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Day 9 of Cleanse/Fast IP Program

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Hummingbird Sage Views: 2,167
Published: 12 years ago
Status:       ~RN [Message recommended by a moderator!]

Day 9 of Cleanse/Fast IP Program

I and my loving significant other have just entered Day 9 of our cleanse and fast and I am indeed very impressed with how things are going.
My initial issues that I'm dealing with have been adrenal stuff, hypothyroid, hormonal imbalance, pms, insomnia and a host of symptoms that goes along with these afflictions. My partner is joining me just to be as healthy as he can. He has some bumps in the road as well and knows he CAN feel better too so is happily joining me.

Here is what I'm doing on a daily basis: juice fasting, colon cleansing with IF #1 & #2, kidney cleasne last week, liver cleanse started today,- with teas and tinctures, hot/cold showers daily, barefooting, sun bathing (when the sun is here), Superfooding 5 times a day, cayenne powerder 1 tsp 3x daily, cayenne tinc 3x daily, garlic cloves in juice, ashwaganda 3 TBS daily for adrenals/thy, and 6 additional tinctures: adrenal, glandular, female, hawthorn berry, Black-Walnut , nerve sedative, walking for exercise with the pup.
I'm doing some dry skin brushing, recieving some massage and massaging myself.

I'm waiting for the ORGANIC caster oil and cloth to arrive to start compresses and I'm getting ready to start enemas (what ever getting ready means : )

Yes this is alot and its a full time job - no doubt. But am I worth it - YES absolutley. I am really loving myself by allowing myself to do this.
The time, money, commitment to self-care are 100% worth it. I've done bits and pieces of alot of these things for years. They aren't new ideas to me.
But have I ever done them ALL TOGETHER - no - and used QUALITY herbs and only ORGANIC produce - no again. Not to beat myself up in any way just doing what I know is right NOW at this time IS making all the difference in the world.

Other updates:
I'm down to 25mg cortisone from 32.5 14 days ago - a MIRACLE in itself
No xanex for 20 days
No supplements except for progesterone and myomin (weaning these too)
and I won't take the space or time to list how many pills I was popping a day just to function but lets just say about 15 different supplements at least.

And guess what I'm still ALIVE. Yes it took courage to trust this process and let go of what I was hanging on to to keep me going. But I KNOW this information came to me or I was led to it because IT is the answer. I have a knowing that comes from deep down inside. This is Natural Healing I believe and trust nature IT knows what to do.

How I'm FEELING: the big question is doing all this but how am I feeling? I dont' think I've ever slept this deep in my whole life - no bad dreams. I wake up coming out of a DEEP slumber and sleep through the night. I haven't even woke up when my partner get up to go to the bathroom. Those of you that are light sleepers or insomniacs know this one.
I'm not shaking on inside and feeling that constant underlying sense of 'fear' that is prevelent with adrenal issues. I could never really 'come out' because I was too afraid to or wouldn't have the energy to take the onslaught from not being 'agreeable' with others. So I would just avoid or accept.
There is STRENGTH building within that is the REAL me. She's been waiting to come out since childhood when I believe these issues, symptoms began. I don't know how else to articulate it but I'm different - stronger. I don't bust into tears uncontrollably at the slightest stressor. I'm mentally clearer.
I do bodywork for a living and I can tell I am much more efficeint in directing energy and everything that comes with that.
I'm able to be more present in my relationship and in relating with others.
And I've only begun. I want others to know what is possible and given where I was and have been and where I'm at today only on day 9 of the IP program.

It's not to say that there haven't been some bumps, challenges and difficulties. There are times when I'm hungry I want something to EAT but with just the changes in my EMOTIONAL well-being it quickly reminds me that my body needs all its energy to heal.
I go pee probably several times in an hour and one day counted about 23 times. Is it inconvienient? yes. Is it worth of course.
The cramping that I sometimes experience with the peristalisis from the cayenne.
The feeling I get in my chest and slight nausea when I drink the cayenne powder and have to lay for 15 minutes unitl it passes - ITS WORKING.
The noises that I make in bathroom while literally "letting go" of all the toxins, chemicals, poisons, EMOTIONS too - embarASSing well yes but who really cares. I'm loved no matter what. Thank you God.
The garlic breath I worry about when working with people - o well.
If I really want to help people I need to be here to Help them right. So I must take care of myself and thats what I'm doing. Yeah ! ! !

And there have been a few days especially in the beginning of the kidney cleanse I felt SO emotionally RAW. I was hyper sensitive to feeling threatened by the smallest of things. No suprise though - the kidney is where is FEAR is stored. This soon past and I knew I was emotionally clearing as well. I know there will be more emotional clearing as well and I just have to ride it out, be vulnuerable and reach out to others including and especially you people here on this forum that understand what its like to live with crippling emotionalisim, depression, anxiety, frustration, irritablity ect. . .
the list goes on and I know many of you know only to well. But the GOOD news is that WE CAN HEAL it. YOU can heal it. I am. I have a ways to go, I have to continue to wean the phamacuticals, do more cleanses, be willing to let go of emotions, and patterns that no longer serve me. In doing this I'm creating new neural pathways.

Today is the day before or close to my cycle starting I have a slight headache and very little energy compared to the other days on the cleanse/fast. I feel weak but I've given myself permission to hang out on the couch and rest, watch moives, and write and share on this forum. I get up and take all my drinks and go the bathroom and go to the bathroom more. ITS ALL PERFECT, ITS ALL GOOD. I'M HEALING.

I am so grateful to GOD, my partner, Uny, Rocky, Wings, the people here on this forum for my Healing. I know I will be helping others in the same way how could I not. Just the change in my emotional/mental well-being I'm utterly grateful for.
I'm convinced how much our 'poisoned, toxic, chemical laden" physical body effects our emotions and mental state. Some day I will do a post listing everything I've done to heal the emotional aspect of the afflictions I've dealt with. Its seems I've experienced more emotional symptoms than physical and this has limited my ablities for so long. I can see light ALOT of light at the end of the tunnel.
And I'm angered at the powers to be that TRY to keep us little, small, uneffectual, sick, limited, supressed ect...
I never fully realized till now because of my compassionate, unsuspecting heart that others could /would actually inflict harm to supress our God given Spiritual power and freedom. More on that later. I've rambled enough for now.

Blessings to All and as Uny would say HEAL ON - Sisters and Brothers

Hummingbird Sage


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