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"Mommy, MOMMY! I only had ONE cavity!!!" B.S.

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elf_hardtoil Views: 2,820
Published: 12 years ago
Status:       RR [Message recommended by a moderator!]

"Mommy, MOMMY! I only had ONE cavity!!!" B.S.

Alternate post title: "For Want Of A Nail, The Battle Was Lost."

Apparently, all toothpaste contains glycerin. That's all toothpaste, both "commercial" and "alternative."

This glycerin coats the teeth with slime that even 5-6 or more salt water washings will not remove.

This glycerin slime coating prevents the natural or assisted remineralization of dental caries (cavities), which begin as very small areas of decalcification caused by bacterial or plaque.

Now while it may seem like asking too much to "remineralize" a huge, JUMBO-sized hole rotted in a tooth, it is easy to comprehend that a tiny spot, not yet beginning to pit, or even a small pit, might be repaired by natural means, specifically by using a tooth cleaner containing mineral-rich herbs or may be minerals.

I won't even go into the fluoride issue.

BUT... I recall brushing, brushing, brushing, and having more and more cavities. These were, of course, filled with silver-I-mean-"Amalgum"-I-mean-mercury-compounds.

But. forget about the mercury for now and concentrate upon the cavitation repair issue.

So, as I grew older, the mercury fillings eventually failed around their margins, allowing the areas behind the filling to decay. This was usually not noticeable until a tooth ache developed, calling for a... are you ready for this.... ROOT CANAL.

So one-by-one I had many root canals. More than ten. So many that I lost track of them all.

Eventually, the root canals began to fail. Eventually the remains needed to be removed and so it goes.

People without good dental coverage -- and most "good" dental coverage won't pay for most of this work -- often let their teeth slowly rot away. This really ups the risk for heart problems, ridding the world of these "useless eaters" who refuse to study hard, get a "head" and qualify for a job that will pay for all the above mentioned tooth repair.

Those who do get a "head", pay for the above-mentioned tooth repair and other nonsense... meaning titanium implants these days.

This really helps the ECONOMY go around, does it not. I don't mean only the dentists, who are mostly as brainwashed as medical doctors are. There is a HUGE dentistry industry.

Apparently this large segment of our economy was created and "secured" by adding simple glycerine to all tooth paste, both commercial and health store brands.

Pardon me while I don my tinfoil hat. I am feeling very paranoid today LOL.

I think I will stick with herbal tooth powder!

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