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Re: Information PLUS Lobelia & stopping smoking! Re: Non-healing scars
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Information PLUS Lobelia & stopping smoking! Re: Non-healing scars

Ali -

Youre more than welcome!

>>>I got your answer about bowel, too. This reply is for both of your answers. I "suppose" I have IBS. Not hundred percent. Because, when I eat normally, I got constipated. When I turn to fruits/veggies and lots of water, the opposite happens. But, in general, I have constipation.

Another main issue is that I am already underweight and not getting enough proteins, and worse proper vitamins and minerals. This is why I will try superfood.<<<

Aaaah yes, the "mysterious IBS". Here's how that happens. Our exit tube becomes smaller and smaller in diameter as our colon becomes more impacted, so it's either easily clogged (constipated) when eat foods that are hard to digest... OR the foods that 'lidquidize' easiest (and fluid of course), end up not processing correctly into normal shape/size/consistency bowel movments and just kinda 'squirt out' (pardon the description). Dr. Christopher said both diarrhea & constipation had the same exact root cause - a colon that was sluggish, impacted and 'the tube' was too narrow (unless, of course, we're dealing with some type of pathogen).

It's likely you'll have this knocked-out substantially with 30 days worth of cleansing! YAY

Remember, the typical adult needs less than 50 grams of protein daily (protein is HIGHLY misunderstood and overated). The average Gerson patients gets 55 grams of protein daily...from fruits, veggies and juices (and a slice or two of rye bread). You likely has a very balanced lack of assimilation - the Superfood is going to be of GREAT benefit to you :)

>>>BTW, I already did a mild Liver Flush two consecutive mornings (with tsetsi's formula, lemon, olive oil and egg yolks). I couldn't see any stones, hard or soft and I didn't feel much relief. I ate little on those two days. So, my first bowel movement after drinking the liver cocktail, was about 24 hours later :( I believe, this is not normal and I should be on IF1 while flushing.<<<

A LOT of people don't see 'stones' on their first few flushes (even with the stronger flushes). Many times it takes several flushes just to get things loosened up enough to start coming out. Think of it like a clogged sink - many times it takes 4-5 bottles of Liquid Plumber to get results - but that never means that the few few bottles of Liquid Plumber didn't work - only that you needed more.

You'll do MUCH better flushing (and get much better results) when your colon is being emptied regularly and your 'liver knows' it can safely dump the very volatile toxins and stale bile/stones. Anything mixed with bile absorbs very rapidly right back into the bloodstream - and that is VERY hard on the liver. Our bodies know these things - and I've assisted quite a few people who couldn't get there livers 'to dump' until they had regular bms.

And yes, you NEED to be SURE you're going to have several bms the day after a flush. That is very important - good intuition!

Far too many people just 'jump in' to flushing - and it's SO much easier, less stressful on the body, and more effective if we prep for the flushes...especially the first few. Dr. Schulze s 5-day Liver Flush (with the tea & tincture) makes for an excellent prep. It is NOT enough to get the liver totally cleansed, but it's great as a prep...and the garlic in the flush drink and anti- parasite herbs in the tincture will kill enough of the liver flukes, that when you do a big flush right after the 5 day prep, you'll know whether or not you have flukes, and then you can 'go after them'.

The other thing that is fantastic for prepping AND for the day after the flush is coffee enemas.

You're doing great things, Ali - and if you stick with it, you'll be feeling MUCH better REAL soon :)

Heal ON!


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