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Please read! Understanding me/Unyquity VERY IMPORTANT SCHULZE STUFF
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Published: 12 years ago
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Please read! Understanding me/Unyquity VERY IMPORTANT SCHULZE STUFF

Uny here :)  Please take the time to read this.

Folks, I've only been helping people personally (off CZ) a little over two years, and I've seen a woman go in for a routine gallbladder carving, and come out with a tracheotomy.  I've seen a man with acid reflux have a "simple" surgery to narrow his esophagus and end up with a feeding tube hanging out of his gut for life.  When he went in to have it corrected?  He was home 4 hours and started vomiting blood.  Oops, they punctured his esophagus. Time for the Intensive Care Unit.  He's alive, but could have easily contracted MRSA of C. Diff and be even worse condition than having to live the rest of his life with a feeding tube hanging out of his stomach. Another person dear to me was hospitalized with a simple staph infection in his foot, and spent SIX MONTHS in the hospital - if it wouldn't have been for a miracle, he would now be crippled and a in a wheelchair/nursing home to live out the last 10 years of his life (he was discharged while the staph was still active and it made a pocket on spine, causing excruting pain and near paralysis).  After discharge he came home with one drug to make him poop, and other to stop him from pooping, and and anti-nausea drug that's side-effects mimicked and could have induced Parkinsons. I've helped 3 people whose lives were virtually destroyed by fluoridated antibiotics (2 gals and 1 guy that lost 7-10 years of their young adult life); my own mother has had her spirit, emotions and heart brutally ripped out by psych-pharmaceuticals and benzodiazepine sedatives (and my 4 precious neices & nephews are left without a grandmother...not mention my sister and I being left without a mom).  She's still alive though - but she's mostly dead.


I want everybody on this forum to REALLY KNOW, that in these two short years, I've come to learn and understand the REALITY of "doctors & hospitals".  Allopathic medicine IS the third leading cause of DEATH in America.  And this is NOT just an "estimation"...the Journal of the American Medical Association published statistics that showed this to be the truth...and those were numbers are from nearly TEN years ago (they've likely worsened substantially since then)  But that "reality figure" doesn't even BEGIN to factor in the millions upon millions (like those above) whose lives were destroyed...for going to a doctor for a simple, "harmless/routine" procedure or test. 

Whoops, latest statistics?  Make that the FIRST leading cause of death

When I adamantly warn people NOT to go to the doctor, NOT to risk invasive diagnostic procedures, NOT to expose themselves to the strong admonitions of a physician on how to "safely" or "easily" rectify a health issue, I don't do it because I'm a whacky-quacky idiot...I do it because I CARE and I KNOW that it's always safer to at least TRY to heal yourself naturally, than to put your life and body into the hands of person that is the third leading cause of death. 


Seeking the advise of a "professional" whose profession IS the FIRST leading cause of death....



Rocky and I care and love our fellow brothers & sisters SO much that we have given up almost 15 years of personal goals, dreams and retirement plans to reach out and help others know and see the truth.  PLEASE don't think I'm angry with you or that I'm speaking condescendingly.  I was where you are - my dad was a science teacher!  I understand how deep the level of conditioning is.  And I care enough about you to risk appearing harsh or rude or condescending, to do anything I can to help you learn how to prevent yourself from falling prety to 'the FIRST leading cause of DEATH'. 

Healthiest of blessings -

Unyquity and Rocky53

Natural healing can cure the medically-incurable.
But as currently practiced, it is a disaster.

- Special Triple Edition Report -

According to Dr. Richard Schulze, "Medical doctors kill you with their treatments. Natural Healers and herbalists kill you with their inexperience, their ignorance, and their impotent therapies and remedies."

         Natural Healing can cure more than you believe it can cure - when done correctly.

         It can cure conditions medicine cannot cure, and it can do it consistently, not once in a while. Look at some of the letters and comments Dr. Schulze and I received from customers who followed his programs:

Insulin-Dependent Diabetes: "I THREW MY NEEDLES AWAY;"




Two Decades of Crohn's Disease: "HEALED IN 3 DAYS;"


Parkinson's Disease: "THE SHAKING STOPPED;"

Hip Replacement Surgery: "CANCELLED."

          Miracle cures are happening. But for hundreds of thousands of people who practice natural healing, miracle cures are NOT happening. I know this because of what readers tell me in their letters. Many follow their wholistic doctors, but still suffer and die. This is a painful fact I have not wanted to discuss in print - until now.

          For an answer and explanation to this dark underside of natural healing, I turned to Dr. Richard Schulze, a medical herbalist who is known worldwide for the ability of his programs to cure incurable diseases.

          According to Dr. Schulze, "You will never hear this information in any natural health publication, because the greatest enemy to your recovery may be the alternative healers themselves."

WARNING TO READERS: This report contains strong language and occasional profanity. I am quoting  what real-life sick and dying patients said to Dr. Schulze. I am also quoting what Dr. Schulze told me about the way things really are in natural healing. This report is uncensored, because the raw truth may shock you into action and save your life.

If such language may be offensive to you, STOP reading this report right now. Do not write me later and complain. STOP reading right here. Do not go further.

INTERVIEWER: Most readers won't believe their eyes. You, of all people, talking bad about natural healing!

SCHULZE: Medical doctors say natural healing and herbs don't work. They are right; most natural treatments don't work.

          This is not to say that Natural Healing won't work if done correctly; it's that 99% of the clinics and practitioners I see are a bunch of pu....s*.

[* Editors note: Cowards with female characteristics!]

          If you use their watered-down therapies, wimpy programs, impotent cleansing routines, and minuscule herbal dosages, you'll end up 6 feet under. Do people really believe they are going to get cured from killer diseases with a few drops of this or that, or a light massage, or a weekend fast? Good luck!

          There are only a few practitioners in the world who have the guts to put their patients through half of what necessary to heal a deadly or chronic disease. Sure, these people can cure the odd case of pimples or dandruff, but the really sick just get sicker and die.

          To most, wholistic and natural healing means soft lights, flute music, incense and essential oils and taking a few herbal capsules. Don't get me wrong, all this can be a nice touch, but if you think this alone is going to heal you, you have a gigantic surprise coming.

"While you are fiddling around with your scented candles, the doctors are sharpening their saws, filling their syringes, and adjusting their radiation equipment. At least they know that to heal killer diseases, you have to be tough."

INTERVIEWER: So, if you have gangrene, they won't balance your aura, they'll just cut your leg off.

SCHULZE: That's right. If you want to heal serious disease and illness with Natural Healing, it needs to be at least as tough as the medical approach. But you don't see tough in New Age Healing Centers; you see soft-spoken wimps selling enzymes and healing fairy tales.

INTERVIEWER: Surely there must be some good holistic doctors and natural clinics?

SCHULZE: Where? If I knew of any I would tell you. Remember, I'm out of practice. I would love to have places to refer people to. One lady called just the other day and asked for a referral in New York State. I said, "New York? I don t know anyone in this whole country that does the work I am talking about."

          This was the main reason I did the Save-Your-Life Video Collection with you. It was a lot of hard work and took a year and a half, but no one else knew the natural treatments and therapies for deadly diseases, or had the cures to prove it.

          But if you read all the advertising for books and magazines on Natural Cures, you would think we are in the middle of some Golden Age of Natural Healing. I don't see it; I don't meet the cured patients. Besides my old patients, and your readers, I think you could fit all these other so-called cures into my living room, probably my closet.

          I get hundreds of letters every month, from people begging me to refer them to a doctor or a clinic that follows my programs, because I no longer practice. It is a natural healing disaster out there. I wish I had a thousand places to tell these people to go, where they could find help, but I stopped giving referrals.

"These natural clinics are a real joke, promising miracle cures, but where are all the recovered patients hiding?"

INTERVIEWER: Why did you stop referring people to clinics?

SCHULZE: The last person I referred was a young lady with AIDS who called me. I referred her to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

          The woman called the director and told him of her problem, and that Dr. Schulze suggested that she check into their clinic for a stay to get better. He told her not to come; he said she was too far gone. What kind of crap is that? All he did is depress that poor girl's immunity even more. If Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Institute, were alive today, I would call her and have this guy's butt kicked.

          This girl lived for 2 and 1/2 more years, and might still be around today - if they had the guts to take her on. These spineless pu....s are so afraid of serious disease and illness, and so afraid of death.

          Go ahead and ask your natural doctor how many people he has seen cured naturally from breast cancer, malignant liver tumors or diabetes. You will see an uncomfortable look on his face, and then a blank stare.

          I ask these other doctors questions like, "When you get a cancer tumor to burst, what does it look like when it comes out? Or, "What color is it?". I want to compare notes; I want to learn.

          I called the author of a top natural cancer cure book and asked him for details of tumors. What I heard on the other end of the phone was, "Ahh, well, oh, gosh, well I've never really seen a tumor erupt; I just collected the data for the book from reports."

          I myself can describe a thousand different tumors I saw; the white spider-looking tumors, the red bloody sponge-like, the white crabmeat to the brown ground hamburger-filled tumor that erupted and fell in my hands.

          You want to talk tumors? I can go on for days. I've dreamed about them. What the hell have these other natural doctors been doing? Obviously not curing cancer.

INTERVIEWER: I hear what you 're saying, but readers still won't believe it that Dr. Richard Schulze is condemning Natural Healing and Alternative practitioners.

SCHULZE: Natural healing works. I saw thousands healed in my clinic. And tens of thousands healed worldwide. You name the disease; I have seen the recovery and not just the odd case here and there.

          I have seen natural therapy and herbs heal chronic, deadly disease consistently, over and over again, when applied correctly. I am not talking about a fluke here. It has been repeated time and time again.

INTERVIEWER: Then why don't the clinics and practitioners use what works?

SCHULZE: Most of them don't have the faintest idea. Using natural therapy and herbal medicines to heal serious disease and illness is a lost and forgotten art. The few that do know give you a watered-down version, mostly on purpose, I think.

"Most practitioners are much more afraid of losing you because they offended you, than of you dying from your disease."

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean 'on purpose'? Why would any practitioner not want you to get well?

SCHULZE: Oh, I think about half of them are burnt-out and just want your money. I hate to say this, but I've seen a lot of chiropractic clinics who used "natural healing" to increase cash flow, but who never really believed in the cures I talk about.

          And, I know you may find this hard to believe, but another quarter of the natural practitioners just want a date or have some personal agenda; so if you're not interesting, they will shuffle you out in a hurry. You have no idea how many dozens of female patients said they had been screwed - physically (not financially)- by their natural doctors.

          The final quarter of the natural practitioners are sincere, in their wimpy way. I do believe they have a desire for you to get well, but they don't have the guts to tell you what is necessary, if they even know.

          Many times, when I was in my office interviewing a patient, they would start telling me their symptoms. Then they would tell me what a perfect life they lead, and I knew it was all BS.

          As they were chattering away, I would be thinking to myself - "Richard, do you have the balls to tell Mrs. Smith that she is a bold-faced liar? That her manipulation has probably worked with every other doctor before me? That I don't believe a damn word she says? And that if she wants to be well, she will need to stop BSting me and herself, and be willing to do anything necessary to get well?"

          I would continue: "Richard, do you have the guts to tell her that I think her vaginal cancer was partially caused by the fact that she has been living with a man she has hated for years, and hates sex. In fact, I think she hates all men; I think she hates me."

          "Richard, do you have the balls to tell her that her breath smells so bad that you could smell it from the waiting room before she came in the office? And that no perfume made can cover up the body odor I smell from her congested rotting colon?"

          The bottom line, what I had to deal with every day in my clinic, was, "Do I have the balls to be totally honest with every patient I see, to tell them exactly what I feel from listening to them, seeing them, smelling them, or whatever?"

          I know that when you have been working with patients for a while, certainly as long as I did, and your heart is pure, you only want the best for them. God starts talking to you; or some believe you become psychic.

          I know two things about these thoughts. They are the most important things to discuss, more important than anything. I also know that they are always right.

          I asked Dr. Christopher about this once. I said I was doubting these feelings I was getting, these messages. He got the maddest I ever saw him get and said to me, "God is always right. NEVER doubt God's messages." He never did, and I never did again.

