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weaning HC
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Published: 12 years ago
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weaning HC

Hi Vermal,
I've taken my laptop out while I'm getting the healing rays of the sun and letting mother earth so lovingly pull the EMF's from my body while I respond to you.
Lets see I started HC in Feb '08 and went up to about 27.5-30 mgs. I weaned various times over the months from Feb to Oct but with LOTS of ups/downs and serveral crashes. I tried to fit into the category of "just take 20mgs of HC for 8 weeks then ween off in 1 month at 5mgs a week". This is standard protocal for using HC to treat adrenal fatigue/insufficiency. IT NEVER WORKED FOR ME. - That protocal. I was desperate when I went on HC I had tried various herbs and Licorice but it was not enough to relieve my symptoms. HC definitely gave me relief but all the while it has been very difficult for me to take this steroid knowing what I know.
In early fall of 08 I had to increase the dose to 35mg which I so did not want to do but again I had no where else to turn and I am a diligent researcher and my own doctor.
So bringing things to more current I stayed at 32.5mg for 4 months including the month of March.
I have started weaning 2.5mg per week and am now at 27.5mg on day 6. YEAH!!! With having started the IP program on April 2. I am very excited to be doing so well. And if I feel my adrenals weakening I will 'stress dose' and slow down even more.

In addition to the iP program I am taking 2-3 TBS of ASHWAGANDA powder daily to heal the adrenals and ease the HC wean.

If only I knew years ago what I am know learning from Uny, Dr. Shultz and the Natural healing forum.
I did fasts and cleanses in the last 10 years only to find myself in much worse shape. Very discouraging to be doing what you really believe is right and end up worse. The fact is it was right there are just certain parts that need to be in place in this day and age when embarking on cleansing and fasting.

I'm going on almost 92 hours of NO FOOD and this is a miracle. In the past I would be feeling very week and probably losing weight I don't need to by now. I would be feeling ungrounded, shaky, high heart rate ect.

I am HEALING truly this time around and I feel really good even better already since starting the IP program. Its only been 4.5 days. : )

While I was waiting for products from Uny I started hot/cold showers immediately, barefooting, cayenne powder that I had in the cubbard and just this alone I could start feeling a difference.
HOT/COLD SHOWERS - very very important.

I have not only HOPE but am now experiencing some dramatic increases in my well-being. I'm sleeping like a log. Thank you God. My heart rate is even and slow. I feel confidence briming inside that coming OUT.
I've suffered for ALOT of years as anyone with endocrine issues.
Anyone with advanced or moderate adrenal/thyroid issues know how devastating this can be. I've also had No xanex for 2 weeks. AHHHHHHH

I know I have a ways to go on the weaning and keeping up the program for the duration but I am SO pleased and grateful to be experiencing the changes I am now.

I know this is a lenghy response but I feel it is so important for people to know what is possible.

Many Blessings
Hummingbird Sage

p.s.feel free to stay in contact


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