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Pelvic/Leg Pain: Let's Start With The Basics
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Published: 12 years ago
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Pelvic/Leg Pain: Let's Start With The Basics

Hi DQ!! I'm so glad you're here! I think we can help you.

First, please understand that I am one of Uny's apprentices. She asked the apprentices to help with the basics, and she of course, would come in when she could with all of the beautiful details. So I will give you all the love and help I can, and then Uny will take it from there.

I want you to know that I have been praying for you ever since I saw your post. The knowledge that Uny has and that she is sharing with all of us is straight from nature and nature's God. I've been praying about what to share with you, to help you heal yourself from this affliction and pain.

When a "patient" walked into Dr. Schulze 's clinic while he was still practicing, they would tell them what was wrong, and Dr. Schulze would ask these patients some basic questions about their lifestyle. He really probed. He wanted to know EVERYTHING, and I mean the itty bitty gory details. He didn't just ask about the symptom that was presented, he asked about the whole picture. His approach, and ours, DQ, is to find out what the underlying cause is for this problem and fix that. Regular allopathic doctors and most alternative "medicine" or "health care" advocates practice symptom care. What you asked for was something to help you fix your symptom... pain that has felt like "holy hell" for a couple of weeks. Bless your heart. But what you're going to get on Uny's forum is something different. You're going to learn how to heal your own body of anything.

Now, if you were in Dr. Schulze 's clinic, and he was asking you all those probing questions, he would tell you that NO MATTER WHAT THE SYMPTOM WAS, he put his patients on what he called his Foundational Program. It's funny to listen to him talk about doing this, because he said 80% of his patients got well just from doing this program. He would say "Darn! I want something hard to cure! But my patients keep getting well on me!"

This is the Foundations Program:

1. Change your diet to 100% raw vegan, and start drinking fresh juice that you make in a juicer, at least a quart per day. Even better would be to begin juice fasting. When you are well, you can move to an 80/20% vegan diet. This means you eat what nature provides: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds in their raw, fresh state. It means completely avoiding white flour products, white rice, refined salt, sugar, coffee, black tea, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, meat including fish, milk and all dairy products including yogurt, anything chemical or processed, all margarine and butter, all cooking oils that are not plant oils, corn syrup, and artificial anything.

2. Start taking Superfood every day. I recommend 4 tablespoons for you, but let Unyquity give her thoughts.

Here's a little note from Dr. Schulze re: Superfood:

"In running my Clinic over the Last decade, I saw one truth when it came to nutrition. Synthetic vitamin and Mineral supplements never helped any of my patients get well, but the juicer did. Live raw food contains live nutrition, not only vitamins and minerals but enzymes that are missing in cooked foods and life energy that Science ignores. Life energy is what an orange uses to grow back into a tree. Try growing a tree from your vitamin and mineral pills."

"My patients would be disciplined, but only a few ever lived exclusively on raw foods. To supplement the rest of my patients and to get them off of their synthetic, chemical vitamins, I created this formula and saw miracles happen."


I've been getting my Superfood from Uny. She has two blends, and y'all can decide together which one you'll want. I recently purchased herbs and yeast to begin making my own Superfood according to Uny's instructions.

3. Immediately, like last week, start a thorough bowel cleanse, using Intestinal Formulas #1 and #2. I know you understand the benefits of bowel cleansing, so I don't need to go over that. The IF#1 stimulates peristaltic action of the large intestines (it can make a rock start squeezing-figuratively), and the IF#2 acts like a street sweeper for the colon. My hunch is that with your pain being in the area it is, a really good Bowel Cleanse will help ease that pain by taking the pressure off some of those nerves.



4. Start taking Echinacea tincture for immune support. Uny makes it, and let me tell you it is the BOMB. Virtually ALL of the echinacea on the market today is mostly water and completely ineffective. The usual dosage is two droppers three times a day.

I THINK Uny is going to tell you to start taking at least 3 cloves of fresh raw garlic every day and take either your cayenne tincture you got from Uny or her cayenne powder every day to help you with circulation. You need a good healthy blood supply going to that area. BTW, Uny's cayenne is serious stuff! It even burns the mouth off of us Texans, so start with just a little bit and work up!

You do the food program, the bowel cleansing program, and the echinacea for two weeks, and then you start on the flushing programs.

5. In addition to the above, I would add daily invigorating exercise, enough to make you sweat. You're a runner, aren't you? If it hurts too much to run, try doing something else.

If you can't exercise at all, do what I do: hot and cold showers. :-) Shoot, do them in addition to exercise. You will alternately love me and hate me, but these are SOOOO awesome! You get in the shower, and slowly turn the cold water down and the hot water up to as hot as you can stand it. You concentrate hot water on your hurting areas. Your skin will turn pink/red like you have a sunburn, but don't actually burn yourself. Get yourself all nice and hot for a minute. You can massage the area while the water is pouring on it. Then, slam the cold water on full blast and shut the hot completely off. OMG! You will definitely know you are alive!!! Scream, fuss, sputter, swear, whatever! Getting emotions out is healing! Keep it cold for a full minute, then slam the hot on and turn the cold water back off to where the water is steamy again. You're going to do seven cycles of hot/cold, for a 15 minute shower twice a day.

You are stimulating your circulation system. When the water is hot, your blood comes to the surface to try to cool your body. When the water is cold, your blood goes deep into your tissues to provide warmth for your vital organs. Hydrotherapy is AMAZING and your going to hear about it a lot on this forum. :-)

6. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Sounds like that might be hard right now. Uny has a fantastic Nerve Sedative that might help. I use it.

7. Check the stress in your life. Emotions come into play in our health a lot more than we may realize. Think positive, happy thoughts. Stay away from toxic, negative people, job situations, etc.

This is probably more than you bargained for, DQ, but we want to be sure to give you what we believe Dr. Schulze would have given you. I will leave you with this, my dear friend: Love, giving and receiving it, is the best healing tool there is.


Wings (dp9)

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