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Healing thoughts for consideration...Re: Mental/emotional/spiritual health-Consciousness in the quest for health
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Published: 12 years ago
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Healing thoughts for consideration...Re: Mental/emotional/spiritual health-Consciousness in the quest for health

Vernal (or whatever new name you're growing into now) -


Thank you for the opportunity to address this - it's SO important.  Just like we can't address an individual organ or a system of the body and expect to have a lasting healing, we can't address or isolate any other true 'part' of our selves.  For sake of simplicity of discussion, please allow me to separate (what most feel, and I agree) are the three main parts - the physical body; the 'soul' - our personality - made up of our emotions and our conscious/subconscious minds; and our spirit, that part which animates us and leaves our physical body upon the death of our physical body.  Some like to consider the spirit to be 'pure energy' (not that the body & soul are not energy or void of energy), some prefer to consider our spirit to be "God" in a religious sense, others prefer (I think I am one of those, this week anyway, lol) to consider that we cannot be separate from the energy or 'God' that is universal throughout the cosmos.  For some, God is an entity; for others God is "the source" of energy.  And others blend it all together in various ways to suit themselves. 


Just for the record? I refer to this universal energy as "God" many times - I believe our cosmos was somehow masterminded, and due to my various 'religious' indoctrinations and experiences over my 50 years of life - I sometimes reference this energy as God or my Father and the earth as my Mother - as whether or not one believe in 'creationism' or 'evolutionism', our bodies ARE earthly and our spirits are ethereal and non-earthly (or so it seems to me). 


This forum NEEDS for all of us to be extremely tolerant & respectful of each others beliefs - this can be very difficult for some.  And I want EVERY person on this forum to feel free to contact me privately, if you feel that your religious/spiritual/energy beliefs are being ridiculed, disrespected OR that anyone has become so prolific in their expression of their own beliefs, that it becomes offensive.   My deepest wish is to make this a forum into a true 'haven' where we ALL can express our physical, emotional, & spiritual weaknesses & victories - and assist each other to heal, as well as celebrate each others healings & revelations.  I strongly believe that when all is "said & done", we will all know that despite EVERY difference of EVERY belief system in the universe...that it will turn out to be ONE truth.  (ever notice? Belief System can be abbreviated BS :)  Onward:

Firstly, Dr. Schulze once wrote a small book entitled "Common Sense Health and Healing" 20 simple, easy and powersful steps to create a new healthy life.  (good luck trying to find one! it originally sold for $16.00 and IF you can find a used copy, they generally sell for around a $100.  The ISBN#: 0-9671569-3-4)

Here's the 20 "steps":

1. Pure Water

2. Fresh Juice

3. Vegan Food

4. Live Food

5. Bowel Cleansing

6. Cleansing & Detoxification

7. Breathe Deeper

8. Stretching, Walking, Moving

9. Water Therapy

10. Natural Clothing

11. Natural Cleaning (as in cleansing products for the home/body)

12. Stop Television

13. Trashing (getting rid of the physical "trash" in your home environment, that can cause emotional & physical distress - and of course, ditch the emotional/spiritual trash as well)

14. Relaxation

15. Express Yourself

16. Help Others

17. Laugh More

18. More Sex

19. Listening To Yourself

20. Love Life

Note: basically NINE out of the twenty - have absolutely NOTHING to do with diet, nutrition, cleansing/detoxing, exercise or anything "physical".  And of the eleven that are "physical" - the deep breathing & hydrotherapy assist our emotions & 'energy' greatly.


AND just like we cannot expect to achieve "perfect" physical health with sick emotions or a broken spirit - THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE!  One cannot possibly expect to achieve perfect emotional & spiritual health if the body is sick and full of poisons.  Think about that.  Some of the greatest spiritual people that ever lived (not to mention the millions that never became "great"), insisted on a very strict diet and regular fasting.  I once heard it explained by a Tibetan "Master" (of some kind or another).  As rubber is to the flow of electricity, poisons & bad foods in the body squelch & dement the flow of the spirit & energy within, without and through us.  