          So my point here is: the biggest difference between me and the other healers is that I believed if my energy was pure and my only desire was to help my patients, that when anything came to me during a visit with a patient, no matter how embarrassing, how stupid, how weird or how insulting it would sound, I had to say it to the patient.

          A great guru in India once told me I could always say I was sorry afterward. He knew I would never have to, and I never did.

          Look Sam, everyone wants to be popular, at least liked. Health Care Practitioners are no different. They have to make a living and are afraid that if they are too rough, you might leave and go to an easier doctor or clinic. Most patients will.

          There are thousands of clinics, therapies, and formulae around that claim all kinds of easy miracle cures for serious diseases - by just taking a few cups of an herbal tea, or by spending a weekend at their spa.

          Deep down, most people feel that these clinics claim too much success for doing too little; they really don't believe the claims, but they want to believe. In a similar fashion, most people don't really believe they are going to win in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, but they still go and take the chance; maybe they will get lucky.

          Most of us, because we all want the easy way out, take it. All the patients that came to see me in my clinic had done almost everything else first, tried all the easy ways, and only as a last resort came to see me.

          I think the biggest reason some people get well at wholistic practitioners is that, even though the treatment is useless and impotent, it is also not harmful and buys enough time for the body to rest and heal itself.

          This also delays you from seeing a medical doctor. Medicine, because it is so toxic and dangerous, kills more people than it cures and is a bigger threat to your health than your disease.

INTERVIEWER: So you are saying the biggest reason people get well at their holistic doctor is not effective therapy, but a lack of medical intervention?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. I used to know a great veterinarian. He had one of the highest success rates of any vet in his area. I wondered why. When I investigated his therapy, there basically wasn't one.

          When a horse was ill, he would say, "Well, let's put it out to pasture for a few weeks and then we'll see what we have." In a few weeks, the horse was usually better. All that fresh air and good food and exercise from running around. I think his biggest reason for success was that he didn't do a darn thing and just let nature heal. This works the majority of the time

INTERVIEWER: The practitioners seem more afraid of losing you to another doctor - when they should be more afraid of losing you to the mortician.

SCHULZE: Yes, and because of this, they go easy on you. They offer you a treatment plan that is easy, anyone can do, and it doesn't require that you alter your life-style too much; just take a couple cleansing drinks a day and a few herbal pills.

          I will use the old business saying here, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean?

SCHULZE: If you have a serious life-threatening disease, and decide to heal yourself naturally using a wholistic practitioner, the healing process should disrupt your entire life.

          When my patients finally recovered from their Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Arthritis, whatever, most of them had made so many changes in their life, they would tell me they didn't know who they were anymore.

INTERVIEWER: Does everyone have to make such drastic changes in their life? Aren't you being a bit tough? I know people who have gotten well only making a few changes.

SCHULZE: Yeah, well, people win the lottery too, but not many.

          There are always a few who drink one glass of carrot juice and their cancer disappears. But for most, it takes a full-spectrum healing program.

          If you only make a few changes, you might get better, but my experience is that you will not. Your disease might even seem to go away for a few months or years, but it will probably come knocking back at your door with a vengeance next time, if you are lucky enough to have a next time.

          After many years of practice, I have discovered the old saying, "You reap what you sow," is exactly correct. A farmer that plants watermelons in the spring never sees corn coming up in his field in the fall.

"If you don't want to take the responsibility, well, that's what medical doctors are there for. Go get your cancer cut, burned, and poisoned out, and that should buy you a few years. Some call that healing, I call it buying time."

INTERVIEWER: What's your point?

SCHULZE: My point is that if you have cancer, or any serious illness, you have to figure that you did whatever it took to make cancer in your body.

         You can take the responsibility for your own disease and its cure, or you can dump the responsibility for your problems on doctors. Natural Healing is for those who have the guts to say, "I got myself into this mess, and only I can get myself out of it."

         I would rather do too much and get healed, because you can always look back and say, "That sadistic bastard, Dr. Schulze, made me do more than I needed to." But if you don't do enough, well, dead people can't complain.

         Dr. Jensen used to have a wooden door on his clinic office. Carved into that door was the saying, "Everyone is looking for a Good Doctor I am looking for Good Patients."

         I have had many good patients over the years. They didn't put the healing responsibility onto me, but took it themselves. They not only did what I suggested, but they did more; they went that extra mile on their own.

         They would intensify the programs themselves, and for longer durations. Instead of feeling like I was dragging them through the healing process, I felt as though they were leading the march. I couldn't stop them if I wanted to. This type of patient always got well.

         I could tell the losers from the winners in my clinic in the first 5 minutes of the first visit, and I would tell them right to their face.

         I would say, "I don't want to waste my time and your money. So unless you get an attitude adjustment, like immediately, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

INTERVIEWER: I know some people think you and your system of Natural Healing is extreme, unnecessarily harsh. What do you have to say to that?

SCHULZE: I am a big pussycat; no kidding. Seriously, even in my most dramatic attempts, breaking the so-called boundaries of Natural Healing, pushing the envelope, going to extreme, I still come up short from what some of my teachers did, and what their teachers did before them.

          A hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, that was the golden age of Natural Healing. Let's face it, when we look back into history, just within the last few hundred years, before modern medicine, Natural Healing worked.

          Most researchers agree that our current longevity and so-called better health is NOT due to modern medicine. Instead, it is attributed to fresher more wholesome foods, refrigeration, clean municipal water supplies, and efficient sewage removal systems.

          Now, if we could just get rid of 99% of medicine, and replace the hospitals with health institutes and natural healing clinics like the one I used to run, just imagine how our longevity would increase even more.

INTERVIEWER: Can you give me a few examples of what the old natural doctors did?

SCHULZE: Sure, let's start with Hydrotherapy, using water to cure. You know, part of my Incurables Program is to take very hot and then ice-cold alternating showers. I use 1-minute hot, then 1-minute cold, for 15 minutes.

"I pushed the paralyzed child, wheelchair and all into the ice cold river. The students were horrified. A short time later, this little boy's legs moved for the first time in his life."

INTERVIEWER: I know this is a powerful and effective therapy. I have done it myself and I have seen the letters from people who skipped this step and did not get well, and then added it to the rest of your programs, and healed their cancer.

SCHULZE: Yes, it can be a bit tough at first, but while some say I am radical, I think I am just entry-level, beginning-level natural healing. Benedict Lust, a great European Natural Healer that came to America in the 1800's, had a hydrotherapy treatment that lasted EIGHT HOURS. That is eight solid hours in running water.

          Sometimes he would prescribe it for DAYS. He called it his Blood-Washing Method and it cured the incurables. He cured people of cancers, arthritis, blood diseases, diabetes, and many other diseases using this method.

          Hydrotherapy clinics in Malvern, England, dropped ice cold water from 30 feet up on your head to stimulate circulation. In Hot Springs, Arkansas, they would strap you to the wall and go up and down your spine with an ice-cold, high-pressure fire hose.

          Vincent Prieznitz of Hungary used to strip you naked, wrap a dripping cold sheet around you, make you drink a gallon of water, then go outside and sit on a snow bank for 2 hours. It is estimated he healed 2 million people.

          I traveled the world to the great old Hydrotherapy centers like Spa, Belgium; Baden Baden, Germany; Bath, England; Mondorf les Bains, France; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Malvern, England. Let me tell you, the effective treatments they had 75 and 100 years ago make my 15-minute alternating shower look pretty wimpy.

          When I was teaching for Dr. Christopher, many years ago before he died, one of the classes he asked me to teach was hydrotherapy. He knew it was a subject I loved.

          A woman brought her paralyzed son in a wheel chair up to Utah. I wheeled that boy, wheelchair and all, right into an ice-cold, fast, running river fed from melting snow. A few students were really upset at me for doing this; they thought it was way over the top. There was a lot of grumbling.

          That boy had been paralyzed from just after birth, when the doctors were doing a surgery. He was only a few months old. Well, they slipped with their scalpel and severed his little spine. He never moved again from the waist down.

          After I pulled him out of the ice-cold stream and dried him off, I put him back into the classroom. A few hours later, his mother screamed in class; his legs were moving.

INTERVIEWER: So even students of Natural Healing think you go too far?

SCHULZE: They sure do. During one course I was teaching, when I was demonstrating the Cold Sheet Treatment, a student called 911. She actually thought I was killing the volunteer.

         By the time the ambulance arrived, the patient said she felt the best she had felt in years.

         Natural Healing for serious diseases can look scary to the bystander; they get frightened. Medicine would look much worse to the novice, but doctors draw the curtains before they mutilate, burn, and poison.

"I think I am mild when it comes to the great natural healers of the past. That just exposes my critics for me bunch of gutless, spineless wimps they are."

INTERVIEWER: What else has been diluted, besides hydrotherapy?

SCHULZE: Take your pick; everything. How about crainiopathy (working on the skull)? You have reported on that. I have heard stories that the good doctors of old got you in a wrestle hold, adjusted your skull, and you could hear the pop in the next room. Today's cranial therapists (with the exception of powerful healer Dr. Dean Howell in Everett, Washington) are so mild, you can just about fall asleep during treatment.

          Then there's the work of Dr. Randolf Stone, the founder of the Polarity system of Natural Healing. He did some of the deepest and most intense bodywork. He restructured peoples' bodies with his hands. He not only corrected physical deformities, but, along with his food program and herbal cleansing, he cured the most stubborn incurable diseases, especially paralysis and nerve degeneration.

         You could hear his patients screaming a block away. He had techniques like none I have ever seen anywhere else. I tried to imitate some of these techniques from his earlier works, with the help of a friend of mine who studied at his school. Even my shaky attempts made profound changes in my suffering patients.

         His dozens of volumes of books have been reduced to a little paperback edition now; they left all his unique healing expertise out. The new reprints are almost useless.

         The majority of the schools that teach his work today leave all the deep work out. They say it is not necessary, too intense, unnecessarily painful. I guess they've never been in a hospital, if they thought his work was painful. I don't see the schools getting the results their great founder did.

         Paavo Airola was another very tough man, a real butt kicker. He wasn't afraid to pull you out of your wheelchair, or toss your crutches away and make you walk, even crawl, if necessary. He had better results healing people from arthritis than anyone.

         He knew what it took to walk again after spending 30 years in a wheelchair. He knew some soft coaxing, a warm shower, and a cup of herbal tea wasn't going to do it.

         He knew that you had to fast, on juices, maybe for months, and it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch to start moving. He knew you might scream in pain some nights when your joints cleaned out, but he also knew this was the only way to get you back on your feet and walking again.

         I saw a man come to him that had been crippled for over 20 years. This man had swollen joints and disfigured limbs. I saw this same man marching up a hill only 3 WEEKS LATER. He literally had a muddy footprint on his ass.

         I asked him what happened and he said, "I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, so Paavo kicked me in the ass." He said, "You know, I needed that kick to get going." Was that the kick of a mean man? I think not. Paavo knew what he had to do to heal the incurables, and he did it.

         Many people think that Dr. Christopher was a pushover, a puppy dog. Not true. He could be brutal.

         I saw him help a man release and pass a kidney stone using foot reflexology He wasn't doing a relaxing foot massage; you could hear this man screaming in the next building. Later that day, the man passed stones and blood in his urine.

         Dr. Bernard Jensen would fast you for weeks, then make you live on raw foods and herbs for months. During this time, he would give you enemas while you were inverted, until you thought the water was going to drain out your nose. Just when you thought you were clean, here comes Dr. Jensen and the enema again.

         Some say that Dr. Jensen was an extremist during his years of practice. Say what you will, but I have never seen anyone get close to the amount of fecal matter and bowel encasements out of people that he did.

         "You have to go back a 100 years or more to see natural healing at full strength. Even my clinic was a watered-down version. I could only tell my patients what to do, I couldn't do it for them - because they did it all at home."

INTERVIEWER: But didn't you and old healers have sympathy for what patients go through?

SCHULZE: Sympathy has no place in Natural Healing. I have never seen anyone helped by being sympathetic. Feeling sorry for people doesn't get them well. Making them take responsibility for themselves does.

