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$10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado zapper comparison

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Hulda Clark Cleanses


Free shipping on orders over $49
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 12 years ago

$10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado zapper comparison

I would like to add this review of 4 different types of zappers I have used as a guide to others who might want info on choosing a zapper. It must look like I have a fetish for zappers, however has more to do with the fact I have parasites that plainly refuses to die. I also have been searching for a zapper that fits around me and my life and not me around it.

I suspected for over a year now that I have parasites and bought the $10 zapper and a few months later the Ultimate zapper. After giving up smoking and caffeine my weight ballooned and my weight went into over drive and so did my symptoms which got me to the Terminator 2 and finally the Silverado zapper which are basically identical in design. I was recently diagnosed with parasites (I knew I had them!) and here is my experience.

$10 Zapperplans zapper

For $10 you can’t go wrong with this one. By far the cheapest of the 4 by a huge margin, I would recommend getting one just for the price alone.


1. Relieved constipation.

2. Caused my face to itch which then disappeared.

3. Made my insomnia go away.

4. Low price and small and compact.



2. The alligator clips on the device is not well soldiered on and mine broke more than once. It is held together by glue and my friend who fixed it for me showed me the wire wasn’t attached to the clips properly. Once he attached them using proper solder and threaded them through the hole in the clip and attached the two flaps over the cable did the zapper last to this day without breaking.

3. Expect to wait months to receive your zapper. The guy who does it certainly seems to do it on a part time basis and I gave up after 2 months thinking I had been had. That is not the case, I guess he’s only one guy making it so be patient.

The Ultimate zapper

To date in the region of $210 for the version with footpads this makes it the most expensive of the 4. Also the most powerful but also the most cumbersome and the one I used the least for my own reasons.


1. It is the big daddy and I could feel my forearms contract from the wave it sent out. It’s the most powerful of the 3 and after only one session my muscles would feel tight as if my arms had a work out in the gym.

2. Occasional deep and vivid dreams.

3. Any issues with my tummy suddenly stop if I use it. Feel a sense of calm after using it.


1. Not Mr Mobile at all. The zapper is bulky compared to the others. It consists of 2 foot pads, 2 copper tubes, 2 cables with alligator clips attached to both ends, 1 electronic box with two more wires sticking out of it with alligator clips again and a power cable attached to the box.

2. I used it for about a week and a half when I gave up using it. Now let me make this clear, this zapper works great however my patience simply ran out in the end. I used to the $10 zapper more as it is mobile and you can zap in the park, in the car, if you’re not driving of course so it’s something to keep in mind.

3. Using the 3 x 7 minutes zapping and 2 x 20 minutes rest rule, you find you need a minimum of 61 minutes for one session, that’s just over 2 hours a day of sitting down zapping, watching the clock in between zaps and basically setting anything else aside for that 2 hours to get it right. If you have the patience which I clearly don’t have, then by all means get it. However I want to zap all day or for a period I choose and can be used on the go if I want to.

4. I like this zapper, however for me the constant packing and unpacking the device, the setting up of it and the alligator clips that would constantly unclip itself as I moved a few millimetres too far for the length of the cable, got to me in the end. There’s 6 clips and you’ll always find one little bugger who would like unclipping himself.

Terminator 2 & Silverado zapper

Both are basically the same zapper with the Silverado sporting a very helpful arm strap. Got my Terminator 2 for $115 however with the extravagant postage prices from the States and having to pay additional fees and taxes when it arrived in the UK it came to $175. Silverado is about half the price. Got mine for just over $60 without delivery.


1. Finally a zapper to go everywhere with no alligator clips that break or come loose.

2. Relatively small, one small box measuring 3 x 2 inches with two pennies attached to the bottom and that’s it.

3. Makes me dream beautiful dreams initially, however stopped after a while.

4. Face crawled whenever I put it on, however one week and that has stopped and has never come back again.

5. Noticed a couple of thin worm like critters after an enema. Success!

6. Armspits smell like a Bombay sewer after extended use. Shows the detoxing part of the product is working.


1. Got a viral infection about a week and a half into using the Terminator 2 zapper. I thought it killed not started viruses???

2. The two metal coins sting or even burn your skin after a short while. Took me 2 weeks before I finally got used to it and then it was fine.

3. Even after 3 weeks of semi-continues use I notice that the longer I keep it on, the worse my little parasites react afterwards. The ones who didn’t die, well it’s almost like they have to wait for the zapper to stop before they come out and go crazy in my body. I can feel all kinds of sensations going on. Almost like they are trying to show their displeasure at my attempts to kill them. Aaahhh !

Final observations and who is the winner

After a year or so I realise the following. Zappers by themselves can and cannot kill ALL your parasites for you. I think it depends on what parasite you have, how many different kinds, and also what state your health is in? If you like me, and have had symptoms on and off for years, been through the modern medicine machine were they end up giving you anti-depressants and you spend years of your life in the dark going from doctor to doctor and specialist and your pill cabinet has more pills in it than your local chemist, and you see your life slowly fall apart, then yes you will need more than just a zapper to kill these very persistent and stubborn little fellows. Your immune system is probably shot and your body is probably rife with parasites and they have made themselves comfy in every nook and cranny. Respect to them as all they want is you, and your next meal. They don’t have to work, just sit there and eat! A bit like children if you ask me which explains my slight affectionate feelings for them. If you’re still healthy and you’re full of beans then I guess yes, a zapper will do it for you.

I can only say the Ultimate zapper is very good. Ken, make the Ultimate zapper smaller and less cumbersome and you got a winner. Me giving up on it has more to do with me and my lifestyle and it unfortunately is gathering dust in my cupboard. The $10 zapper is excellent, however only good for the 7 minute on 20 minute off rule which is fine. The cheap construction of the product holds it back though. The Terminator 2 works for me as it is mobile, and its instructions say leave it on for an hour in the morning to an hour in the evening. Or once you get used to it leave it on for the first month. In case my viral infection was caused by my zapper I decided to use it for a few hours a day max.

The winner is the Silverado zapper from Orgone Africa. This prize also goes to the Terminator 2 as they are of the same mold, however I found the built in strap on the Silverado to be very very useful and give it the edge on the Terminator 2. Also being almost half the price, and postage and packaging was cheaper (As it came from Africa) and got to me quicker, well, one can’t go wrong with it. I gave my Terminator 2 to a friend in need and will hopefully hear what he thinks of it very shortly.

This has been my experience and please feel free to add your own stories or comments to it.


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