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Re: Could really use help/advice
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Could really use help/advice

Dear Uny, Greetings Dee!
I need your advice. Problems are long-lasting and extensive worm and parasites throughout body, as well as in eyes. I'm sorry to hear that - I'm sure it's likely one of THE most frustrating and disheartening situations you've ever faced or dealt with.  However, I'm happy to tell you that you can start healing your body and ridding yoursel of this 'parasite plague' as soon as you're ready to do so. 
Have taken many of the recommended herbs and treatments on Parasite Forum and opthers for 1-1/2 years without any help. Also Chinese roundworm herbs for 1 month as they are expensive. Now taking MSM, castor oil treatments, etc.
Have done 10 or so liver flushes, but little results, other than parasites. I'm going to assume you haven't 'accidentally forgotten' to tell me about the deep & thorough colon cleanse that everybody that sold you parasite herbs told you that you must do.  :::sigh:::  The rubbery 'mucoid plaque' than lines our intestinal tract (particularly the lower colon) is THE feeding, breeding & hiding grounds of the majority of parasites.  This should ALWAYS be the 'baseline' and first thing to address (along with the vermicide & vermifuge herbs).  I don't like to speak condescendingly (or assume someone doesn't know what they need to know), but I don't like leaving out please forgive me if I elaborate about things you know.  It's important for others that will be reading this, even if you DO know everything I'm going to say.  Let's define vermicide & vermifuge.  A vermicide is something that KILLs parasites (think homicide); a vermifuge is something that either expels parasites, or makes it so very uncomfortable for them that they find their own exit.  If you opt to do the IP (which I strongly agree you should), then we will customize it so that your entire body becomes one very strong vermifuge (a place where critters will be BEGGING to exit).  
Believe I have Ocular Larva Migrans. They circle in center of my vision 24/7, day and night, now for 15 yrs. Also see many other parasites, worms with closed eyes all night long, and of course in elimination. Cataract starting on one eye. Then one of the ways we'll customize the IP for you is to make sure you do 5 eyewashes daily with the Eyebright formula.  This will resolve the cataract, and each eyewash will be very effective against the parasites, as this formula contains both goldenseal and cayenne (yes it will sting, but you can build up a tolerance to it quite rapidly).  It is very possible you will discern the benefits within just a few days.
Eye drs can’t see them and have not helped. Infectious and other dr I went to want nothing to do w/parasites and just make fun of what you say.Don't want to see specimen. I understand; they even have a disease for people that know they have parasites, when the doctors won't believe them. They call it delusional parasitosis...and prescribe try to prescribe you psych drugs.  I'm sorry you've been so disrespected.
Using silver drops in eyes, and drops from GodsHerbs. No noticeable help.  I don't know you're using, but I wouldn't expect silver to do anything...and unless the herbal formula you're using is made with top-grade certified organic herbs,  I wouldn't expect that to do anything either.
Should I use diluted MSM in eyes as suggested in MSM forum? They don’t really seacm reachable by anything I put in eyes.  MSM wouldn't be my first choice - perhaps if all else failed (?) the evidence of it's antiparasite benefits doesn't seem all that compelling to me (but I only searched for about 5 minutes).
Skin and circulation is bad. Liver not good as seen by “junk” deposited all over skin and deep grooves between eyebrows. Skin is all stringy and “falling apart”. Parasite eggs are everywhere under skin and along and on veins, causing high bp and pins and needles pain in arm and hand. Hand burns and itches from eggs. Just completed long-term chiropractic care for pins and needsles, but not cured. I understand (as much as any one that hasn't experienced this CAN understand).  Do you think there's any possibility of it being Morgellons? Any fibers coming out anywhere? What color are the eggs?
I think I need to start doing the “Incurables” as detailed in your earlier post. Yes, I would suggest you need to do the full Incurables Program for 2 full months minimum.  It will take at least 8 weeks to 'break the cycle' of most of the parasites....and getting every nook, cranny and corner of every organ cleaned out is well as restoring circulation and oxygenation.  Parasites HATE oxygen - we'd be doing everything we can to ensure that your entire body has absolutely NOWHERE for them to hide or feel comfortable.
But is there something additional you can suggest for eye treatment (the Eyebright formula for starters, as noted above) or whole body removal of papasites? They move and bite all day and night, making sleep difficult.  YES, whole body "everything" - intense skin brushing, skin 'scraping', soaking in various bath solutions (likely white sugar baths to draw them out of your skin/body); the Cold Sheet Treatment (a bath in Cayenne/Ginger/Mustard while taking herbs to make you sweat - then wrapping yourself in an iced sheet); doing full body rubs with Apple Cider Vinegar (which paralysizes them), possibly Dr. Schulzes SuperTonic topically (Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Horseradish, Ginger & Cayenne...yes you will get to smell like salad dressing); Castor oil full body rubs (suffocates them), and you would start using Food Grade H202 internally (for those reading, H202 is NOT a normal part of the IP, but full body/blood oxygenation is very integral here, and parasites hate oxygen & H202) - plus additional parasite herbs, possibly Dr. Christophers Anti Plague Formula, raw garlic and lots of cayenne...and lots and lots of sunlight - as well as every other aspect/part of the IP.  Can I assure you this will work? No, I cannot.  What I can assure you of is this will either work completely or come closer to working completely than anything I've heard of, studied or read about.  Trying to attack them 'organ by organ' or 'body part by body part' is totally insane - cleansing and 'debugging' all systems/organs simultaneosly while making every square millimeter of your body someplace they can't STAND to be, is the only thing that makes sense.  The other thing :::sigh::: that I am sure of, is that when the full body killing starts, this process will likely be very disturbing emotionally - and I will do everything I can to ensure you have the emotional support you need and deserve (as will many others on this forum).    I will be back at the computer somewhere around 10pm CST.  Also, I always make sure you have one phone consultation (as long as you need) to help customize the IP for you, and answer your questions & concerns.  The one thing that I am absolutely sure of?  You are a tower of strength; I admire your fortitude, your candor and your willingness to fight.  I truly believe there is no such thing as an incurable disease (only incurable people) - and you are definitely NOT an "incurable person"!
Many thanks, Dee  Heartfelt blessings - Unyquity


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