(Continue - Natural healing can cure the medically-incurable. But as currently practiced, it is a disaster.)

INTERVIEWER: A few readers feel you are over-opinionated and fanatical.

SCHULZE: I know, a few think I am too opinionated and they are right. You bet your ass, I am
opinionated. I've spent almost 20 years in the trenches; not studying philosophy, but changing the
bloody, puss-laden, infected poultices of my patients, and holding their weeping relatives' hands.

         And when I did lose a patient, I was there to give them a final hug and to cry, along with the

          I have earned my right to be opinionated.

          It is so easy for these alternative doctors to sit back in their easy chairs and play armchair
healer and say, "Isn't Dr. Schulze going a bit too far this time?"

          But when their father is covered with bleeding, infected sores and gangrene from diabetes, or their mother is hemorrhaging blood and puss vaginally from uterine cancer, my critics pound on my door the loudest, because they are in over their heads and don't have the faintest idea what to do. Then - they call me for help.

          One of my greatest critics eventually called my clinic when the B-Vitamins and chamomile tea he was using failed to cure his father's Parkinson's disease. When I had him increase his father's dosages ten times, and add other routines, his father felt better in only a few days.

"As far as being a fanatic, if that is what you call a person who cares so much they are willing to do anything to help someone get well, and not give up when everyone else says, 'Stop, it is too late! Let them die!', then I guess that's me."

INTERVIEWER: Some readers say you are too radical!

SCHULZE: They only say that because they haven't seen what I have seen. I'll tell you what's radical, right from my patients' mouths:

           "Radical is when they put a drill up my penis for an enlarged prostate; they found cancer, and when I woke up, my balls were cut off. They said they had to remove my testicles to stop it from spreading."

           "Radical is when they sawed my chest open from my Adam�s apple to my click, and then cut me from my balls to the heel of my foot to get the vein they needed for my bypass."

           "Radical is taking a knife, slicing off my breast and gutting half of my underarm for breast cancer. They gave me one shot of chemotherapy and I puked my guts out. I wretched all day, my headache felt like a truck drove over my head, and I couldn't focus my eyes."

           "Radical is when they sawed the top of my skull off and cut out a piece of my brain along with the tumor. I woke up in the worst pain of my life, but I couldn't even tell anyone, because I was totally paralyzed. I couldn't move a muscle, I couldn't even talk."

           "Radical is when they said the pinpoint radiation burst would burn off the squamous cell tumor on my anus. A few days later, my vagina looked like it was burnt with a blowtorch, not suntanned, but deep-fried! I went to have a bowel movement and when I pushed, the feces came out my vagina. They'd burnt out the wall between my anus and my vagina."

          Isn't it funny how herbs, juices, and alternating showers now sound pretty nice?

INTERVIEWER: I get your point.

SCHULZE: Recently, I met an oncologist, socially, who was the head of the oncology department at a major hospital in the Midwest. He treated cancer patients for 20 years. He knew of me and had read articles by me condemning medicine.

           He said I didn't even come close to the horrors he had seen. He took an early retirement and said to me, "I couldn't stand the torture and screaming anymore. What we do to treat cancer is wrong. We're killing them by the millions."

           Now - I do admit that some natural treatments for severe disease and illness must be what some consider extreme. However, the pendulum must swing both ways.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean by that?

SCHULZE: Well, some people think that certain aspects of natural healing aren't natural: they are right. An enema isn't natural; herbal tinctures don't occur by themselves in nature; and when it comes right down to it, juice is not natural, we should eat the whole fruit or vegetable.

           Here is the BIG BUT. It is also not natural to live for 25 years on Budweisers, Fritos, TV Dinners, Twinkies, and cigarettes. It is also not natural to sit and watch hour after hour of television. It is also not natural to spend half our lives in office buildings and fly at 600 miles per hour at 45,000 feet. Our life is a collage of one unnatural event after another.

           If you have swung the pendulum in one extreme direction of poor living habits for 25 years, I don't think that it is too UNNATURAL to swing it to the other extreme of exceptional living habits for a few months so your body can repair and heal.

           I used to tell my patients that when they get better, then we can debate this issue further; in the mean time, have another glass of juice.

INTERVIEWER: I have heard the other healers refer to you as Dirty Harry, from the hard-as-nails cop in the Clint Eastwood movies.

SCHULZE: Yes, and I take it as a compliment. Remember in the movies, they would always fire Dirty Harry at the beginning of the movie because he was too radical. But then, eventually, they would hire him back when no one else could get the job done. Many who have had harsh opinions of me then called when they or their relatives were sick. I don't hold grudges.

           My life's focus has always been to do whatever is necessary to help people get well. This stirs up a lot of emotion and controversy. I am not out to win a popularity contest, I never loose sight of my goal. Let the others debate, I am just here to help those in need, to help the sick get well.

           If half these so-called healers ever spent an hour in my clinic, they would have wet their pants and fainted.

INTERVIEWER: Fainting? Aren't you going a bit far?

SCHULZE: Heck no.

           Top graduating students from all over the world used to beg to come to my clinic and apprentice under me.

           Some had already run clinics for years. I took only the top guns. Still, some of them would wimp out and think I was being too hard on my patients, and I would kick their asses right out the door. They can go back to their clinics in search of a cure for dry skin or freckles.

           Others would hang in for a while, but it would be too much for most. I had a Naturopathic Doctor visiting my clinic from Germany. I was working with one lady with breast cancer, and was showing her how to change her poultice. I was talking to the patient and taking off her old poultice. It was a little bit stuck, so when we finally got it off, her raw, exposed cancer tumor was bleeding and hanging half off of her breast.

           We both heard a loud clunk, only to turn around and see the other doctor lying on the hardwood floor of my office He had fainted.

           I had another doctor apprenticing from a clinic in Mexico. I had a man with a large malignant tumor on the right side of his neck. I had been treating him for around a month and it was obvious that this tumor was going to come out of the body through the skin, and not be absorbed internally. When I took the bandages off, the skin was already starting to split. I pressed a bit and the skin split open about 2 inches.

           At first, some blood oozed out, then lots of puss and about a cup full of dark... well, it looked like rotten, dark brown turkey meat. It came out of the tumor and the stench was terrific. The next thing we knew, we heard an 'Aeuchhh," as the doctor from Mexico vomited on the floor of my office.

           The point I am making here is if you are working with a practitioner and you have a serious ailment, make sure they have what it takes to go through it with you. And make sure you have a healer that can be tough when you need your butt kicked.

           It is true, I did a lot of butt kicking in my clinic. Patients needed it. They were stuck, and I un-stuck them.

           You don't get serious life threatening killer diseases by being a loving, open-minded person on a perfect food program. It usually takes years of dedicated debauchery, (physically, emotionally and spiritually) to get that sick.

           Patients this sick usually have emotional constipation. Dr. Jensen used to say they needed a colonic between the ears.

"Some patients, when they would give me a hard time, I would strip them bare-ass naked and hold them by the hair in a cold shower, or throw them, clothes and all, into my unheated swimming pool. This would get their attention. They always thanked me later."

INTERVIEWER: A few of my readers have had a problem with you changing some of Dr Christopher's formulae and programs.

SCHULZE: Here is a natural healing riddle. What do Dr. Christopher, Ann Wigmore, Paavo Airola, Benedict Lust, Dr. Randolf Stone, Norman Walker, Arnold Ehret, Jethro Kloss and most of the great natural healers have in common?

INTERVIEWER: I don't know.

SCHULZE: They are all dead. Now I am not being irreverent here; most of these people were my great teachers, and I loved them dearly. But all of these people are dead; some have been dead for years.

INTERVIEWER: But they still have books...

SCHULZE: Many of them didn't even write their own books. They were written by their staff. And most of what is written is a watered-down version of what I learned from the real person. The intensity is gone, and the dead healers can't talk back.

           If they saw that their programs and formulas needed to be adjusted, changed, intensified, they would do it. Like me, they never lost sight of their primary focus of helping people get well.

           They weren't stuck on following some protocol; in fact, most of them, including Dr. Christopher, changed the formulae and routines to suit the needs of their patients. Dr. Christopher intensified everything. But he has been dead for 15 years, so I am just carrying on the process.

           Dr. Christopher choose me to represent him and his programs at his school many years ago. He had me teach and demonstrate some of his most important classes and his most intensive routines like how to make herbal preparations, herbal first aid, hydrotherapy, and the cold sheet treatment.

           He watched me teach and said he liked what he saw. I can assure you that if he thought I was O.K., then so should your readers.

           Look, the fundamentals, the basic concepts of natural healing, don't change. I just say them in a more modern tone. But the formulae and routines? Change them, as we need. My allegiance is not to Dr. Christopher; it is to the patient. If he were alive, he would applaud me for saying that.

INTERVIEWER: So some therapies are old and need to be updated?

SCHULZE: They're old, even ANCIENT.

           Arnold Ehret, a great natural healer, wrote great works including his mucusless diet. I am a big fan of his work. But his bowel cleanser is still sold in health food stores today. For crying out loud, he was born in 1863, during the civil war! He cleaned the bowels of Buffalo Bill and Wyatt Earp, but his formula never worked for my patients a hundred years later. It was too weak.

           I hope when I die that my students follow my concepts, my philosophy, but never get constipated on whether I put 2 parts or 3 parts of a particular herb in one of my formulas. They would be missing the whole point.

           But to hell with everything I have said and done if it doesn't help anyone get well. That is the bottom line.

INTERVIEWER: In other words, abandon the past if it doesn't work anymore!

SCHULZE: Abandon it and bury it.

          In Europe, they have traditions dating back hundreds, even thousands of years. I am proud to say that I was accused at Cambridge University in England of breaking a 1000-year-old tradition. I am a doctor, so from my point of view, what good is tradition if it doesn't heal the sick?

           Some traditions I follow, some I don't. In India, it is tradition among many to kill newborn baby girls; they smother them to death. In Africa, they cut the clitoris off of young women. So some traditions should be abandoned.

           Again, I am seen as a wildcat over there, an irreverent American. But when these Europeans get sick, they are ready to burn the rulebooks, bury tradition, and do ANYTHING to get well.

"Most of what is available today, in the new updated versions, is a watered-down version of what these doctors of old did - and it will not get you well."

INTERVIEWER: Are the old health doctors' programs still good?

SCHULZE: Some are, but many have lost their gusto.

INTERVIEWER: How could the programs lose their gusto if the originators are dead? These people can't weaken and change their programs if they aren't here to do it.

SCHULZE: You are right; they can't, but the publishers and family members getting the royalties can. As every year goes by, take a look at the altering going on in the latest revised editions. I see many changes happening making these books more desirable to the public, easier to follow, less intense, and politically and socially correct �but therapeutically impotent.

          The legal departments of the publishers, and the surviving family members of the old doctors, are more concerned that someone is going to get hurt or injured following a procedure, so they take the gusto out of the original formulas and programs. The herbal formulas change, and the programs and routines get wimpier, more sociable, more digestible and easier to do without any discomfort or disruption in one's life.

          I knew some of these old doctors, and if they were alive, they would kick their children right in the ass.

"The horror of this is that the people representing these great healers never set foot in a clinic and never had an office with real patients. They are killing people by leaving the important parts out."

SCHULZE: Sam, I studied with some of the greatest Natural Healers of this century: Paavo Airola, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Dr. John Christopher. I also studied in detail the original works of the ones who were already dead, like Dr. Randolf Stone, Dr. Benedict Lust, Dr. Henry Lindlahr, John Harvey Kellogg, and many others.

          These men would laugh and cry if they could see what has been done to their programs, and what most holistic clinics and practitioners were doing.

          These natural doctors of old knew what dedication and work it took to get well, and you won't see this kind of work being done in today's health clinics.

INTERVIEWER: You said earlier that you actually threw patients out of your clinic

SCHULZE: Hundreds, probably thousands. I didn't do it because I was pissed off or in a bad mood, I did it because it is a sobering experience for a patient, and an educational one. You could really say: they threw themselves out.

          When a patient, either consciously or unconsciously isn't doing the work, following the programs, I would fire them.

