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Phosphoric Acid *!*INFO BOMB*!*(PhosFood Ortho/Ultra Phos)
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Published: 12 years ago
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Phosphoric Acid *!*INFO BOMB*!*(PhosFood Ortho/Ultra Phos)

(this post is compiled from 2 other past posts):

Ultraphosphoric acid is one of the MOST acidic things you can put into your body.  It WILL soften liver/gallstones (natural malic acid from apples is much safer methinks)...orthosphosphoric acid (in the form of OrthoPhos or Phosfood) will completely dissolve a nail! (I know someone who tried it once and couldn't tolerate it, then did some research and used the bottle he had to test what he'd read...and it did TOTALLY dissolve a nail).  I also tried it once (as I'm a huge fan of Dr. Kelley's because my mother-in-law was cured of Stage IV terminal metasticized liver cancer by attending Dr. Kelley's underground clinics back in the late 1970's).  Thank heavens, we now have the internet for researching (unlike many of the great healers of this century), and we can learn of possible dangers/risks in their clinical experiences & protocols and make make suitable adjustments or substitutions in minutes or hours (that would have taken them years to find).

Below is some information I recently compiled on ultraphosphoric acid.

It is used by dentists to etch/remove tooth enamel (before bonding other things to the teeth).

From here (Dr. Kelley's Liver Flush 'recipe'):

>>>Rinse your teeth after taking the ortho-phosphoric acid: Brush them briefly with a BAKING SODA solution (or Milk of Magnesia), to neutralize the acid.<<<

From here:
Medical use

Phosphoric acid is used in dentistry and orthodontics as an etching solution, to clean and roughen the surfaces of teeth where dental appliances or fillings will be placed. Phosphoric acid is also an ingredient in over-the-counter anti-nausea medications that also contain high levels of sugar (glucose and fructose). It should not be used by diabetics without consultation with a doctor. This acid is also used in teeth whiteners to eliminate any plaque that may be on your teeth.

From here:

phosphoric acid

Pronunciation: fos-fōr′ik as′id
Orthophosphoric acid; H3PO4; a strong acid of industrial importance, m.p. 42.35°C; dilute solutions have been used as urinary acidifiers and as dressings to remove necrotic debris. In dentistry, it constitutes about 60% of the liquid used in zinc phosphate and silicate cements; solutions in varying concentrations are used to etch enamel and dentin surfaces prior to application of various types of resins.

And finally, from here (underlining and bold emphasis mine):

"Modern medicine" may well be defined as "the experimental study of what
happens when poisonous chemicals are placed into malnourished human bodies."
A. Saul Contributing Editor,
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthophosphoric acid can only be obtained pure in the crystalline state and slowly undergoes dehydration to diphosphoric acid. Crystalline phosphoric acid has a hydrogen-bonded layer structure in which each molecule is attached to 6 others. Impure phosphoric acid has its main application in fertilisers, and also in the synthesis of pure phosphoric acid. In turn pure phosphoric acid is used in food, detergents, pharmaceuticals and metal treatment (e.g. pickling, cleaning, rust-proofing, polishing). Car bodies and electrical appliances are all protected against rust and blistering by the presence of a phosphatised undercoat. Phosphoric acid is used in the production of activated carbon, and may be used in soft drinks to give a sour taste.
"Thermal" phosphoric acid is made by oxidation of phosphorus in the presence of water vapour whilst "wet" acid is made by treating rock phosphate with sulphuric acid.
Phosphoric acid is added to food to enhance the antioxidant effects of other compounds present, and also as an acidity regulator. Typical products include carbonated beverages, processed meat, chocolate, fats and oils, beer, jam, sweets. Too much in diet leads to loss of calcium in bones and onset of osteoporosis. In fizzy drinks it allows more carbon dioxide concentration without bottle burst. Soft drinks, beer, cheese products, snacks, and most processed foods. Other names: orthophosphoric acid.
Phosphoric acid is banned in organic food and drinks. Phosphoric acid is a highly acidic ingredient in cola drinks, used to offset the extreme sweetness. The way the kidneys excrete it is by bonding it with calcium taken from the bones, which can then leave the bones porous and brittle, and increase the risk of osteoporosis. A study, published in the Archives of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine in 2000, showed that athletic teenage girls who consume cola drinks have been found to have five times the risk of bone fractures of those athletic girls who do not consume cola drinks. Acceptable Daily Intake: Up to 70 mg/kg body weight. Phosphoric acid and phosphates can normally be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. Although animal bones are mainly made up of phosphates, commercial phosphate is not made from bones.