Add to that, our bodies ARE ENERGY - a bazillion lil' atoms all put together. Chi, Prana, Light, whatever you wanna call it, it's the core of it all - without it, "we ain't".  Just THINK how insidious EMFs really are - radiation from microwaves, various frequencies from TVs, computers, cordless and cell phones...and now "wireless everything".   Both Schulze & Christopher had EVERY person outside, as naked as can be (to get the healing sunlight, touching the earth for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes daily to remove these bizarre frequencies from our body.  And just think, Dr. Christopher knew that was necessary in 1950!!  How much MORE important is it now?  And how much MORE TIME do we need to spend doing it to get the same benefit?


I am grateful for this forum, and I hope it realizes the great potential I think it has. Thank you, and I agree completely...GREAT potential!  I am one of probably countless people who has often felt frustated and overwhelmed by the number of forums at curezone, and the amount of information presented. In my distress, sometimes emotional, sometimes physical, I have searched for answers to my problems; and for the "expert" to follow. Some of us have wondered, is the secret in bowel cleansing? Is it liver flushes? If I take that product, which is claimed to cure Aids/cancer or balance the blood sugar, will that solve my problem? Do I need to remove all amalgams or else its all for naught? Colonics-are they addictive? Coffee enemas, yay or nay? Muscle testing, EFT, oil pulling, if I balance my pH will my health be perfect? I could go on and on but you know what I mean. Now I will get to my subject line.  The "expert" you've been seeking?  Your own "doctor within"!  It's not rocket science folks, and it NEVER has been...that's alternative medicine based on allopathic science.  'never worked, never will.  It's the "20 steps" above, and do it by using the protocols & methodologies of those that did 'the 20 steps' most successfully.  We've always known it instinctively (why else does a child stick it's finger it's mouth when it's wounded?) - but we've been seriously & thoroughly conditioned NOT to trust ourselves, and our inner voices are SO out of practice (and our minds are SO confused with non-facts), that we have no confidence in ourselves and our ability to discern.  And we're afraid, really afraid.   Let's do our best to "trash the fear" and start using our common sense & logic to do what we discern & know we need to do...and let's LEARN what we have to learn to UNdo the horrific amount of conditioning.  We can do it - we are very powerful entities that believe we're not.  Let's work on undoing that big fat lie.

What is health? Who is healthy, someone that can achieve a lot, be successful in business or sports or look so beautiful so that they receive 20 million per movie? There was a group of highly trained mountain climbers in Sweden, don't remember all the details, who contracted some virus or something and a number of them died. The apparent cause was that their immune systems were depressed from the excessive training. That is an example of overemphasizing one area of life and being out of touch with the healthy balance. So I think that true health is very much a balance, a wholistic process. EXACTLY! and very well put! One mistake I have made much of my life, when I try to "get healthy" is that I forget about other parts of myself than just the body. I would cleanse or fast, or eat a fantastic diet, exercise, take supplements, and in the beginning I would feel wonderful(I can remember this, but not recently, hehe). But eventually it would all collapse, because life would happen. I agree, up to a point.  So many people have done all that you mentioned (and possibly you too) but not doing it wisely or effectively...thinking they've cleansed and eating a great diet, but not understanding the depth of the cleansing necessary (and how HUGE of a toxic battle we're fighting).  And of course, 'the supplements', likely threw you entirely body into a state where all it had a chance to do was balance itself from the unbalancing of the supplements.  The body has to have strong homeostasis before it can start doing the healing and taking care of backlog (common sense).  But virtually all of the 'substances' that are suggested to take, throws off homeostasis in one way or another.  So, it's hard to balance the emotions/spirit along with it, when we're actually UNbalancing the physical.  But I know what you mean about focusing only on the physical.  I just wanted to point that out.  Life happens and I would get depressed or eat or do other unhealthy things to attempt to deal with life. Of course when I say life I'm referring to the problems and stressors of life. My body would then fall in disarray, get clogged and toxic, etc. because of my diet and lifestyle. But this happens because I am lacking in mental/emotional/spiritual health.  I understand exactly what you're saying...and I know those temptations quite well (and the results of giving into them) :::sigh:::  But always remember - the "life happens" thing (that we think has nothing to do with our physical healing) has everything to do with with our emotional & spiritual health, as you're indicating, I think.   But when we do the correct type of cleansing, fasting & eating, our emotional resolve & state is strengthened vastly.   