          Most people would have every excuse in the book, and believe me, I have heard them all. "I don't have the money; I forgot; my car broke down; my dog got hit by a car, my Uncle Harry in Toledo died." The bottom line is: if for any reason they didn't follow their program, I knew they would die. I had to keep them on track, any way I could. For the most stubborn of them, I kicked their ass out the door.

INTERVIEWER: Wait a minute. You kicked some people out because they didn't have the money? Isn't that cruel?

SCHULZE: First of all, I had a small amount of donated money given to me by wealthy patients for the care of those who couldn't afford me or the herbs.

          I hardly ever had to use these donations, because money wasn't the real issue - it was commitment. I found that whenever I gave services and formulas away for free, patients didn't take it seriously and they never worked that hard to get well.

          That's why, when patients told me they didn't have the money, I said to them: "Then get it; sell your car, your television, your clothes, your possessions, get a part-time job raking leaves, cleaning toilets, I don't care."

          Sam, this is not about money or my need for it. When I was running my clinic, I was married to a woman who was worth $90 million. I had access to more money than I could count. My clinic was on 2 acres in Malibu on Zuma Beach; the land alone was worth millions. This was not a money issue.

          Like I said, it was about commitment, being willing to do anything to get well.

          My clinic was 26 miles outside of Los Angeles, a long drive on Pacific Coast Highway. At best, when the road was clear it took 45 minutes to drive there, that is 1 1/2 hours round trip but it could easily take twice that.

          I couldn't have lived farther away from most of my patients. When you got to my ranch, there was no address marking the house and the fennel plants had grown up covering my mailbox. If you were lucky enough to find the right house and drive up the driveway, you were greeted by two barking scary rottweilers, who would watch your every move. If you dared get out of your car, then you had to find out where in this maze of buildings and barns my office was.

          After discovering that there was no doorbell, and knocking couldn't be heard, most patients succumbed to screaming to try and find a human being. My patients complained, and couldn't believe how difficult it was to find the house and get in for the first visit.

          Some got so angry they left.

          I figured that this was the first test. If a patient didn't have the determination, patience, strength, and guts to find me, they would never make it through my easiest routines. I learned this from the old Shaolin Temple in China. Just asking to get in wasn't always enough; sometimes you had to rake leaves for a few years.

          I knew one thing, in order for a person to recover from a life-threatening illness, they had to give 110%, they couldn't do it half way. If I didn't push, I knew they would end up back at the hospital getting mutilated.

          What appeared to be a greedy, mean, sadistic attitude, as far as I am concerned, was a greater love and caring for my patients than I have ever seen from any other practitioner or clinic.

          Also, just because I threw you out, didn't mean you couldn't knock back at the door in a minute or two, or a week later or a year later. What it meant is that I can't help you any more, because for one of your seemingly legitimate excuses, you are refusing to follow the programs.

          I had one man knock back on my door and get thrown out again four times in the same hour. He was almost as stubborn as me.

          In fact, it became kind of a status symbol in Malibu to be thrown out of my office a few times. Most patients couldn't believe I was actually FIRING them. Most said that they never heard of a doctor refusing to treat a patient. That doesn't say much for doctors, does it?

          I can't say her name here, but I threw out one of the biggest movie and singing stars of the last decade. Then I met her husband. Here's what happened.

          A month or so later, I was working on a male patient on his third visit and he said he really didn't want to do a fast. I asked why. He said, "You don't know who I am, do you?" I said, "No." He told me he was this woman's husband. I didn't know, because they all use their stage names.

          He mentioned that he knew I threw his wife out of my office and that I had told her off. He told me that he knew nothing about natural healing and had little desire to change, but had to meet me.

          He said I was the first person in 30 years that had the guts to stand up to his wife, and tell her off. He said, "Everyone in the industry kisses her ass." He also said 'All of her doctors do exactly what she wants them to do." Because I was honest and had the guts to fire her, he said I could be his doctor for life.

"I grew new heart valves when the doctors said only surgery could keep me alive. I grew new skin over burnt bone when the top surgeons said my only chance was skin grafts."

SCHULZE: Wholistic healers sit behind their polished mahogany desks and say, "Mrs. Jones, your cancer is no big deal and we can heal it with a few herbs." It is easy for them to say this, THEY DON'T HAVE CANCER!

          But when these Natural Doctors get seriously ill themselves they are usually the first ones running to a medical doctor, begging for help.

INTERVIEWER: You're kidding!

SCHULZE: I have known many of my so-called colleagues who ran to the medical doctor at the first sign of a minor problem. We shouldn't be so surprised that people don't practice what they preach.

          In one wholistic school I visited, there were three main teachers. One was a drunk; I mean a slobbering total alcoholic. She even drank during her pregnancy and her baby ended up retarded.

          The other teacher talked "natural," but after hours, lived on Polish sausage and diet coke. The third teacher, when he developed a slight fever of only 101 degrees, said he tried vitamin C, but an hour later, he was at the hospital swallowing antibiotics.

          I asked him if he tried garlic and Echinacea, the herbs he spoke on only a few hours earlier. It is all talk to these people. Look, I am not perfect, but I don't throw my principles away at the first sign of danger. This is not some game I am playing. It's not just a job; this is a way of life for me. I am an evangelist and this is my crusade.

          I HAVE been a strict vegetarian for 25 years; I DON'T go to doctors. I HAVE NEVER been in a hospital and when I had my own emergencies (I am not talking patients here, I am talking my own ass), I lived what I preached, and I followed my own programs.

          I have NEVER met any Natural Healer who comes close to what I did with my own Heart, Hand, and Leg. They all wimped out.

          I find that most of the patients at these other clinics have more guts than the doctors who run the place. I know what it takes to perform medical miracles using Natural Healing. A few pills and a glass of juice aren't enough!

"My patients who recovered from deadly diseases used to look at me some times and say, 'I don't know who I am anymore.' And I would say, 'Good. Who you were, was dying. Now - you're living"

INTERVIEWER: O.K., so what are some of these dramatic changes that people should make and be expecting from their wholistic practitioner?

SCHULZE: If anyone reading this report is undergoing holistic treatment for a serious illness and it isn't upsetting their entire life and changing them into a totally different person, in my opinion, it is too wimpy to be effective - and they will probably not recover.

          Even if they do, it will not be permanent.

          I had many patients who would end up changing their name because they couldn't even relate to who they used to be. Most changed jobs, careers; it must be dramatic change. If you breathe toxic fumes all day at work, all the carrot juice in the world won't help. You have to quit your job.

          As I said, your therapy and treatment should disrupt your entire life, take up most of your day and your night, and make you take total responsibility for your disease and your recovery. All of your changes should make you uncomfortable at times, even damn mad.

          The changes you make should force you to even drop some of your so-called friends. You will realize that these people like the sick, complaining you.

          They would much rather sit and bitch with you about how life sucks than do anything about it. You will know who they are right away, because when you start to change to a healthy life-style they will complain that you are on some weird new age program or going nuts.

          Drop them fast; those kind of friends - you don't need.

          A good friend is one that will support any decision you make in your healing program, especially when they see you feeling better. If you don't have any friends like that, you can always find new ones. You have to surround yourself with positive, supportive, loving, healthy people.

          If you live with someone who isn't, you will either have to buy earplugs or move out.

          You should be adding a lot of strange new ideas and programs into your life. Some of these new ways of living will make you mad at this mean doctor. Some days you will be full of rage and anger, but you will get over it.

INTERVIEWER: A few moments ago, you referred to finances, about how the patient must be dedicated, but you're talking about a total transformation. This could cost someone their life savings. And then on top of it, you tell them to quit their job. How can driving someone into poverty be a healing experience?

SCHULZE: You can't afford not to; it's spend it or die. It's quit your job or die. Anyway, you can't take it with you.

          When I first decided I wanted to intern with Dr. Bernard Jensen, back in the 1970's, his program cost $1,000.00. I had $300.00. I drove from upstate New York in a 1960 Pontiac with a leaking radiator to Escondido, California, 3,000 miles.

          My top speed without overheating was 45 miles per hour. It took me 10 days to get there because I had to stop every hour and fill the radiator up. If I fixed the radiator, I would not have had enough money left for gas.

          When I arrived at Dr. Jensen's, I had no money to pay him. All the other students were staying in a nice warm, clean motel. I sold my car for exactly $1000.00, and gave it all to Dr. Jensen. I spent the next month sleeping in the bushes at the end of his driveway, taking a shower at night with a hose, and borrowing fruits and vegetables from his garden to eat.

          I volunteered to work in the evenings filing papers, anything for a chance to learn more. I have had contact with some of the other students who didn't have to put anything on the line. They never learned much and didn't do anything with what they did learn. Some are still packing boxes in warehouses - instead of curing the sick.

          So, I know what kind of dedication it takes in life to be successful and get what you want. You have to be willing to do anything, give 110% or more.

          It takes this kind of dedication and sacrifice to get well when you're terminally ill. You know what I went through to grow new heart valves. It took 3 1/2 years.

          I don't have one friend today that I had when I started. I spent my last dime a hundred times and made more personal sacrifices than most could imagine.

          When I burnt my hand up in a laboratory fire, growing skin on burnt bone was not an easy task either; I had lots of tears. I was so scared I didn't poop for a week on my own. I had to use enemas. When I tore up my entire knee years later, I said, "I will walk in 14 days." Two months later, I still couldn't walk. I know what illness, pain, fear, and anxiety taste like. I know how easy it can be to lose your faith. I have been put to the test.

          The bottom line: I didn't let anything get in my way, I was going to study with Dr. Jensen. You need the same kind of focus, sacrifice, and dedication to heal disease.

"If your wholistic practitioner is just selling you something in a bottle for your cure, and no health routines and life-style changes to go with it, run from their office with your wallet."

INTERVIEWER: You said that another reason natural healing today is a disaster is that healers are using impotent remedies. How can you say that, when the big herb companies spend millions on laboratories, scientific analysis, and worldwide efforts to get the best herbs?

SCHULZE: What I know, I learned in the clinic. I didn't read about it; I experienced it.

          I didn't go by herbal advertisements, or how big a company's labs were, or how great they said their products were. I went by what actually happened when desperately ill patients used these products.

          I know that when patients came to me, they weren't just feeling a little bad, they were dying.

          And they weren't just taking a few herbal capsules from the health food store. They were taking bagfuls of products, and, all the while, they were sliding closer to a hole in the ground.

          Let me tell you, Sam, all those herbal ads don't mean shit when a mother is sitting in front of you weeping because her little girl just died of leukemia - and you know the commercial herbs she was counting on were over-priced, under-potent junk.

          Results were the only thing that counted in my clinic. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

INTERVIEWER: But weren't some of the herbal products people were taking any good?

SCHULZE: Maybe one or two out of 100 bottles.

INTERVIEWER: That's all? Aren't you exaggerating?

SCHULZE: No, I'm being kind to an industry that doesn't deserve it.

INTERVIEWER: But you are an herbalist yourself, and now you're telling me herbs don't work?

SCHULZE: I didn't say herbs don't work. I said herbs the way your readers buy them don't work - at least not for critical conditions. Now, maybe if you have nasal drip, or something mild like allergies, a healthfood store product might work for you.

          But for serious diseases? Good, strong herbal products are scarce, rare, and hard to come by.

INTERVIEWER: I find this hard to believe. We are supposed to be in the middle of an herbal renaissance, aren't we?

SCHULZE: No, it's not an herbal renaissance. It's an advertising renaissance.

INTERVIEWER: But the herbal industry today is gigantic. They have millions of dollars worth of testing equipment and millions more in manufacturing equipment. Am I supposed to believe you and not them?

SCHULZE: I know, their herbal propaganda seems impressive. My patients thought so too, and in their desperation, they bought all of these products.

          Some would come into my clinic clutching the empty boxes and bottles of these so-called herbal wonders saying, "these bastards steal from the sick." They would be clutching the high-tech literature in their hands, but their diseases were worse, their energy lower, and their infections raging.

          When my patients began to realize how worthless their herbal products were some of them used to burst out crying. It's one thing to be ripped off when you're healthy; but when you're ill, and it's your last dollars on earth, it's kind of hard to take.

