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We Can Heal Ourselves- creative visualization

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Published: 12 years ago

We Can Heal Ourselves- creative visualization

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We Can Heal Ourselves
Our Ability To Create the Opportunity To Overcome Life Threatening Disease

by Melanie Tonia Evans


Inside of all of us is an intricate system that under normal circumstances maintains perfect health and equilibrium. Why is it then that a normal human body that maintains perfect running order by eliminating foreign cells every day, one day starts producing disease?

Disease, or the holistic equivalent (dis-ease; being at “un-ease”) can be brought on by a variety of experience. Stress, anger, lack of self-care and emotional anguish are only some of the elements that can throw our physical system into disarray.

Adrenaline in normal amounts is a “power surge” that can be productive. Not unlike the benefits of taking a car for the occasional long drive, or giving it a “burst of petrol.” However, excessive adrenaline, or in simple terms, placing our physical system under large amounts of pressure, without giving it time to rejuvenate, can be extremely counter-productive, leading to a break down in our immune system. Once our immune system “stumbles” the natural T Cell (immune system) effectiveness is significantly reduced. At such a time an “imperfect” cell may go undetected leading to the establishment of any invasive disease ranging from something as simple as a flu virus, to a potentially fatal cancerous condition.

Some time ago, I was in a state of anguish, as I was confronted with the deadly illness of a dearly loved one. During heart wrenching times of meditation, and contacting my guides, I believe I received some vital clues to the answers. Fortunately my thinking had been very open to holistic healing, and I had been “directed towards” the wonderful book “Quantum Healing” by Deepak Chopra.

It seemed to me that we all truly have the ability to heal ourselves, because our “cell memory” has always been performing exactly that “perfect health” since the day that we were born. We have always been threatened by invasive cells, disease, cancer and illness. Therefore quite logically our immune systems, in times of disease somehow “forgets” its function, and allows these invasive cells to take hold.

My belief is that modern society often prescribes many drugs and treatments that create an escalation of the break down of the immune system. Most of us have witnessed or heard of a cancer patient who is often extremely sick, not just from the disease, but also from the treatment itself. Logically how can the immune system reinstate itself to optimum performance under such duress? Often after the conventional elimination of a “killer disease”, months or years down the track the patient is fighting for their life, yet again, because the disease has returned. Logically one can be forgiven in thinking that another life threat has emerged because the immune system is still weak and not effectively performing its elimination process.

Through my need to understand and assist the individual that I cared so deeply about, I “was given” a meditation technique that resonated so deeply within me that I never doubted how powerful it would be. The results were startling. Since employing this meditation, a particularly vicious and lethal disease has stunted and diminished. Nothing else has altered in this individual’s treatment. What was even more startling was that the loved one reported that the areas that were specifically visualized on with the most concentration (as per part of the Experiment) were the areas where the disease had rapidly diminished the most. Who knows maybe it was coincidence; maybe it was a freak synchronicity. I scarcely dared to believe that the meditation was responsible, but what was occurring was no short of a miracle.

I needed then to put this technique to greater use. Being a holistic healer I was not short of “subjects.” Many individuals continually cross my path, ranging from eczema, to chronic fatigue, to fully blown cancer. I have shown many people this visualization technique and in virtually all of the cases where the subject has diligently performed the exercise daily the complaint has totally vanished or measurably decreased. The “coincidences” seem to be too frequent to ignore.

One of the most startling cases is a young woman named Gina, who is in her late 30’s and has been diagnosed with a chronic case of rheumatoid arthritis. When Gina first came to see me I physically assisted a young woman with the posture and ailments of a much older woman into my home. This woman, the mother of a beautiful little boy, was surely destined for a wheel chair and a long progressive decline for the rest of her years.

Gina was so willing to give this technique a go, and her determination and courage was truly awe-inspiring. After spending a couple of hours with Gina, I spoke to her briefly on the phone over the next couple of weeks, and then didn’t hear from her. Several months down the track I received by mail a note and an enrolment form from Gina in regard to my Tarot and Self Development Course.

On the evening of Gina’s first class, I informed her teacher that Gina would need a seat near the door, and would require assistance in and out of the classroom. When Gina arrived her teacher came to me, “Are you sure this is the same Gina?” I walked out of the office and was confronted by a bubbly, happy lady who was walking with only the slightest tinge of a tilt. Quick observation showed that her hands were no longer “clawed up” and were in fact eloquently moving as she excitedly spoke. I felt like busting into tears as this woman hugged me with all her might (which was considerable!) and thanked me profusely. “I have visualized every day, and every day I’m get better and better.” Needless to say that entire night I felt like I was on one of the most amazing highs of my life. When I went back to my office to do Numerology Reports I could barely concentrate. My belief in self-healing was becoming more and more real.

