you and your 'doctor within' feel about it...and be sure to let us know!


P.S. Also, if you have the time, would you make a new post and tell us all exactly what you did to 'prep' for your liver flush, what protocol you did (and how you adjusted it, if you did any adjusting), and how you and your 'doctor within' felt about the whole thing...and how you're feeling since. You're doing great stuff, formales - KUDOS!

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