INTERVIEWER: Why don't these products work? I can't believe the manufacturers make bad products on purpose.

SCHULZE: To begin with, as I told your readers over a year ago, the quality of the herbs themselves is garbage.

          These herbs are not grown in this country, but imported from third-world countries like Mexico, India, Egypt, China, Spain, Eastern Europe. You know, these are the countries where you get dysentery from drinking the water and food poisoning from eating the food. Why would you think the herbs would be any better?

INTERVIEWER: But why would the companies import these herbs if they were inferior?

SCHULZE: They import for the same reason we import almost all goods: they are CHEAP Why are our cars now built in Mexico? Our clothes made in Hong Kong and Taiwan? Our tools made in China? Not because they are better; but because they are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.

          I can buy 10 to 20 pounds of imported junk herbs for the price of one single pound of high-quality Organically Grown or Wild Harvested American Herbs.

INTERVIEWER: Really? 10 to 20 pounds?

SCHULZE: Even more! I pay up to $2,000 a pound for some of my Ginseng, but you can buy junk Ginseng for $10 a pound. That is TWO HUNDRED TIMES MORE money for the good stuff.

INTERVIEWER: But are the cheap herbs actually bad?

SCHULZE: Below bad. Poor countries want to get the biggest crop with the least expense. What you end up with is poor-quality herbs grown in depleted soil, buried with tons of toxic pesticides and insecticides, even ones we ban like DDT.

INTERVIEWER: Wait a minute. I received correspondence from some of these big herbal companies. They say they inspect all incoming herbs for pesticide residues and reject all that don't meet their high standards.

SCHULZE: I'm aware of that. That doesn't mean that there are no pesticides left in the herbs. Only that the levels are below some standard. But what if that standard, or acceptable level, is too high for patients who want to cleanse their liver, or their bloodstream, or for patients who are extremely ill?

          Why should the herbs you use to cleanse your organs contain traces of pesticides put there by man?

          There's another thing: It's common that imported herbs are seeping with bacteria, some from human fecal matter. Even if these herbs make it to this country with little contamination, which is unlikely, they are sterilized when they get here.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean sterilized?

SCHULZE: Gassed with Ethylene Oxide or exposed to Gamma Ray Radiation.

INTERVIEWER: But spokesmen from the big herb companies say that Ethylene Oxide is not harmful.

SCHULZE: Then why don't they tell the public they gas the herbs. Put it on the label. Brag about it.

          There's a reason they don't. It's because Ethylene Oxide is a known mutagen. That means it changes genes. It's proven to cause cancer, but worse, it can cause birth defects in children by harming fetuses.

          According to one industry insider, who asked that I never mention his name (he'll lose his job for talking to me), "No pregnant woman should ever use herbal products gassed with ethylene oxide." And yet almost all herbs consumed today are.

          One big national herb supplier is located in California. This company was fined half a million dollars by the State of California because the company, who uses ethylene oxide on herbs, was releasing the excess from their gas chamber into the atmosphere. The state said the company failed to warn residents of "cancer-causing emissions."

          So, the company then installed pollution control equipment to protect the public. Great!! The neighbors can breathe better, but what about the customers that eat the herbs gassed with cancer-causing poisons?

          All the manufacturers have to do is make herbal tinctures from the herbs, which kills all the bacteria. There is no need for the ethylene oxide.

INTERVIEWER: What herbs did you find to work on your patients?

SCHULZE: As I said, I used almost exclusively American, organically grown herbs. I also used wild harvested herbs, (plants picked by herbalists in their natural habitat). I used to forage in the California Mountains and harvest many of the herbs myself.

          These herbs worked when the other herbs failed.

          Remember, I didn't have to spend my days going into the mountains to get herbs for patients. It would have been easier on me to send my patients to the healthfood store. But I never would sell them out, because I was their only hope.

          There's one reason alone why I was such a fanatic on herbal quality: because it allowed me to get healing results that no one else in herbalism was getting.

"You can complain about the side effects and harshness of pharmaceutical drugs all you want, but there's one thing about them: they WORK!

"Unfortunately, I can't say the same about today's herbal products. They're close to useless."

INTERVIEWER: So what you're saying is that people should get products made with organically grown herbs?

SCHULZE: No, that's not what I'm saying.

          I just learned that over 80% of the organic herbs sold are GASSED with ethylene oxide at the herbal manufacturers' request. The supplier said I was one of the only ones who didn't request the gassing of my herbs.

          Last month, I ordered a shipment of echinacea root for myself. When the echinacea was found to have a slight bacteria count, the grower wouldn't sell it to me because he was afraid of getting sued. So they sterilized the echinacea root by steaming it at 160 degrees for 24 hours.

          Imagine steaming your vegetables that long! Do you think you would have any nutrition left? I think not!

          I refused the soggy, worthless root and the supplier told me that I was one of the only ones that refused it.

INTERVIEWER: My God, this is horrible. So what are my sick readers to do when they are ill and need potent herbs?

SCHULZE: I'll get to that in a moment. But let me explain one important thing all patients need to know: the problem today is worse than bad herbal ingredients.

          Manufacturers take this weak, toxic, herbal garbage as starting material, and dilute it down into minuscule proportions, making useless herbal water and impotent fairy dust.

INTERVIEWER: Fairy dust? What's that?

SCHULZE: It is a term I have heard over and over by manufacturers in the herbal industry. It means you want to list certain herbs on the label to sell the product, but to keep costs down, put only a sprinkle of them in the actual formula, so little that the herbs exist in name only.

          One company who wanted me to work with them said it is STANDARD in the industry to do this. I said, "Standard to do what? Screw the consumer?", as I threw their butts out the door.

"I have to warn your readers, because many lousy herbal products are highly-promoted, and even endorsed by big-name herbalists."

INTERVIEWER: You mentioned weak herbal extracts. I thought the market was going to higher potencies and all that?

SCHULZE: No, that's not so. The only thing that's higher in potency are the claims. Let me tell you what I discovered in my clinic. In the early days, when I first started making herbal extracts for patients, I followed the rulebooks, like the National Formulary.

          These are the books the industry uses that tell how much herb to put with how much water or grain alcohol. Even though I used high-quality herbs, I still ended up with only medium-quality extracts, better than what was in the stores, but I wasn't satisfied with the results.

          I used to read the old herbals and the results these old doctors got from using the same formula, but I wasn't getting the same results. Neither were my patients.

          It didn't take a genius to figure out I needed to add more herb than what these books suggested.

          Dr. Christopher suggested adding more herbs and instructed me to fill my jug up 1/4 to 1/3 of the way with the herbs before adding the water/alcohol mixture. When I followed his advice, I noticed that this made much darker, richer extracts, and my patients had better results. But better wasn't good enough for me; I needed miracles, and with most of my patients, I needed them fast.

          It wasn't long before I started packing the jar to the top with fresh-ground herbs and just pouring what little liquid I could fit into this herb-crammed jar. It wasn't much.

          Other herbalists I would tell this to said I was wasting herbs, that this much herb couldn't possibly be extracted into such little alcohol. The formulary and chemistry books said I was wasting my time.

          I ignored them, and my wallet, because the extracts were costing me a lot to make and I was getting little out of the jars, only a few ounces. But I continued this process. I started soaking whole roots in liquid and then running them through a juicer. I even started adding the FRESH JUICES and the herbs into these already potent brews.

          What I made from this method curled my toes and made my hair stand on end.

          My point is, I was making crude herbal extracts in the kitchen with canning jars, cotton cloths, and my juicer. What I made got my patients well when the so-called high potency commercial products failed. These results even surpassed the healings I read about in the old herbals.

          It only makes sense that stronger products made with better herbs and more herbs would perform better in the clinic.

INTERVIEWER: What did your patients say?

SCHULZE: After I had a consultation with a patient, I would mix them up their herbal remedies.

          When I would bring in their herbal formula they would be very excited, but as they would read my handwritten label, I would see a look of disappointment come over their face.

          I would ask, "What's wrong?" They would say, "I have used these herbs before and they didn't work; they didn't help me" and I would say, "Really?"

          I would tell them to open my bottle and take a dropperful. They would, and as soon as the dropperful hit their tongue, they would jump right off their chair and say, "OH MY GOD." Their face would wrinkle and turn red; many would have snot running down their nose, with drool and foam at the mouth.

          Choking and coughing, they would beg for a glass of water, but none ever said to me again, "I have used these herbs before."

          Whenever I made any herbal preparation, I would never consider the cost of the herb, or how it took me all day to collect only one pound of seeds, or if I was putting too much in, or the length of time it took to make.

          I always remembered the look on my Dad's face when he died in my arms or the look of a patient who didn't make it. You can never make any herbal preparation too strong.

(Continue - Natural healing can cure the medically-incurable. But as currently practiced, it is a disaster.)

"These herbal pied pipers with their high-tech stories lead the sick and dying down a dead end alley, and I literally mean DEAD END."

INTERVIEWER: And you got the results?

SCHULZE: I sure did. I got results no one has ever gotten before or since.

          Look Sam, I went about it the right way. I had very sick patients who weren't getting well with the herbal products they were buying in stores. I did everything I could, went to the extreme to make industrial strength herbal products that worked. My patients got well.

          An herbalist I know designs herbal products for one of the largest herbal product companies in this country. He has been doing this for about 15 years.

          Just recently he has decided to take a few months off and work in a clinic for the first time in his life!!!

          Don't you think he should have done that BEFORE he ever released products to the public? And yet this is typical. How does he know that any herbal formula he designed ever worked? I can tell you - they didn't!

          Designing formulas without running a clinic is like designing an airplane or car and never taking it out for a test drive to see if it even runs.

INTERVIEWER: So what is the herbal answer for my sick and dying readers who need help?

SCHULZE: Your readers have got to do what the old-time healers did: get your own herbs fresh and local - if you can. Otherwise, get them organically grown.

          Dr. Christopher used many of the plants growing wild in the mountains of Utah - from his Juniper and Black "Haw" berries to his Brigham Tea and his Yarrow. There was so much comfrey growing in his back yard, it was taking over his property.

          You remember the stories, Sam. Not many people know this, but he used to make money weeding people's gardens for them. And then, when they got sick, he would sell them back the same weeds they paid him to get rid of. He used to laugh and say, "I got paid twice." The point is he used many handpicked locally grown weeds for his great healings.

          When you hear many of his great stories, they also include the part where he went and got the herb. He used to talk about searching for last year's Black Walnut Hulls under the snow when he ran out of them in the winter, or he talked about grating fresh roots to make a poultice.

          The only herb shop he ever sent me to was an old man in San Francisco that started a Botanical Pharmacy in the 1920's. This is where Dr. Christopher used to get the herbs he purchased. This old man had some of the best quality herbs available. He is dead now and the pharmacy closed.

          I will never forget. I was riding with the Doc on the road to his cabin. The road on both sides was covered with purple thistle. I said, "I'm sure you don't use this thistle, because the real Blessed Thistle has a yellow flower and grows in Texas."

          He gave me a disgusted look, because he used the thistle that grew in his own backyard-not a thousand miles away in Texas. I should have known that.

          Dr. Vogel, the famous Swiss nature cure doctor, used only the wild plants of Switzerland and what he grew in his organic garden. His healings are famous in Europe today.

"The great herbal doctors I studied with didn't buy the colored water, sugar-sweetened, herbal jokes made from freeze-dried herbs from Katmandu, that were radiated and gassed -  the kind I see in health food stores."

SCHULZE: They used the real thing. The remedies they made would pucker your tongue, and make you shiver all over.

          They all followed Dr. Christopher's philosophy as expressed in that simple statement: LIVE UNDER YOUR OWN FIG TREE. That means that Nature has provided the herbs in your area with the nutrients and active chemicals you need.

          Close to you, in your backyard, neighborhood, and community, is where you get the herbs most suited to your chemistry. It is also where you get the freshest herbs - the kind that contribute to miracle healings, the kind you can get for yourself.

          We need local herbalists making strong, concentrated herbal products for local people - not multinational herb companies that do not understand what it takes to make products that cure.