I realize that Dr. Kelley's liver flush protocol calls for OrthoPhos (as does Doc Sutters), and so I realize this might seem to be 'bitter pill to swallow' for some...although I believe we should rejoice when find new truths that may possibly replace erroneous old beliefs.  For what it's worth to anyone reading: I usually use Dr. Kelley's protocol for liver flushing --minus the OrthoPhos and minus the huge amount of Epsom Salts in the coffee enema, plus a couple of tablespoons of fresh ginger root juice in the olive oil to prevent nausea & increase the flow of bile; I've sometimes prepped with malic acid in the form of Apple Cider Vinegar or Apple Cider; I've never had a stone 'stuck' and I've had a few stones that were well over an inch in length/girth and neither myself or my husband has ever experienced nausea.  But personal experiences can vary greatly, and even someone with dozens/hundred of liver flushes under their belt cannot predict how a protocol or chemical will react in someone elses body.  Again, it's a huge blessing that we ALL have the internet for doing factual research - as we can easily read & learn and make the adjustments that we feel are necessary and safe (or safER).

Dr. Kelley warned that one should rinse their mouth with baking soda every time they put orthophosphoric acid in their mouth, to avoid degredation of tooth enamel...and since dentists use it regularly to eat away enamel, I think that recommendation is essential.  (and I also thinks it's a good reason to never DRINK it!)

After many hours of research devoted to orthosphosphoric acid (and my own personal experience of my body immediately rejecting it the first time I tried it), it's now my personal understanding and belief that this substance should not be ingested into the body, especially when we have safer alternatives that will soften stones just as effectively...even if it is tolerated by some people.  I especially feel this is true for anyone with dental issues/pain/cavitations, any suspected bone weakness or osteoporosis and ANY type of digestive disturbance (especially diarrhea, IBS, colitis, hiatal hernia, ulceration or Crohnes Disease).  I always prefer "nature" to chemicals...unless there's no natural equivalent (such as the case with Epsom Salts).  For example, Dr. Schulzes clinical work had his patients liver flushing with a blend of olive oil & lemon juice...with no OrthoPhos, no ES, and nothing 'chemical' in nature whatsoever. And he safely & effectively flushed over 5,000 livers successfully.
(note, the majority of these 'livers' were on some livel of a full cleansing program, not just flushing ramdomly and focused only on the liver - this matters!)

As always, if ANYbody can factually show that my research is faulty or erroneous, I sincerely welcome the opportunity to replace a falsehood with a truth; the world of 'alternative medicine' is riddled with oft repeated falsehoods, erroneous information and unscrupulous sellers & healers who care more about their bottom line & egos than they do truly natural, safe protocols & products...and I never want to join their ranks!


Malic Acid (from natural foods) vs othosphosphoric acid & all it's known side-effects & acidty....for softening stones prior to liver me, that's not even a choice to consider.

As far as orthosphosphoric acid providing a relaxation and opening of the bile ducts? Until someone shows me some very valid documented evidence of that, I find it to be a typical-sad "rumour so often repeated everybody believes it to be a truth". Dr. Kelley is the one that started using orthophosphoric acid in his flushes (in the latter half of the century) to soften stones & debris. And he got the basis of his 'recipe' from the prestigious Lahey Clinic in Boston that used liver flushing for liver/gallbladder cleansing in the 1920's-1930's.  If othosphosphoric acid relaxed/opened the biliary network, there'd be absolutely no need for the Epsom Salts in his (and other) protocols.

Folks I have done extensive research into the claim that orthophosphoric acid 'relaxes' or 'softens' the biliary ducts (and I have challenged many that make that claim, and no one has ever offered a shred of evidence).  It helps soften/dissolve stones (logical since it dissolves enamel & bones & iron nails). 

All done *!* Orthophosphoric Info Bomb *!* 

Heal ON! (safely & naturally!!) 



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