The word most likely to describe me is "perspicacious" - a loose definition?  Someone who pays such intense attention to every detail (with strong analytical skills)  that they appear to be psychic.  Perhaps over the years (of strict fundamental religious b.s.), I've denied the fact that I might actually be a bit psychic (as fundamental religion generally considers that to be evil) - but whatever it is?  It has VASTLY increased over the past 3-4 years.  My discernment is incredibly strong and 'clear'...yet I never-ever 'worked on it'.  I am sure this 'increasing' was due solely to the cleansing, diet and healing of my physical body.

I tend to think of the terms psychological or spiritual as meaning the same thing, as Peck said in THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. And emotional health is part of this, or determined by one's psychospiritual health. Hmmm, being a student of psychology, I don't know that I agree with the term "psychospiritual", as virtually everything 'psychological' is learned (through various experiences, belief systems, parenting, and 'education').  Aspects of psychology that pertain strictly to our own true personality, I'd throw into the 'spiritual zone', but our true personality is strongly effected by our environment.  BUT, whatever you want to call it, and what your reading has led you to, works for me.  I may be 'splitting hairs' when it comes down to the point you're making.  My point is that I can't have true physical health if I'm lacking in this other area, theoretically correct imo. which is actually more important because it determines my physical health to a large extent. This is where I disagree.  No one aspect of our body is more important that any other aspect.  I will 'counter' with: the soul & spirit are contained WITHIN the physical.  If anything is "more important", it seems logical that it would be the physical.  I know that thousands of 'energy workers' would disagree with that (perhaps), by my personal experience (and my 'doctor within') agree with me (lol). My mother has dealt with severe depression all her life.  I dealt with it for 15 long years - at one time I believed it was manifested by a series of severe emotional traumas.  But I successfully got off the antidepressants and restored my mental health by changing my diet and cleansing (and other physical modalities).  Yes, I was over my dreadful divorce & bankruptcy and the loss of a business  (all of which were not my fault), and I was in a very happy marriage (fully of loving support) when I was healed.  BUT, I was suffering with depression long after all that was over and in the first years of my marriage.  I would never be so stupid as to say that the emotions & energy don't have some level of impact.  But it's been my experience, that the physical housing of the emotions & the spirit are the foundation.   If only we were fighting just the EMFs??? Mind control experiments have proven that low frequencies can induce depression and suicide.  Exposure to those is not our fault, it's not OUR emotions and OUR spirit that someone "sick" - it's the physical EMFs.  Flouride causes apathy, lethary & complacency - all our our bodies are full of it.   Heavy metals (high fructose corn syrup is full of mercury, not to mention amalgams), bromide in virtually every loaf of bread, fluoridated & brominated pesticides, the list is endless...and ALL of the them adversely affect our ability to reason, to think, our emotions AND our spirit (if indeed, toxins are like 'rubber to electricity).  My thinking determines what I do and how my body feels and how I absorb my nutrients and how I breathe and get rid of wastes. Yes, the energy of our thought is HUGE...but how can that energy be pure & effective, it's it being demented daily by the presence of poisons? Then there is the deeper issue of consciousness and spirit. What determines my thinking? Let's take an abused woman with children for example.  She could cleanse & cleanse and eat well and do "the whole program", but any emotional healing is unlikely to take place unless the constant barrage of emotional wounding stops.  She can become stronger and cleare, more spiritual, more emotional sound, but she can never be totally healed until the constant wounding stops.  Those of us who are not in that kind of situation have a VAST amount of control over incoming emotions that 'damage'...we can gain MORE control by doing everything we can to strengthen our emotions & spirit by cleansing away the things that adversely effects our emotions and spirit that are physical.  It takes a very advanced persona 'energetically' to be able to transmute and remove toxins from their body & foods (it IS very possible, but it is NOT very likely in these troubled times).  It truly IS impossible (it has been proven) that an average person cannot control their own thoughts and make them positive, when exposed to low frequencies.  I assume one would have to be both physically and spiritually 'at peak' to be able to consciously prevent these 'frequency poisons' from adversely impacting their mind & body, the same with the physical poisons. I know that I have nightmares in my sleep. For much of my life I have awaken in the morning feeling worse than when I went to sleep. Partly this is due to bad dreams and to the negative thinking/worrying I do in the night. Much of this is unconscious. So my question, (sorry, I've been trying to get to the subject line)is how to improve/heal my unconscious mind and achieve a better state of consciousness. I'm sure there are those who say that after they did the cleansing and various healings they now feel good and don't even think of these issues I'm referring to. I would say that is great, but it is probably because they have a decent state of mental/spiritual health, of consciousness. Because if they didn't the body would not stay healthy for long. Or they feel pretty good but could reach a better potential if they also healed more at a deeper level, a level of consciousness.  I truly believe that the body/soul/spirit are synergistically dependent upon the other, but I also believe that perhaps they are indeed "weighted". 100 years ago did we see the level of mental illness as dis-ease that we do today?  hardly.  What has primarily changed? POISONS EVERYWHERE.  I think it 'counts' that the body 'contains' the emotions and spirit, just like a house contains everything in it.  If the house is 'toxic', everything in it becomes toxic.  You can't get mold out of the furniture or the carpet if the entire house is laden.  And our entire 'house' IS laden (and our organs are worn out & dysfunctional for the very same reason).  Two of the (most commonly known) most powerfully spiritual people were Jesus & Ghandi.  They fasted.  In the Essene Gospels when Jesus's followers came to him and asked (big paraphrase here) "Lord Lord, we DO believe, we've seen the miracles, we HAVE the faith, but we can't do diddley".  He said, avail yourselves to the angels of the earth - the sun, the water, the clay - and he told them to hollow gourds and do 'enemas' to cleanse the filth from the inside of their bodies, he removed a parasite from one by heating milk in the sun and holding it near his face (and it came out of him mouth - gross I know), and he told them to use clay to heal their skin - to be in the sun and in the water (and use the water in & out), and he prescribed what we basically know as a raw food diet.  A coincidence that these words of Jesus never made it into the bible?  LOLOLOLOL  I think not.  The "church" never wanted a powerful body of people - it wanted people they could control & manipulate.   We were allowed to know that we SHOULD be able to do all the miracles, but denied how/what Jesus told us we needed to do to achieve spiritual strength.