          To sum up, your readers need to make their own herbal formulas at home. It is easy and quick to do. I guarantee that with simple home methods, they can make herbal tinctures and teas more powerful than almost anything they can buy in the store.

          That's why I spent hours and hours and hours covering this topic on those videos we made together.

INTERVIEWER: So you are saying that people need powerful herbal preparations to get well?

SCHULZE: Yes, you do, but herbs are only a small part of the entire natural healing program. They assist the body in the healing journey, but it is the life-style changes that are the foundation. This is what most people skip because it is uncomfortable.

          All of my patients that recovered from serious ailments will tell you that the results they gained, their healing, was the direct result of all the hard work they put into each program they did.

          Medicine is for the lazy and un-involved, but not Natural Healing. You can't be an effective doctor and be worrying all the time if you are going to offend Mr. Jones, or if you are being too hard on Mrs. Smith.

          If your wholistic practitioner is just selling you something in a bottle for your cure, and no health routines and lifestyle changes to go with it, run from their office with your wallet.

"Most wholistic doctors I meet are more concerned with boosting business than boosting your immune system. That's when they give you LESS than you need to get well."

INTERVIEWER: What exactly is a wholistic Medical Doctor?

SCHULZE: If someone has had enough education and brainwashing to become a medical doctor, it is almost impossible for them to really understand natural healing. And if a doctor really understands what I am talking about, they have to stop practicing medicine.

          I just talked with a medical doctor today that has just graduated medical school, but she can't practice now because you have ruined her life.

INTERVIEWER: Me, I don't even know who you are talking about?

SCHULZE: Well, you don't know her. She is a subscriber of your newsletter and bought the Save-Your-Life Herbal Video Collection. She has just graduated medical school; she is a doctor, is almost $100,000 in debt with student loans, and just turned down her residency because she can't go through with it. She can't live with herself and be a doctor.

          She doesn't know it, but I am going to ask her to speak at my residential training this August in Los Angeles. I want to get her practicing natural healing.

          Any doctor who really claims to be holistic should stop practicing medicine, but they don't. You may think the wholistic doctor is dedicated to natural principles, but in a pinch, their medical training takes over and their REAL principles come through.

          They will say something like, "Well, this is a serious bacterial infection, and even though I don't like antibiotics either, there is a time and place for them."

          BULL! There is never a time and place for antibiotics and any doctor who says so has no understanding of natural healing and natural remedies.

INTERVIEWER: Wait just a minute now. I think you're going too far. Are you some kind of flaming fanatic against antibiotics? Don't you realize there are situations where these medicines are essential to save a life?

SCHULZE: I have never, ever run into any bacteria, gram positive or negative, that didn't die when you used herbs and immune boosting. I have had the most stubborn cases of infections that doctors couldn't halt.

           Listen to this. (Dr. Schulze proceeded to play me a recording from his answering machine at his office. You could hear the excitement and almost disbelief when this man said, "You did what no doctor and no antibiotic could do... your herbs cleared up my bladder infection COMPLETELY")

           Sam, I've heard this hundreds of times. Have no doubt, the most powerful antibiotics in the world are found in plants. You just have to know which ones.

"My patients would run from me if they saw me in a grocery store or restaurant. They called me Adolf Schulze. They never said, 'Honey, let's invite Dr. Schulze to our dinner party on Saturday night.' They would sooner invite Charles Manson."

INTERVIEWER: O.K., so how can you tell a good natural clinic and doctor from a bad one? What signs can my readers look for?

SCHULZE: In the extremely rare case they stumble upon one, the sign of a good doctor and clinic is when the patients in the waiting room are complaining about what a bastard the doctor is.

           My patients would even discuss the possibility that I was a madman, even dangerous. But they would also talk with excitement about their incredible healing results on the programs.

           By contrast, I have seen the most popular natural clinics have parties, send out birthday cards, have patient-of-the-month certificates for those who give the most referrals. My patients wouldn't dare refer a friend, let alone a relative, to me. They were too scared they might get mad at them for sending them to a radical, or I might throw them out of the clinic.

           I was too busy helping my patients get well to have a patient of the month club. Many of my patients didn't even want their husband or wife to know they were coming to see me: I was too controversial, "dangerous".

INTERVIEWER: Why would patients hide such an important thing from their mate?

SCHULZE: Here's what happened in one case. I had a very famous woman actress come to my clinic. I'd love to give you her name, but that would be a breach of ethics.

           Anyway, her husband was also a very famous actor. When he found out she was avoiding medical care and seeing me, he beat her. It was in all the tabloids. She stopped seeing me, went to the doctors, and died of her cancer.

           I also had another patient that didn't tell her famous television actor husband she was under my care. She only did when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in hopes he would come and see me. He was so mad at her, he made her promise to stop seeing this wacko. He refused to see me and died in a few months.

           I had families that actually got mad at me when their family member got better.

INTERVIEWER: You're kidding, aren't you?

SCHULZE: Not at all. I had one family where the mother had been catatonic for 10 years. She never spoke a word. The husband had remarried and the children had already formed a trust for mom, naming themselves as executors, and splitting up all of her money.

           Her brother called me in on a visit to see her, because he wasn't in the will, and he asked if I could help. I said, "Only God knows that, but let's give it our best"

           Within a week, she showed signs of improvement. She was looking more coherent. In three weeks, I got a call; she was starting to speak. In a month, she was putting a few sentences together.

           Shortly thereafter, a psychologist that the family hired, and the family attorney, called me on a conference call. They actually had the nerve to ask me to discontinue treatment.

           I told them that the mom was responding well to treatment, talking, walking, getting better. They said I was opening up an old wound and severely upsetting the family. I told them I didn't give a shit about the family; I was treating the mom.

           They actually got a court order against me, got a medical doctor to say that she was incurable and had Alzheimer's disease. The complaint went on to say that it appeared that I was just after the family money.

           I told the lawyer that I would work on the mother for free, but it was to no avail. I found out later that the mom went into her catatonic state when she caught Dad sleeping with another woman. It was a sad case. I was barred from the house; the woman got worse and died.

"If a patient spotted me walking into a restaurant, they would run to the bathroom and hide or put a napkin over their face. They were afraid I would look at their plate, and I would."

INTERVIEWER: That's a depressing case. So they sent the Mom to the graveyard, to make everyone else happy and rich. From what you've been saying, I take it you didn't visit socially with your patients?

SCHULZE: No, I didn't, ever. But many doctors and patients sit together when they bump into each other at a restaurant and chat about the latest health fad.

           And I am sure the doctor is polite, minds his own business and never peeks at the patient's plate and what's on it. Why cause trouble? The doctor himself is probably not eating what he preaches about in his clinic anyway.

           I was different. If I bumped grocery carts with a patient in a grocery store, I would see the look of terror on their face. They would run from me like the building was on fire.

           They knew I would look in the cart and if I saw food that wasn't on their current program, I would help them put it back on the shelves. I did this on many occasions.

           One of my patient's husbands told me that his wife binged on Haagen-Dazs Rum Raisin at midnight once a week. When he asked her why this unusual craving always came on at midnight, she said it didn't, but at that time of the night, "I know I won't run into Dr Schulze."

           Once I was in a very chic restaurant in Malibu, CA., where my clinic was for years, and I spotted a patient. I walked over to her table and she tried to cover up her plate. This woman had almost died of a heart attack a month before.

           I said, "I don't remember Chicken Fettuccini with Cream Sauce and Teramisu being on my vegan raw food program."

           She said she was celebrating her birthday. I sang happy birthday as I took her plate and dumped it into the trash. I told her if she ate what was on her plate she would be celebrating in the morgue. I said, "Let the rats get hardening of the arteries. Why don't you order a nice big salad?" I told her she could celebrate when her blood cholesterol level was below 175.

           The restaurant owner, a famous chef, heard this and was pissed that I created a scene. The lady loved it and thanked me. She said she knew it was an act of love. All her friends became my patients, even the restaurant owner eventually called me for a consultation.

           So as you can see, when I left the clinic at the end of the day, and shut the door, I didn't leave my principles lying under my stethoscope.

           I never looked to my patients to become my friends. I would tell them: "If you want friends, join a bowling league." A few of my patients did become good friends, but most were afraid of me and some even hated my guts at times.

           The job of a Natural Healer is not to win popularity contests. The job of a Natural Healer is to educate their patients on how to regain health, to get well. Sometimes this education can be more than the patient bargained for.

           If you were to Doll my patients they would all say I am a very caring man, and because of this caring they recovered from their disease or illness. But if you asked them how I treated them during their work with me, they would say I am somewhere between a very strict clutch uncle and a sadist.

           They would go on to say I yelled at them, pushed them very hard, even came over to their house, and gave them a hard time.

"I actually visited my patients at their homes. I called it 'visits', but they called it 'raids'.

"I would do kitchen cupboard checks, and medicine cabinet checks, even refrigerator checks. Sometimes, I would invite myself for dinner, or even prepare it."

INTERVIEWER: What is one of the more extreme things you have done with misbehaving patients?

SCHULZE: While driving in a Hollywood canyon, I spotted an asthmatic patient of mine smoking a cigarette in her car. I took my jeep and literally drove her off the road.

          She rolled down her window and screamed, "You're a mad man; you could have killed me." I said, "That is a possibility, but the cigarette you�re smoking will definitely kill you."

          She then said to me about the rudest, but still politically correct Southern California remark. She said, "Why don't you lighten up dude." I told her that if she wants a doctor who doesn't give a darn, no problem, the phone book is full of them. She called and thanked me the very next day, and less than a year later, she ran in the Los Angeles Marathon.

          See Sam, I believe in humanity. I believe in everybody's fullest potential. While others tell you what you can't do, I am telling people what they can achieve.

          Being my patient became much more of a relationship than the traditional doctor/patient relationship. Most of the people who walked through my clinic door were not really ready to get well. But for those who were, this relationship changed their life.

           My patients would also agree that I was the most supportive and loving doctor they ever met, willing to go far beyond what any other doctor would do, and never, ever abandon them, no matter how bad it got, as long as they kept pushing forward. I would hold their hand until they got well or died, like a marriage, for better or for worse.

INTERVIEWER: Is it necessary to be that intense or tough?

SCHULZE: It is not an easy job to sell the idea of Natural Healing to people. Natural Healing is not just taking an herbal pill to replace the pill the doctor gave you. It is a whole new concept for most people. A new way of living and thinking.

          I had to get my patients to take responsibility for their own health for the first time in their lives. This is pretty scary for someone who has lived their whole life expecting the doctor to take this responsibility and save them.

"The patient screamed, then punched me so hard in the chest she knocked me off my stool. She then sobbed out of control for 20 minutes called her doctor and delayed her surgery. In less than a month, her cancer was gone."

INTERVIEWER: Give me an example of this.

SCHULZE: I had a young popular television actress come to see me, she was in her mid twenties and she had malignant breast cancer.

          The medical doctors had convinced her to have surgery, removing the cancer and the entire breast. They assured her that prosthesis in a bra would look natural and make her missing breast unnoticeable on television. She was scheduled for the surgery. The doctors did a good sales job.

          I told her to cancel the surgery, not to have it and she started to get upset. She said, "Please don't upset me. It was not an easy decision for me to make, but I have already decided to go through with it."

          She went on to tell me that all she wanted from me was a detox program to make sure she would never have cancer again, and would never lose the other breast.

          I pushed again, harder. She got very upset this time. Her eyes filled with tears. She begged, this time with a wobbly but intense voice, "Shut up. I don't want to hear any more, I made my decision and that's final." She started sobbing.

          While she was busy sobbing I took my best shot. I softened my voice and said, "O.K., maybe you're right, and only having one breast will be totally unnoticeable on the television screen,


          "You're single, and what about when you are with the next man you meet; you are in love. He presses his lips to yours and you are passionately kissing him. He slips his hand up under your soft sweater and grabs a hold of an AIR BAG instead of a breast."

          The next thing I felt was her hand punching me in the chest. She screamed with rage and hit me so hard I flew off my stool onto my office floor. I knew I hit home.

          With each of my patients, I had to find the key to stirring up their intensity. No one is going to do a 30-day juice fast or 60 hot and cold showers unless they are afraid. Fear is a great motivational tool that I used many times in my office.

