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RuhRoh - NO Protein Supplements :( Good solutions though :) Re: Protein Supplements and Fasting Tips
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Published: 12 years ago
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RuhRoh - NO Protein Supplements :( Good solutions though :) Re: Protein Supplements and Fasting Tips

Okay folks, here we go - a LOT of people have some serious UNlearning to do on this "protein thing".  If *you* are somebody that thinks we must have protein to build muscle mass, then *you* are somebody that must read the following three links, after considering this:

We butcher animals for protein; they are VERY muscular or they wouldn't have any meat on their bones.  Uhm - all of that muscle mass? It comes from leafy greens & veggies (and perhaps some grains)..  Ain't a cow, pig, goat, chicken alive that can't develop muscle without 'human food & grain supplementation' - yet they all have plenty of muscle.  Also, ever see a great ape that wasn't muscular enough to take down a human?   Muscle mass comes from...??? Exercise :)   Yes, I know, some of you are thinking "Well, what about those ants/bugs the monkeys eat? those are protein/meat -[ and some monkeys kill animals occasionally-- but they usually onlyt suck out the bone marrow, unless they're in starvation mode -- AND they always have nuts & seeds!"  Yep, but monkeys/apes ain't juice fasting to cleanse and heal their toxic bodies - they were never OUT of balance in the first place.  We're HEALING :)  Here's the links:

Protein and Healing - part 1

Protein and Healing - part 2

Protein and Healing - part 3

And please remember - these links are STRICTLY Gerson program & protocol - I'm posting them for the protein information.  We're not doing the Gerson protocol (Gerson didn't do ANY liver flushing; did not allow ANY salt, used isolated supplements, etc....all at a clinic under his watchful eye), but he did do juicing, raw/steamed foods & coffee enemas  Onward to Tierra's questions & concerns...

Here’s my dilemma…. Here's my solution :) Whenever I go on a vegan diet, I always lose muscle mass. Age/height/weight?  Why is this of significance?  Are you too thin (or do you think you're too thin?) I have a lot of trouble with high protein veggies like beans, even lentils. They would just sit in the stomach and never get digested. And they always show up high on the list on my food allergy test even though I’ve stopped eating them for as long as I can remember. I also cannot digest nuts, I get constipated. Avocado, I’d do once in a while even though it also always show up on the allergy test. Other relatively high protein veggie like yam and oatmeal are fine. 'Sounds to me like you have a very clogged liver (always the cause of allergies and food sensitivies) and that your overall digestion is pretty messed up.  That's what we're gonna fix. YAY!  AND (honest answers only :::wink/grin::: ) when you say these foods don't 'digest', does that have anything to do with the fact that you're not chewing them to liquid form before you swallow them?  Because our body makes up to a pint & a half of saliva for every meal, and there's at least 8 different digestive enzymes in the saliva...and we ALL learned (or were supposed to learn) that we're supposed to chew every bite 20-30 "chews".  Dr. Christopher said "always drink your solids and chew your juices".  If we're doing that, we're not seeing undigested food in the how do we know we're not digesting properly.

Allergy tests?  If we're truly allergic to a substance we'll have an allergic reaction.  Are you experiencing allergic reactions?  Methinks you likely have food sensitivities because you liver is clogged & compromised and your colon is impacted.  I could be wrong - but what you're reporting is pretty typical.

You can imagine fast is even worse. I feel sluggish (need to up the cayenne) and lose even more muscle mass. Let's see if I remember right - you haven't started the IF#2 (so your colon is still impacted); you're down to 1 meal a day (so you're not juice fasting yet); you haven't started any liver work yet (so your liver is still clogged & compromised)...and you're sure you're going to lose "EVEN MORE" muscle mass - you've already LOST muscle mass?  OR do you just feel tired & sluggish because your body is adjusting to the IF#1? you've changed your diet and started detoxing (without the bentonite & charcoal in you to soak up the toxins)?  you're worried because whenever you 'went vegan' before, you lost muscle mass?  You're stressed/concernced and predicting what is going to happen, based on what has happened before...when you were NOT doing a full protocol and your body was in a totally different state?  I'm not trying to be sarcastic or accusatory...'just wondering if you've considered all of this.  Past failures are VERY contagious! I tried taking spirulina (by Health Force), doesn’t seem to do anything. (I might have to up the dosage). You can add Spirulina, as much as you want (if it doesn't make you more weak, because it's so intense).  I do not understand why after a few days and totally typical reactions, you're not trusting in the work/protocols of healers that healed tens of thousands of people from situations & diseases FAR worse than yours?  Perhaps you need a "faith booster", more information, and to be focusing more on 'just doing it' than focusing upon what you "think" is going to happen and might be going wrong.  I've been going to get a huge post made about this (because I feel LOTS needs to be said as an 'introduction', but I see you need it now!  Here's a link to EIGHT videos "Dr. Schulzes Natural Healing Crusade"  They average about an hour each - and this is actual footage of Dr. Schulze teaching (and preaching!) his methodology, successes and lots of FANTASTIC information:

