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Re: 2 questions about beet juicing beets
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: 2 questions about beet juicing beets


Congratulations on your decision to start juicing! Having a quality juicer and knowing how to juice is THE best thing you can EVER do for your health (nutrition-wise). And juice fasting? 'a VERY powerful healing modality ...good for you!

What kind of juicer? Here's a page I put together that'll help answer that question: //

- Do not waste your money on a centrifugal juicer, as you can see in the 'above', they destroy the majority of the enzymes AND fail to extra a large percentage of the nutrients (up to FORTY PERCENT LESS) than a quality juicer. AND, they extract FAR less juice from the produce (meaning you have to spend money constantly on more produce). Yeah, the centrifugals are cheaper and easier to use, but they seriously degrade the quality and quantity of the juice.

A quality juicer (I prefer the Omega 8003/8005, but others like Champion, Greenstar) will last a lifetime and bring a lifetime of healing. Going off foods and onto juices at the first sign of sickness is one of the best things we can do. And check out this fantastic article on juice fasting:

JUICE-FASTING: The powerful healing therapy...

A good juicer IS worth the money, and you'll save so much over buying juices! (you can find great deals on the Omega on eBay)

Yes, you need a quality juicer (heavy duty) for beets. I can break down, clean, and put back together my Omega in less than 60 seconds. I can juice around 25 pounds of beets/carrots without having to stop & clean it.

How many 3" diameter beets does it take to make 16 ounces? Hmmmm, when I'm shopping, I don't pay much attention to 'beet size', I'm just happy to find *enough* organic beets at my small health market. I regularly juice 2 cups/16 oz of beet juice for my pickled eggs, and I'm thinking it takes around 3-5 pounds for that. (that may be a 'high side' estimate, I honestly can't remember - hopefully someone else will have a 'stronger' estimation).

Also, many times I order organic beets & produce from here:

They say they won't ship (UPS) produce, but if you tell them when you order that you take full responsibility for the state of the produce when it arrives, they WILL ship it UPS. Right now, the UPS rate is about $1 per pound (on parcels weighing around 50#)...and typically, even with the extra postage, the prices at Azure Standard are cheap enough that you still save money. YAY. Right now they offer organic beets - 25 pounds for $24.10
(by the way, you have to make a lil' account and sign in before you can see the prices). LOL, prepare to be there for some time - the selection is like a HUGE organic/natural general store!

You juice beets raw. Scrub them, cut off their ends, cut them up, and down the juicer tube they go.

>>>The juice I buy at the health food store is 100% cabbage, nothing but beets... not even water.<<<

I'm guessing this is not freshly juiced, so that would mean it's pasteurized (???) You'll get great benefits (by far) if you juice fresh.

Also, I AM glad you found something that working - but I can't tell if this is a CURE for high blood pressure, or if it's just a bandaid (as in, if you stop drinking the juice does the high bp return?).

If this isn't a 'cure' and you're interested in learning some different (cheaper) ways to 'bandaid' or to truly cure hypertension, just let me know and I'll give you more information.

Juice ON!


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