As an aside: those that are planning to create a one world government (who have been slowly and methodically laying the foundation and 'playing their cards' for centuries, are NOT stupid.  They know they cannot possibly be victorious against our combined spiritual strength.  Impossible.  BUT, they can weaken our spirit and emotions (and our resolve, our willpower, and our very soul) by poisoning our flesh.   So where are they attacking hardest?  Our flesh.  We see no major attacks against churches, religions, 'energy workers', crystologists (by the way, Rocky53 is a certified Crystologist, certified & trained by Melody)...but we seen rampant and brutal attacks against our physical body, and "they" are ramping them up daily.  The ancient test/military treatis (perhaps you're familar) The Art of War by Sun Tzu, has been used for centuries by the top military leaders to successfully wage war.  The most famous quote (again paraphrase).  "Know your Enemy and Know Yourself.  If you know both, you will be successful in 100 out of 100 battles, if you know only one, you will be successful 50 out of a 100, and if you know neither, you will never be successful"  This is SO integral & important.  To know that our Enemy is attacking us through our flesh to weaken our emotions and spirits, tells us EXACTLY what we need to do to vanquish the attack and the Enemy. 

So, in a simpler vein, what do people do for depression/anxiety and emotional pain? I have tried EFT, for those that don't know you tap your fingers on acupressure points while staying mentally focused on the problem you are addressing. Many say it has changed their lives. Now some say if you get rid of parasites and infections such as candida, have 3 BM's a day and eat well, etc. etc. that many of the emotional problems won't be there. But I know that none of those things will stop a mind from exerting influence over the body, and they don't change the hurt one has when someone dies or if a person was abused. I realize there are many things we can do, such as meditation, therapy, developing relationships(for those who know how)being involved with churches or spiritual groups, the list goes on. But my question is how do we tie this all together, this natural healing and effort to heal the body of illness or dis-ease with the "consciousness" which is all encompassing and affecting every cell in the body at every waking and sleeping moment?  We tie it all together the same way we tie in "simple physical healing".  We address the foundation of the body strongest and hardest (the "tube" that feeds everything and that eliminates the poisons) and cleanse the organs to all work as a team...WHILE we focus on the symptoms that are most distressing or most in need of a 'bandaid' UNTIL the whole body can work together as a whole to create the healing.  And I believe the same concept applies to 'full body healing'...let's address the foundation - remembering, no living organism call live unless it can assimilate nutrition and expel waste adequately.  Can our mind/emotions and spirit adequately 'assimilate emotional nutrition' and expel 'emotional/toxins' when the very house that contains them is SATURATED with poisons that adversely effect them and STOP THEIR HEALTHY FLOW?  Impossible.  So we work on the symptoms that are most distressing with the tools we have (I love EFT) to strengthen them (and alleviate distressing symptoms) while we're working on the foundation...and in the end, when we remove the CAUSE of the symptom, the symptoms WILL resolve.