The beauty of the meditation technique is that it is very simple and seems to go directly to the source. I have found that this meditation can be performed by anyone with an active imagination. The purpose of the meditation is to “re-teach” the T Cells to carry out their normal function. This requires only 10 to 30 minutes of an individual’s time every day.

This is how it goes:

Lie down, and have your eyes closes and feel relaxed. Do some deep slow breathing until you feel that you are in a peaceful state. Meditation music, candles and incense or the smell of oils can be very helpful. It is imperative that this time is free of distractions. I often advise people to do this early in the morning whilst lying in the sanctuary of their bedroom, or late at night when the house is quiet. Make sure the phone is off the hook!

Imagine an enormous light over the top of you (like a large billiard table light), make sure in your visualization that the light is longer and wider than you are, and that it is about two feet above you.

In your minds eye switch this light on, and “feel” a powerful warmth and “see” a blinding white light coming out of the light. Feel the sensation of the light on you.

Know that this light represents Universal Healing and that there is no greater power of “perfection”, and that no earthly disease is immune to such power and perfection.

Feel the light enter your body, and know that it energises your T Cells into action. “See” and “feel” the T Cells activate. Imagine the T-Cells in any way that you wish. Many people have come up with the image of an army and several members of my Meditation Classes see them as little “Pac men”. This is personal and it doesn’t matter what they look like to you.

See these T-Cells “wake up”, stir and energise and flock together in great excitement. See and feel the light shining into them and energizing them. Feel and know that this bright blinding light that is surging through your body is giving your T-Cells “memory recall” and grants them “invincibility.”

In your mind, gather your T-Cells into a large cluster and then give them the “order” to go to the site where the disease is. It is important at this stage to visualize the disease. Again this is very personal. You may see it as a red lump, a black area, or in any other form. Trust your intuition (imagination) and go with any form of visual that comes to you when you focus on this site.

Then send your “troops” in. them spray an incredibly blinding white light (Universal Healing) over the area which dissolves the diseased area into 'nothingness'. This has been a fascinating procedure whereby I have heard reports of incredible events. Many people claim that they physically feel the sensations of the “dissolving.” In once such case I held my hand over a gentleman’s liver and actually felt his liver quiver as his T-Cells eradicated the cancer. (This man is today alive and in excellent health). One night after feeling the awful effects of a very sore throat, I myself “sent my troops in” and felt instant relief in my throat and a sudden reversal of fever immediately after this process. The next morning I awoke with a clear throat and no physical symptoms of a virus.

It is important at this stage to continue the dissolving until the area is clear and restored to normal. If the troops are having trouble penetrating or winning, the focus on the bright light giving the T-Cells density in numbers and “invincibility” assists greatly.

In the extreme cases of a very potent disease the subject may not be able to maintain the attack, and may feel that the T-Cells are faltering. In such a case the procedure can become “sneaky” where a planned dissolving occurs by directing the T-Cells to enter the diseased organ and spraying the disease with white light. In some forms of cancer individuals have reported that the cancer cells seem to have a “protective coating” on them the feels like some sort of force field. In such cases a visualization can be produced that effectively camouflages the T-Cells by disguising them as cancer cells, whereby they can be directed to merge with the cancer cells and then dissolve them.

Once the area is clear the subject then visualizes cleansing and clearing the area with a wave of white light. Then B-Cells (Guard Cells) are visualized and stationed in and around the battle site. These guards are alert and forever observing. Their purpose is to alert the T-Cells if they become aware of “anything unusual.” Just knowing that they are positioned is enough for an individual to have peace of mind that their disease is effectively under control.

The power of the mind is truly an incredible thing. We all know about the possible effects of “positive thinking.” What I have been incredibly blessed to become a part of, has personally taken this term to a much more profound level. It has granted me a huge glimpse of just how powerful we really are even under the direst of circumstances. I believe that this new knowledge can create a level of mind, body and soul connection, that transpires the “old law” of “when our number is up”, to change our concepts of fate and chance, and “unlucky tragedies.”

I know in full humility that it is not my right to present a guarantee of curing an “incurable” illness. I also know that factors beyond any human comprehension or intervention may in fact govern whether or not an individual will live or die. But I do believe that I have discovered a very powerful mind and body connection that can grant hope. This hope can empower us to want to live, and to reach towards the highest expression of our true being. We are the image of love and perfect health, and by discovering the key to true healing maybe we can survive and live to our highest healthy potential.

Please share this information with those that you love and know need assistance, especially if they are confronted with a health issue that they are battling. History has shown many individuals that have miraculously healed by defying science and the odds. I am fortunate enough now to witness many such “miracles” in my life.



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