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Video Embedded *Parasites Testimony* WARNING! Graphic content!
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Published: 12 years ago
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*Parasites Testimony* WARNING! Graphic content!

As I've been working today, composing this post in my head throughout the day, I realized there was no real way to "Mary Poppins sugar-coat" this topic, as Uny and I call what I do sometimes. Sometimes Natural Healing is messy and nasty. Sometimes it's just plain foul. But you have to give glory to God for it, because your body is purging itself of all that garbage. It loves you for what you're doing, and it pays you back with energy, fantastic health, and longevity.

I'm on the Incurables Program, and a parasite cleanse is a part of the program. I don't want to tell you my experience, but we are all agreeing that we are going to be open and honest about what's going on, so we can all benefit from the knowledge. At some point, y'all are going to run into people who desperately need the knowledge we are gaining now. We can't hold back on the gory stuff just because it's not politically correct or, geez, sexy. We think everybody else is "movie star" perfect and something is wrong with us. Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, that Boob Tube is a big LIE machine, and Uny and I have committed to only speaking the truth.

So here's some ugly truth. :-P

I WISH worms looked and acted like this on a parasite cleanse:

But TRUTH be told, worms look like this:

Ascaris from a colonoscopy:

Here's a Tapeworm in a colon:

Worms in a human stomach:

This has been coming out of me:

The worms on exit look like 6 inch pieces of twine. They only show up in my stool after a high enema. Notice how when the water stream is poured on the worm there is some mucous removed off the lining of the colon. That comes out with the worms, so there is always some kind of slime attached to them. I've been evacuating 2-3 of these with almost every high enema. This week I increased my garlic and cayenne consumption, and with my last high enema there were six of these buggers in the stool sample.

The first time I saw these, I was like "what the heck???" I mean, I don't eat twine, and I was juice fasting for 45 days. That wasn't food. They are always dead. I think I would scream to high heaven and puke all over the place if any were still alive. This isn't the kind of thing you say "Kids! Come here and look at this! Look what came out of Mommy!" So what do you do?

You increase your freakin' garlic, cayenne, Liver-GallBladder-Anti parasite tincture, and you wonder if you could possibly do 3 enemas a day! Inside you're totally freaked. These things are IN ME!!!! You're afraid to go to sleep, because you're afraid you'll...(insert deep voice whisper and scary creepy music) hear them or feel them. You're like, "OMG! Where could I have possibly picked these things up?"

And then you find out things like this:

ew ew ew ew ew eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww

And if that hasn't been bad enough, I've been dumping what I think are nests of pinworms. OMG! Wings! Will you shut up! TMI!!! Well, how do you think *I* feel? Praise God, I'm getting rid of them.

OK, one more video you HAVE to see, from one of Curezone's favorite members. I won't reveal who she is- she isn't me. But she's a hoot and I'm so glad she's taken a difficult subject to teach and made it fun.

Let's join in collective consciousness and get rid of these nasties once and for all, y'all!

Whew! Glad THAT'S over....




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