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Re: Bad Breath
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Bad Breath

Hey I know how you feel. I had some coworkers like stand outside my cubicle and just happen to have a conversation about people that dont use deodorant. Or spray at me with lysol. So when I blow them off in the halls they get offended. Class is worse because I can hear all the students whispering and my professor was giving me dirty looks. Right now I am doing The Master Cleanse to get all the toxins from the bad food out my system. I was told that bad Body Odor sometimes come from the colon since meat and dairy have a hard time passing through and it can rot and become a problem. The first times I started the cleanse and relapsed the next day I noticed that I smelled worse because I had to pass that food and some of it was not digesting well.

I gave up deodorant over a month ago and started using a deodorant stone. You can get them from the health store. Its all natural and the stone can last for one year when used by one person. Its made from mineral salts and does not contain aluminum chlorohydrates (thats what attracted me since aluminum chloro. has a possible link to Breast Cancer and alzheimers) You wet the stone and place it on your skin. It provides like 24 hour barrier that kills bacteria so your skin wont smell (unless you have alot of toxins in your body. It worked well before the cleanse but now I am not finding it as effective since the toxins from two years of daily fast food is seeping out of my skin!) It only works on clean skin so if you have a shower put it on afterwards. Its also good for other parts of the body.

As for bad breath I recommend a product called seafresh. It has algae and sun chollera so that kills odors, its a toothpaste. I bought it for the cleanse since my mouth tastes like a raw sewer because of the toxins. Its doing okay but there is no flouride in it so you can use crest pro health or whatever you want once in a day. Also stop eating the foods that consists of dairy and meat. It will smell so bad in your system because it was once flesh of someone else. Just take a trip to a health store (vitamin shoppe, gnc,not really gnc, or an mom and pop store and talk to them)

IM not trying to promote you anything but seriously just think. You and everyone smell this awful odor around you, you said represents feces. If thats how you smell externally then imagine how you smell internally? I think The Master Cleanse would be great for you. If you go to the forum someone posted the ebook there. You dont have anything to lose although during the cleanse you may smell worse since your toxins are trying to get out from your skin.

I must thank you though for posting this because I was having some serious cravings and wanted to relapse so badly but seeing this made me realize that if I stopped now (Day 7) then I will not reap the benefits and may never get rid of this problem.

Also if you are up to it then you can try incorporating some sun chollera or chlorophyll liquid capsules into your daily routine. Chlorophyll is usally sold as an internal deodorizer so its supposed to help get rid of internal odors that will then become external through the pores. Also you may have a zinc deficiency so you should consider some of that. I tried chlorophyll capsules a year ago and it worked okay but since I had so much toxins and fecal matter in my system that it was a lost battle eventually (too much meat and imodium). But when I did The Master Cleanse the second time and relapsed on the second day I ate some chlorophyll and zinc and the odor was not bad. I intend to use wheat grass powder in home made smoothies when I am done and try to have a mainly vegan lifestyle. Just KEEP IT GREEN!

Right now I am dumping as many hygiene products with chemicals that I can. I also bought raw organic coconut oil for my hair skin and food (if i choose) since it helps get the smelly toxins out faster. If you dont want to do the Master Cleanse then dont but you should think about a Colon Cleanse or a Liver Flush. I think if you did a Liver Flush (Dr. Hudlas is like 48 hours ) you will pass a lot of stones (can be bad foods, old medications, etc)and it will make you feel lighter and better. I intend to break the cleanse with one. Just cleanse your colon and see if that helps.

I hope this helps and wish you the best! Dont give up and forget all those people.

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