          After 20 minutes of sobbing, she delayed the surgery, took all her fear and anger and turned it into a positive healing attitude. She turned out to be a great patient and healed herself, got rid of her cancer and still has her breast 10 years later. She is now married with 2 kids.

          Every time I see her, she thanks me for being the outspoken, cruel bastard that I am.

"I had a man come to see me with advanced malignant prostate cancer. He was really scared to die, but he was worried about eating raw garlic, because it made his breath smell."

SCHULZE: This man's cancer had metastasized to the colon and bladder and the medical doctors sent him home to die.

          He said he was willing to do anything to get another chance at life. He had recently retired and wanted to enjoy his life. He also went on about wanting to see his granddaughter grow up a little.

          He started the programs and seemed sincere. He called me in less than a week complaining about the garlic on his breath and how it embarrassed him. He wanted to skip it or take the deodorized version. I explained to him he needed to take the raw garlic.

          I know this may seem a reasonable complaint for some, but this man was dying, was given the death sentence, and was begging for help.

          He came to my office I told him he was failing the first step. I also told him his breath would be a lot worse when he was dead and rotting in the coffin. That line got his attention; it got through. He never complained again and lived seven more years.

          I was relentless with my patients. If they started to wimp out and I couldn't talk them out of it, I would verbally whip them, beat them up, insult them and if that didn't work I would scare them to death. I would do anything in my power to keep them alive and get well.

          What I was famous for was telling the cold, hard reality of medical treatment and its aftermath to my patients. They weren't really mad at me, just filled with fear and anxiety. They knew what they were in for with the doctors: mutilation, burning, poisons. I just said their fears out loud, in the open, where they couldn't hide from them any more, and the doctors' understated soft sell was exposed for the dastardly deed it really was.

          I was just being honest with them and nobody else was. So I got the brunt of their anger, fear, and frustration. But they knew I was right; it is hard to argue with common sense.

          I even had surgery books showing my patients what to expect, the ones medical doctors don't show you until you are lying butchered in the recovery room. I would tell the most horrible stories I knew.

INTERVIEWER: What kind of stories?

SCHULZE: Whenever someone came to see me who was considering a colostomy or illeostomy (removal of the colon), I would tell them the story of the daughter of one of my patients. At 15, the doctors cut out her entire colon, gutted her and gave her a bag to glue on her side, for life. The doctors said it was a "simple surgery."

          This girl now had a hole in her belly the size of a silver dollar. Watery food and fecal matter drained out of this hole 24 hours a day. It was a difficult adjustment, but her mother said she was slowly getting used to it.

          On her 16th birthday, her mom threw a sweet-16 party for her and bought her a new dress for the occasion. Mom thought that this would help lift her spirits. Her daughter invited all of her friends, including her new boyfriend. During the party, a slow song came on, and her new boyfriend asked her to dance.

          They were slow dancing and hugging, when her colostomy bag came unglued. By the time she noticed something was wrong, and felt the warm liquid, stinking fecal matter soaking her new dress, it had also soaked her boyfriend's shirt and pants. The party was over, she was hysterical, and that night, sobbing in her room, she hung herself and committed suicide.

          Obviously, what the doctors meant by a simple surgery was a simple surgery for them to perform, not for this little girl to live with.

          I decided that day I would NEVER, ever let a patient of mine have their colon removed without my best and most aggressive attempt to dissuade them. I would tell them this story, and many others, to make them cry. I even gave some of them the mother's phone number if they still needed more.

          I would also show them this really grotesque book called, "Living comfortably with your illeostomy." It showed you how to glue the plastic bag onto the new hole in your abdomen for the drippy fecal matter to fall into after you have your colon removed. I found that the medical books themselves did the best job at turning people away from medical treatments and procedures.

          I also made copies of the drug companies' own reports out of the Physician's Desk Reference. This would scare the hell out of the patients, so much so that they would be more afraid of the horrible side effects and complications of the drugs than of succumbing to their disease.

          After reading the hundreds of complications with the drug that their doctor said was safe, they would throw the pills right in my office can.

INTERVIEWER: Why is it so hard to convince people about the horrors of medicine and the rewards of natural healing?

SCHULZE: We are all so brainwashed by medicine.

          All of us, from the day we were born, have been programed, brainwashed, hypnotized, mesmerized, paralyzed, and physically, emotionally, and spiritually bound by the all powerful television, radio, newspapers, magazines, our parents, and the educational system.

          Although our various teachings may be ethnically, culturally and socially diverse, we all have a common denominator. When it comes to health care in this country, we all think only one way: medical doctors and drugs.

          At night we take our Nyquil and in the day we take Dayquil. In between, we eat what we see advertised on the television and then take our antacid pills afterwards.

          We take a pill for this, and a pill for that, a surgical procedure here and there, and God forbid we raise our arm up and didn't use the right personal deodorant.

          If my patients got depressed when they looked in the mirror at their surgically-disfigured body or the fact that they had no energy from taking the drugs prescribed� well, no worries, the happy pill, a prescription of Prozac will make everything better.

          The doctors have us coming and going. We believe their bull like a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter because they have infiltrated our entire lives. Has anyone but me noticed all the new drug commercials on television lately?

          Most Americans have only heard of one system of healing: American Modern Medicine. This system basically says we can do anything, live anyway, drink anything, even think anything, and when it all catches up with us, they have a pill for you to take.

          Paavo Airola used to say the hardest thing was to get patients to exercise; Dr. Jensen said it was to have proper bowel movements; Dr. Christopher said it was to follow a good food program. It is more than all of that.

          The hardest thing to get a patient to do is not the natural healing programs. but to understand the concept of true Natural Healing, because they think medically.

"My job, the job of a natural healer, is to disrupt people's lives, because the life they led almost killed them."

INTERVIEWER: Can you describe this concept of Natural Healing you are talking about?

SCHULZE: It is understanding that we have a miraculous healing power within us, that all we have to do is feed it, nurture it, encourage it, and we can cure diseases, terminal and others, that no one now believes possible.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean the "miraculous healing power within?" Isn't that just some new-age jargon?

SCHULZE: Not the way I mean it. What I am going to explain to you gets to the heart of why natural healing can cure any disease - not just in theory, but in practice.

          This body we take for granted and abuse is amazing. I explained it to my patients this way...

          Deep inside of all of us, planted by God or Nature, whichever you believe, is a BLUEPRINT, a Schematic of perfect health.

          Our physical body is always doing the best it can to retain this perfect health - to recreate this divine BLUEPRINT, and when we are ill, get back to it. This is something you even learn in medical school: that the primary function of the human body is repair and survival.

          But most of us not only don't encourage this repair and survival, we get in the way. We get in the way of our own healing ability - by the negative life-style we lead. But when we change our life-style, our environment, and give our body what it wants (good food, pure water, exercise, rest, and love), it repairs itself. It is that simple.

          That BLUEPRINT is always there. It never leaves you. The knowledge to cure is within our cells.

          This is the basic understanding of Natural Healing, that our body knows exactly what to do to heal and repair itself. All we have to do is support it to do this job. Assist it in doing its job.

          I laugh at scientists and doctors, they are such pompous, egotistical idiots. They actually think they know how our brain works or all the functions of the liver. I can tell you, this body is the most divinely designed, incredible, metabolic miracle known.

          We will never know all of the functions of the liver, lungs, or any organ. In our obvious ignorance, we must give in to a higher consciousness, a higher power. We must TRUST, we must BELIEVE. This is where the big difference lies between Natural Healing and medicine.

          Medicine believes that it must intervene in order for healing to take place. It believes that most of the time, our body, without the aid of doctors and drugs, would be incapable of healing itself, that it would mess up and you would die.

          Medicine puts little or no belief in the power of creating a healthy life-style to wake up the healing powers within us all. Instead, it puts its faith in science and in its belief in the healing power of surgery and chemicals.

          Doctors are not educated in how to activate the miraculous healing power within us. They are filled with an egotistical belief in man's superior technical knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.

"Medicine is Godless. How could anyone who believes in God dare go into our body and cut out a part because they determined it is a needless organ?"

INTERVIEWER: You mean like when medicine cuts out the tonsils because they hurt or are swelling?

SCHULZE: Tonsils are supposed to swell; that is part of the natural immune response.

          Natural Healing admits our ignorance, knows that God knows best, sets up the most supportive environment, and lets your body do whatever it needs to.

          Medicine decides how they think your body should react, and when it doesn't, they force it to comply.

          Doctors say our body is wrong and out-of-control without them. They are NON-believers. A classic example of this is a fever.

          I know that this is the body's way of defending itself. You have an infection of some sort. For every degree that your temperature rises, the speed at which your immune cells can travel is doubled. Fever is your most important immune defense mechanism and disease fighter.

          Medicine is too egotistical and too afraid to let the body heal itself. They must control. They have decided that fever is bad, so they suppress it. By suppressing your fever, they suppress your immune system's natural defense mechanism. Your fever will actually go up.

          If they do force the fever to go down with more drugs, your illness will last much longer, because it is now harder for your immune system to do its job.

"When doctors say you only have months to live, don't believe them. Everything they tell you is statistically based on the average American who has rotten health habits."

INTERVIEWER: I agree with everything you saying, but my readers don't need more philosophy, they need specific cures, like what herbs to take.

SCHULZE: I'm sorry, unless they hear this, they won't be able to be cured. They will believe what their medical doctor tells them-and die because of that belief.

INTERVIEWER: So how can that hurt?

SCHULZE: I'll tell you how. It prevents patients from making the effort to get well. In that case, it doesn't matter what I do, the patient is convinced he or she will die. Nothing I do can work, because the patient has already decided it can't.

          When a doctor gives a patient a diagnosis and prognosis, the patient believes in his soul that he has 3 months to live, or 2 years or whatever he was told.

          The doctor is probably correct, IF the patient is an average American.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean, an AVERAGE American?

SCHULZE: By an average American, I mean someone who has lousy health habits.

          By an average American, I mean - IF you swallow a few prescription drugs a day, and if you eat a diet that is loaded with fat and low in fiber, if most of your food is processed or overcooked, if most is laden with pesticides, insecticides, preservatives and colorings, if you have a bowel movement every second or third day, and you live in a polluted environment, never do any preventative cleansing or detoxification routines, are overweight, don't get enough exercise, have a cholesterol level of 200 or above, have slightly high blood pressure, sit around and watch too much TV, hate your job, and run negative emotional tapes about yourself and your life every hour on the hour and have a bad attitude.


          If you are NOT the average American that all medical research is based on, the doctor is very wrong - and then it doesn't matter what your disease is or how far progressed it is, you can be CURED.

          For every disease in that book, and everything they say will happen to you, I can show you numerous patients that ignored their doctors, believed me, put their faith in God and the miracle healing power of our body, TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES, changed their lives and lo and behold, recovered without the doctors and the medicine. They made liars out of medicine and these books on medical prognosis.

          Remember, when a doctor says you have such and such disease and you can expect this or that to happen, this is based on the fact that they ASSUME you are an average, unhealthy person. If you are not, then their prediction is wrong.

          So what I have to say to everyone who is reading this interview and has a serious disease or illness and is considering medical intervention, is this:


          As I have said, for deeply held beliefs like this, some of my herbal colleagues and critics have called me a dangerous, extreme radical.

          Others have called me outrageous, a disgrace to the profession, an embarrassment. But not one of them ever dared to take on the diseased, the sick and dying like I did, and not one of them ever dared say that what I did in my clinic didn't work - because they knew it did.

          Sure, my patients screamed, punched, kicked, and bit me. They called me mad, insane, mean, even Dr. Mengele, and a lot worse you can't print here.

          But eventually, the smiles on their faces returned when their pain and disease was gone; the laughter would fill my office when we would reminisce about their healing ordeal. This was all the payment I needed.

"I cured no one. It was their disease and their healing. I was just there to teach them, empower them to heal themselves and encourage them to go on. To give HOPE, when everyone else gave death."

INTERVIEWER: You know I am a believer Richard. I have healed myself using Natural Healing and I have talked to my readers and heard their miracles. But let's cut to the chase. When you 're really ill, I mean REALLY ill dying, need an organ transplant, I think this is past the limit of what we can expect to heal, even with your programs. Wouldn't you agree?