And all the while we're doing this glorious restoration, EACH aspect of our being is flooded with the new flow from the other that is healing.  We create the condition for an upward spiral, and we let what is natural take place.  We help it along as it needs help  with the tools we have (things like EFT, St. John's Wort, Herbal Sedative -or even stimulators, 'Energy work', crystals ...and more we bolster & strengthen the foundation, the EASIER it is become to correct the 'crooked walls' and the 'tilting roof'.

I believe that if we all had the love we truly needed in our lives that most of our ailments would not be present. I don't mean that in a simple way, like you may say, "Hey, I have a good marraige." I mean love from the day we were born, from inception; and not just that but a loving planet. A planet with a loving human race living on it would not be polluted. Obviously the human race is out of touch and not with a healthy consciousness or we would not pollute the air and food; this bill spoken about here on this forum is the latest example of people willing to do anything for money with no regard for what is best for people's well-being. They can only do this because of an unhealthy consciousness. Even the super rich would want to live in a world with clean air and natural food, and to share it with others who are given the same opportunities, if they were truly healthy spiritually with true consciousness.  Love is everything.  I have never had more love given to me in my life, that when I started giving love to others and being selfless.  Love is HUGE - it is our RIGHT and our RESPONSIBILITY.  It is an action, it is not a feeling (although it feels terrific! :)  :::tears streaming::: I am going to change the world, one person at a time...I am.  And I am going to reverse this 'poison world' of truly poisoned consciousness.  And my light is going to shine brightly, so that other people don't have to hurt so badly for SO long.   And you (and everybody reading this) can do it to!  We CAN!  We start with our selves, and we get stronger and we share it with others.  And we don't have to be Jesus or Ghandi "perfect" to start. 

Sorry for the rambling. As I am for mine! But neither of us needs to apologize - nobody has to read this! :)  I only write this post because I know for myself as an individual that I need to heal my whole self-body mind and spirit. Leaving one of those behind won't work. A healthy spirit, or consciousness, will enable me to think well which will enable me to direct my body to heal and be well. I just wanted to present this and to ask for any dialogue on what helps others, and to hope that natural healing will involve not just the body but the whole of what it means to be human. And none of us really knows all that that actually involves. I feel inspired by Uny's work that I can give my body what it needs.And I hope I've inspired you to know just how much the physical effects the emotional & the spiritual. I also hope that I can heal my heart and spirit in the way that I need, so that I can maintain a healthy body. YOU CAN!  YOU REALLY CAN!  and I know, you will! I hope that I can maintain a healthy body so that I can love life and realize my potential as a spiritual being on this earth.

For those whose religion serves them well, I respect that. But I am not looking for religious responses or to be told that I need to address my relationship with God. I am thinking more of the ability to live truly in the moment of now, as Tolle speaks of in his book THE POWER OF NOW. I'm speaking of healthy consciousness, which would enable me to think well and not be afflicted with negative patterns, to resolve deeper afflictions in the body, mind and spirit and to fully open in heart and mind. Like we need a healthy plumbing system, a healthy flow of the colon and digestive tract; we need a healthy flow of spirit.  Start by dealing with everything that you can to remove everything you can think of that negatively impacts your emotions & spirit.  I believe 'the physical' is imperative to this, and by removing the physical things that adversely impact your mind, emotions, soul & spirit, they WILL be unburdened and healed enough to address the other aspects of their past damage and distress that is difficult-impossible for you to address now.  You'll 'put it all together' in the best balance in the way that is best for you.   I know you can - I'm sure you will.


And guess what the MOST awesome thing about that is???  You'll heal your physical body right along with it!  WOO HOO! ::::stamping feet and lighting lighters:::: massive applause - The crowds ROARS!

Vernal, I want a new name, but I picked this orignially because I was thinking of Vernal Falls at Yosemite  I'd like for your new identity to have some aspect of 'mighty' and/or 'victorious', because I truly sense that's what you are...but like Wings said, that's your thing, not ours.


I honestly believe, that even though this forum is very young, that you'll find all the true love, acceptance and support that you need.

Blankets of blessings -





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