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2 posts in 1 response :)Re: Adrenal Fatigue and SSRIs - Includes Unyquity Response
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Published: 12 years ago
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2 posts in 1 response :)Re: Adrenal Fatigue and SSRIs - Includes Unyquity Response


You're more than welcome for the re-affirmation! Very frustratingly, the pharmaceutical cartels are now completely in control of the education of our physicians and the FDA, hence, the chance of finding any true cure from a licensed physician or through a pharmaceutical drug is 'zero'. I'm blessed by knowing that my words have helped in preventing you from taking something that would have inevitably worsened your condition. And I've more blessed (and excited!) that my years worth of study in the protocols & methodologies of the greatest healers of our time is something I can share (and you will "hear") in order to ensure than you achieve a lifetime of vibrant health. YAY!

>>>What I'm curious about is if you know of any reason a SSRI would somehow reverse fatigue or adrenal related condition?<<<

What actually happens that makes people *think* they're helping (many times, possibly) is that the large doses of fluoride in the SSRI/SNRI's (or manipulation of brain chemicals) create apathy and a dulling of emotional responses. If one doesn't respond emotionally (or respond only with a chemically induced 'dullness') one isn't as likely to trigger an adrenaline response. Of course, fluoride is a demon/poison that plays havoc with every system in the body (especially the HPA axis/thyroid), and many on these drugs have induce hypothyroidism, as well as other long term damage (for example, aluminum binds with fluoride to be able to cross the blood/brain barrier...can you say "alzheimers"?) Of course, I don't know "their" reasoning, but my guess is that's what they often see that makes them think this class of drugs are of some benefit. Sadly, manipulating brain chemistry with chemicals often backfires and induces a state of increased excitability...especially with the SNRI's...but they have an answer for that! Add a benzodiazepine sedative or benzo-like sleeping aid (likely the most evil class of drugs ever created).

If you're interested in reading & learning more about the dangers, pitfalls & failures of SSRIs/SNRIs (and other 'toxic' aspects of the mental health industry), I suggest a book entitled 'Toxic Psychiatry' by Peter Breggins, MD

It's been on the market a few years, so it misses some of the more recent information, but it's a fantastic read, nonetheless. (As with many books on Amazon, just reading the reviews is almost as informative as reading the book!).


>>>I should add that I read recently that a diet high in calcium is needed to correct adrenal fatigue...Could it be that my body is crying out for calcium, perhaps?<<<

Most of us are very short in assimilable calcium...all pasteurized dairy and white Sugar rob our body of calcium. However, I doubt a simple calcium shortage could be responsible for the more complex issue of adrenal fatigue.
If you'd like to give calcium supplmentation a try (with a calcium source that will NOT disrupt the body's normal balance further, I suggest the Herbal Calcium Tincture that's on our Product List. It may give you some level of relief...if it doesn't, it won't hurt a thing!

I'd like you to read this: (it's short, I promise :)

How "Cure" Happens

If you want to understand more fully why "protein supplementation" is NEVER the answer (and it's actually an 'anti healer') please read the three short chapters here, called 'Protein & Healing':

(but note, not everything on this site is something that we all can agree upon - it's based on Gerson, and while being a fantastically successful healer, he didn't use Liver Flushing - and that's something that is almost always essential/beneficial when not following his specific protocol - he had patients doing up to 4 coffee enemas daily, and he also used some isolated supplements).

What I'd actually prefer that you read (and that would do more to speed your healing & restoration) is to focus on the works & methodologies of Dr. Schulze (there's a permanent link at the top of every Curezone page with his name). I realize it's SO hard to let go of decades worth of 'scientific' conditioning - after living our entire lives thinking & knowing that ridding ourselves of disease is something that only the most educated & knowledgeable minds are capable of, we naturally think we just HAVE to understand it all before we can take responsibility for our own health and heal ourselves. Sadly, that's exactly what the PTB (powers that be) set out to achieve, and they've done a fantastic job (grrr).

But it's actually SO simple and basic. All we have to do is learn how each organ/system functions correctly and how to put them back to that correct function (and we don't really even have to learn what they do, all we have to learn is how to put them to rights). The secret - EVERY organ/system is completely & totally dependent upon the other...and the entire system is dependent upon the tubing the runs down the middle of our body. We've GOT to start assimilating the correct nutrition and be able to expel toxins effectively as a baseline to it all.

I don't like this 'out of breathness, coldness & dizziness', and I'd like to see you address this immediately. It indicates (at it's baseline) a lack of strong circulation (and possibly that the adrenal fatigue is adversely effecting your heart, which is very common). Many times with adrenal issues, we need do some basic strengthening & restoring based on what symptoms are present. To strengthen the heart, the answer is Hawthorn Berry (do a bit of researching on the miraculous aspects of Hawthorn & the heart)...and daily cayenne is a MUST to increase & regulate circulation (also, cayenne WILL stop any heart arrhythmias in this track) - which may very well stop the dizziness.

By the way, I replied to your PM, check your box.

Keep on learning and questioning - knowledge IS the key to health!



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