SCHULZE: I used to think there was a limit, too. That there were some things natural healing just couldn't do.

          But then, as I'll tell in a minute, I found that even transplant cases could be saved. Their organs could be regenerated even in the midnight hour of their life, through the methods I was using.

INTERVIEWER: Did you realize this when you started out?

SCHULZE: Not at all. In the first years of my clinic, I thought that Natural Healing was just complimentary medicine.

          It was to help us avoid 70 or 80% of doctor visits. It was to help people heal the majority of their minor health problems, and that we should reserve the serious stuff for medical doctors.

          In the beginning, l had pretty much of a general practice, kids who scraped their legs on bicycles, colds and flus, your typical herbal complaints.

          But as the years went on, my patients taught me a few lessons. Some of them pushed the boundaries and healed their killer diseases.

          At first I thought just like the medical doctors: "It's A fluke, a spontaneous remission, incorrect diagnosis. " Then it happened again, and again, and AGAIN.

          By then, I had experienced my own healing miracles, my regenerated heart valves, my rebuilt hand and my amazing knee, but I said to myself, "Maybe these were just miracles and nothing more."

          But by the time I was starting my second decade of practice, I had seen way too many healings from killer, deadly, terminal diseases to dismiss them.

"Let me set one thing straight right here and now: I am not some new age flake with my head in the afterlife.

"Other than my ponytail, I am quite a conservative person and a big skeptic. I don't believe anything until I see it work for me and then, it had better work consistently."

INTERVIEWER: But you're a believer, so you expected these things?

SCHULZE: Actually, I'm not a believer like you think.

          I need to see repeatable results over a span of time before I'm convinced.

          Two things happened that really changed my practice. First, as time went on, more and more people heard about these healings at my clinic and they started coming from all over the country. So the proportion of incurable patients really began to rise. This was around 1979-1980.

          Secondly, a couple of days broke my mind wide open. For example, one day I looked at my patient schedule and it read like this: Terminal Cancer, should have died 8 months ago; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) for 5 years and now in the final stage; Myasthenia Gravis, can't talk and can barely swallow or breathe; Asthma and Emphysema, both for 30 years; and Leukemia, Bone Cancer and Heart disease so bad, the medical doctors refused to do surgery.

          A friend was visiting that day and said, "That's the big difference between you and me. I work on basically healthy people; you work on disgusting sick people."

          My clinic office used to be a nice, pretty place to visit with flowers, herbs, and candles. Now it had the stench of rotting flesh from cancer and looked like a scene from Night of the Living Dead. I finally realized that EVERY patient I saw that day was supposed to have died between 2 and 8 months ago. My patients actually were the living dead.

          Sam, you visited my clinic before it was closed. You saw my patient files. There were no acne or dandruff cases. We used to have an essential oil dispersing machine misting an ounce of Eucalyptus oil an hour. We used to burn sage, juniper, and sweetgrass constantly. One day, my pharmacist, Anisha, came to me and said no matter what she sprayed or burned, "I can't get the stench of death out of here."

INTERVIEWER: I talked with Anisha. She told me it was bad.

SCHULZE: Bad doesn't come close. The clinic bathroom wastebasket used to fill up every day with gauze and bandages filled with pus, blood, and pieces of rotten flesh and tumors. Bad doesn't come close to describing it.

          One day I heard Anisha scream. She went into the bathroom only to find a gallon jar full of parasites. These parasites were the size of baby snakes and fighting to get out of this gallon of bloody diarrhea.

          It was at this point I said, "O.K. God, if this is some kind of joke, you win. But if this is a test, well then, BRING IT ON! Bring it on. Don't hold back. I want you to send me the worst, the dying, the rotting, the decaying." I prayed for the worst; I prayed for the terminal and I prayed for the emergency cases.

          I got them.

          I didn't start this Natural Healing experiment, but I was damn sure going to give it my best shot.

          The readers know by now I am a believer in God and a believer in Nature, so I knew that this was all happening for a reason. It was my BLESSING.

INTERVIEWER: So you tested the limits. What did you see?

SCHULZE: It is more like what I didn't see. I felt like an explorer. At this point, little I had been taught helped anymore. And the books, they were a joke. I dumped them.

"I threw out all my herb books, because I realized I didn't need them. What God had taught me had gone beyond ANY of them."

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean, you dumped them?

SCHULZE: One day I realized that no book I had in my office, over 3,000 of them and some 150 years old, dealt with what was sitting in my waiting room ready to come in next.

          In a rage, I pulled the garbage dumpster out from the back of the clinic, not a garbage can, but one of those industrial square metal bins . I pulled it up to the outside of my clinic window and proceeded to throw all 3,000 of these so-called health books right out into this industrial garbage can. Patients saw this happening and ran outside my office and started digging in the pile, in a frenzy, like vultures.

          I said, "Here," and I started throwing all my diplomas and certificates out the window, too.

INTERVIEWER: I noticed in your clinic you had NO credentials on the wall.

SCHULZE: I threw them in the garbage where they belonged. I said, "Here, you can be a Master Herbalist" and tossed 4 diplomas from Dr. Christopher out the window like frisbees. "Here, you can be an iridologist" and I threw 3 diplomas out from Dr. Jensen. Over the next ten minutes, I smashed, ripped up, and hurled a total of 27 diplomas out of my clinic window.


SCHULZE: I knew I was all alone now. No me. I was exploring uncharted territory.

          I gave in to God.

          I realized that there was no definitive boundary, end, or limit to Natural Healing. It's like saying, "Where does outer space end?" I don't know.

          So, I took a deep breath, opened my door, looked into the waiting room and yelled "NEXT!"

          My patients were staring at me like I was a mad man. I was.

INTERVIEWER: What happened?

SCHULZE: Over the next ten years, the last ten years of my practice, my patients taught me that the limits of Natural Healing are only defined by the limits of your imagination, guts, belief and willingness to change.

          Sam, you mentioned transplants before. I had patients that were so sick the doctors wouldn't perform life-saving surgeries or transplants on them. It was a Catch 22.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean Catch 22?

SCHULZE: The patients were so sick with failing organs that they hey were on death's door. They needed immediate life-saving surgery.

          But the doctors said they had to get healthier, stronger, in order to survive the surgery they needed. As one of my patients put it, "I said, 'Doe, I came to you because I'm sick and you're saying in order to treat me, I need to get healthier. If I get healthy, then I won't want the damn operation, and I sure as hell don't need you."'

          Many patients came to see me in very shaky, feeble shape. Their pilot light was flickering and almost out. The doctors had told them they wouldn't operate because they wouldn't survive it. Many told me the doctor said, "Forget surviving the surgery, just the anesthesia, getting put under, will kill you. "

          Have you heard of the Pritikin Longevity Center and Nathan Pritikin?

"My methods cured patients who sat at home and waited for their liver or heart transplant. They never needed a new organ, because I showed them how to regenerate the one God gave them."

INTERVIEWER: Sure. His medical center saves people who have severe heart disease and heart damage.

SCHULZE: They have a large facility here in Santa Monica, California, where they follow Nathan's Program. He died a few years back.

          They take patients who have had heart attacks and heart disease, or who have arterial problems, and, with a moderate exercise, diet and philosophy, they try to get you healthier. But as a shock to me, a man came into my clinic and told me that Nathan actually told him to go get bypass surgery; his arteries were 80% blocked and Nathan told him he was too far gone for their program.

          I took this patient on and in 2 months, his arteries were clear. After that the news spread, I started getting many Pritikin rejects. Even some of the staff at Pritikin came to see me when they got ill.

INTERVIEWER: So you took on the rejects of a so-called last chance clinic.

SCHULZE: Yeah, you could call mine the "last, last, last chance clinic."

          And transplant candidates? I had many. I had those on whom dialysis was barely working. I had one male patient with one kidney totally dead and shriveled up and the other one was only working 50%.

          I had a young girl with two failing kidneys who was blowing up like a freak from kidney failure. Her mother said to me one day, "I feel my daughter is going to die tonight." Yet at one in the morning, I was over at her house with the cure I had worked out. She was saved!

          I had numerous people waiting to get new livers, hundreds trying to get strong for bypasses, and a few waiting for heart transplants.

          They were all waiting and counting every second for the hospital to call and tell them someone just got run over by a truck, but it swerved just enough to miss their liver, or whatever organ they needed. I am happy to say that none of these people ever needed anyone else's organ.

INTERVIEWER: Their organs regenerated?

SCHULZE: They sure did. I had one man who barely walked into my clinic about 6 years ago. He was a goner. The medical doctors sent him home to die. He said he had just enough money left, after the doctors broke him, to buy his cemetery plot, but decided to give me the money instead.

          They said his body was riddled with bone cancer and leukemia. They said they wouldn't even consider a bone marrow transplant; he was too far gone.

          "They told him he wouldn't live to see 1990, and it was now April 1991. He couldn't walk, only a slow shuffle. I took one look at him and he was the worst I ever saw. We nicknamed him the Invisible Man."

INTERVIEWER: Why the Invisible Man?

SCHULZE: He was just skin stretched over bones, but his skin was absolutely transparent. I mean, you could see the striations in his muscles and actually see his veins.

          It was like the plastic model in anatomy class or a person with no skin at all that somebody wrapped in plastic wrap. His skin was so thin that blood was actually seeping out of it in places as he talked to me. He was bleeding through his skin. He told me he wasn't even sure if he was alive. He had thought at times that he died and this was some body's joke of Heaven.

          He was a good, no, a great, patient. In the same place, I don't even know if I would have had what it takes. But he did and he did it. He completely healed himself. That was in '91.

INTERVIEWER: How long did he live?

SCHULZE: Last Christmas, he called to wish me Happy Holidays. He's doing great and wants to retire and live overseas in Russia, the country he grew up in.

          Take a look at this last case. It's from one of your own readers, another one of thousands who proves what I say: ANYONE can be well, if they want it bad enough. This is a letter you sent me recently, but I think there's been so many cures, you forgot about it.

          /Dr Schulze then faxed me a copy of the letter/

          Dear Sam,

          I am 63 years old. Five years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes and on 85 UNITS OF INSULIN A DAY. After 3 weeks in the hospital, my foot was purple with gangrene and the doctors were sharpening their saws. I had retina and nerve disease and I was looking forward to a bleak future filled with limb amputations, blindness and kidney and heart failures.

          I quit smoking my two packs of cigarettes a day, lost 40 lbs., but was making very slow progress and 4 years later still needed 45 units of insulin a day.

          In March, 1995, my wife bought the Save Your Life Video Collection and I said, "O.K., I have an Incurable disease; I can't get off insulin, so I will do Dr. Schulze's Incurables Program. My wife said "Let's Do It." Dr. Schulze was so powerful on the tapes, he talked me into taking the steps to HEAL MYSELF.

          April 2nd, I started Dr. Schulze's program. Each day, I had to lower my dosage, and in ONLY 24 DAYS I WAS TOTALLY OFF OF INSULIN, ZERO UNITS!

          In the last 11 months, I haven't used a drop of insulin. I CONSIDER THIS A MIRACLE.

          I now fit into jeans I haven't worn for 25 years, but better yet, my medical doctor said I REGENERATED MY PANCREAS.

          Thank you for providing me with the material to prompt me to take this huge healing. - Arthur Livingston

INTERVIEWER: Wow! You saved this man's life!

SCHULZE: He built his own temple. I just gave him the plans, the bricks, and the mortar. Why don't you call him tomorrow?

INTERVIEWER: I think I will. Thank Lou for spending this time with us.

          I called Mr. Livingston. He is not only alive, but healthy, and he did have a story to tell. Now there was a voice connected to that letter, a real live human being who was telling me he could have died one day of diabetes if it were not for that video collection.

          His advice for readers was two words, "DO IT." As he was talking, I heard echoes of Dr. Schulze's voice in my mind, saying, "When people follow the programs, they will have miracle cures, get a second chance in life."

          At that exact moment, the transformed man said, "I want to run the New York City Marathon. " and I know he will.






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