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I disagree entirely - Re: Healing is a Multifactoral Approach

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Published: 12 years ago
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I disagree entirely - Re: Healing is a Multifactoral Approach

First of all, colon cleansing (when done correctly) with fiber and cathartic herbs, does NOT harm beneficial bacteria or microorganisms. Even when a typical enema is done, the solution only comes into contact with the very tip of the entire colon. That bacteria is replace immediately with the passage of the next bm.

Colonics may be a bit of a different different story, but if the appendix is intact and the flow of "food/slurry" from the small intestines falls immediately into the ascending colon, the natural microrganisms are immediately replenished in the area where the water has temporarily removed them, as the "slurry" passes through the large intestines. Most assimilation of nutrients happens in the small intestines; colonics don't touch the small intestines.

In someone like myself with an optimal "transit time", this happens in 8 hours or less.

Probiotics? Not in THIS body! balance the killing of essential microorganisms? No can do!

NO laboratory knows EXACTLY what "ratio" of beneficial flora is in each individual body - and ALL contain millions of dead bacteria. Ingest them...and the first thing the body has to do is restore the balance upon which "life" is dependent. The dead cells? just another stresser to our our immune & lymphatic system.

Why do you think they give people "bowel activity" or diarrhea? Might it be our body having to get them OUT to restore the balance of microorganisms? Could be, eh?

The whole thing sounds HIGHLY "allopathic" to this lady :)

This is "alternative medicine" based on allopathic medicine.

If I'm going to be attacked by this new laboratory-created flu, I want all my parts working at PEAK! I don't want my body struggling to regain balance before it can fight the pathogen.

Think about it. All the greatest and most successful *natural healers* have been raided, beaten, jailed, killed or run out of the country. Why, because they were a threat.

'Ever hear of anybody promoting probiotics being jailed or harassed? Why? Because they do NOT truly heal, and they're in no way a threat to those would destroy our health.

Discernment tool of mine: From the ancient treatise 'The Art of War'...Know your Enemy and Know Yourself, and you will be victorious in 100 out of 100 battles.

Many times we do NOT know ourselves and can only see the truth by knowing the Enemy. If you watch what the Enemy is attacking and truly 'know your Enemy', you WILL know yourself (and you'll know what is truly effective when it comes to healing).


Naturally fermented foods contain all the probiotics we need, IF we actually need them. And they're NATURAL...making it easy and simple for our body to select what it needs and eliminate the excess (if that's necessary). No millions of dead carcasses to burden our immune & lymphatic system.

Blessings of health -



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