AND....courtesy of Tom Harrelson (whose Dr. Schulze information is THE most complete anywhere on the 'net here: )...a site I link you all to constantly), here is a copy of the original class manual for you to download:

How he ever got his hands on one of these rarities, I'll never know.  But I know he painstakingly and selflessly removed ALL the notes and scribblings from the original owner, edited it, converted it to .pdf and has shared it for no charge to many people.  Please don't hesitate to send him a note of thanks - and see if there's anything you might need on his website. 

Does anyone know a high PROTEIN supp? ::::half way teasing and half way not::: I better not hear of you taking any kind of "protein supplement", young lady.  Heavens only KNOWS what it would be made of and it WILL interfere with this protocol!  I got Uny’s superfood. I was under the impression that’s more “greens” than protein? I got the special blend, I probably should have gotten the plain one if I had known that I’m going to fast.Yes, if you're juice fasting, you would want the Original.  It has more nutritional yeast (which equals more protein).  You can buy the nutritional yeast right here and mix it into what you have:  (this company ships VERY quickly)  There are 8 grams of protein in 4 tablespoons.  You can add equal parts "special blend superfood" with the nutritional yeast.

The other thing I notice with the vegan diet is that I get this thick white coat on my tongue (with a center bald spot). That would be your body starting to detox, since it's not having to spend so much energy/effort in the process and digestion of 'anti healing' proteins.  As soon as I started to eat meat, it will go away. Any clue? And that would be your body STOPPING the detoxing and expending it's healing & detoxification energy digesting and breaking down a hunk of something off of a dead animal.

Tierra, put away your past fears and past negative "healing experiences" that have been based on the works of authors and researchers that never (or very rarely) EVER held the responsibility for someone's life in the palm of their hand.  Dr. Schulze and Dr. Christopher risked their life & freedom to heal thousands of people...and they did it consistently and successfully.  These protocols WORK. It's okay to put your fears away and trust in this.  In the past 20 days our income (from our actual 'bill paying business') has gone from below the poverty line to absolutely ZERO - I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep for 20 days; Rocky has been doing all the grocery shopping & meal preparation; most of my family thinks I'm a nutcase; we're risking our entire future and retirement, and at this point I see NO chance of ever getting caught up enough to ever see the sun outside this computer room again.  I BELIEVE IN THIS PROTOCOL!!  Two adults that care VERY much about every one on this forum are risking/changing their whole LIFE to get this information to everybody.  It cured my mother-in-law of terminal liver cancer; it's cured dozens of people I've helped over the past 3 years; it's curing someone else of prostate cancer; it's curing 'wings of Muscular Dystrophy' it's curing Hummingbird WILL cure you, too!  I am NOT trying to gain your sympthy (or anybody elses) and I'm especially not trying to make you feel bad about what I have chosen to sacrifice (because I KNOW that if I continue doing the right thing and helping others, my world will balance out even more gloriously than I ever dreamed possible).  I'm trying to help you to focus your thinking into learning more about why this DOES work, instead of fretting and worrying why it won't, or what harm it might do).

Tierra, *I* know this will work - but if you don't believe it, or you're afraid of it, I want you to stop right now, go eat some meat (lol, or whatever protein makes you feel comfortable) and watch every minute of those videos...and THEN decide if you want to continue.  You owe that to yourself.  You know, some people DO lose a bit of muscle mass and weight, some people feel tired, many people get cold when they juice fast (because their body just isn't used to the 'change in energy') this happens because cleansing and healing the body makes the body expend a LOT of energy...but the glory is, that your digestive system and your body will be in MUCH better shape than when you started :)  Perhaps I'm "missing" here (I can be wrong, and I know that) - perhaps you're not doubting & worried & stressing...and if that's the case, please accept my sincerest of apologies - and take what words I have typed that help you, and use them for your benefit. 

Blankets of blessings (and great big hugs of healing!) -



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