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Hey sweetie...Re: Truth enclosed - Re: Reposting same question/situation- Thanks
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Published: 12 years ago
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Hey sweetie...Re: Truth enclosed - Re: Reposting same question/situation- Thanks

I saw your post below, and wanted to respond then, but I thought, "Who am I to give this sweet mother a strong dose of opinion and 'voice of experience' when I am about to enroll the fruit of my womb in the very system I have worked long and hard at to keep them protected from?" I tell ya, I feel like an absolute traitor and failure as a mother for putting my children in public school, but at this point in my life, I don't see an alternative.

I'm supposed to leave for Houston in a couple of hours, but when I saw your post here, I felt an urgency to respond. Get a cup of tea, sweetie, because this is a long story.

I have a degree in education. I wanted to be a music teacher, and share my passion for music with lots of little children. I got my eyes opened when I went through my education classes. I learned that "teaching" wasn't what I thought it was. There was no "sharing of information," like we do here on this forum. No. The purpose of education, I found out, was to indoctrinate children into a Soviet-style system to prepare these precious little ones for the STATE workforce. The public school system was the hotbed of training little minds to be worker bees for the STATE/government/corporate world/New World Order (they didn't call it that, but that's what it was)/ in order to benefit those whom we call "the powers that be," and others might call "behind-the-scenes American interests." If you want a REAL education to open your eyes about the field of "education," and the REAL driving philosophy behind the NEA (including their Humanist Manisfesto I & II which are direct, almost word-for-word copies of the Communist Manisfesto outlined by early Soviet philosophers), I strongly encourage you to take the time to read Charlotte Iserbyt's "the deliberate dumbing down of america" [sic].

I found out that each child is identified, labeled, and tracked throughout their educational experience as either "talented and gifted," "regular," and "special needs." Extra funding is available for the TG and SN sectors. The TG kids get placed on the "college bound" track, take the AP classes and dual credit courses in high school, and become America's college educated middle managers, engineers, teachers, and the like. It is interesting to note that the elite send their children to pricey Ivy League schools, and it is quite a challenge for a non-elite to push through the "glass ceiling" to attend on of these universities.

"Regular" kids become America's worker bees. They get the blue collar jobs, work in offices as file clerks and secretaries, and have to work hard for several years before seeing any kind of a promotion.

Special needs can be simply a label of ADD placed on a boy who is a wiggle worm and would rather be outside chasing butterflies than inside doing penmanship exercises. Pressure is placed on the parents of the boy to take drugs for the perceived "problem." Once a child is labeled "special needs," it is next to impossible to get that label removed and for the child to become a success. The children here are conditioned to become failures.

So if you continue to have your children in a STATE school, be very aware that your children are being groomed to meet workforce demands for the future.

Also be aware that it is in the public schools that children are taught the values that the PTB will need to further their goals 10-15 years from now. The public schools, the mainstream media, the government, and yes, even mainstream churches all work together behind the scenes to prepare the next generation for their own purposes.

Now, here's more cheery news (not). When you kiss your little kindergartener goodbye and put him on the bus with his Digimon lunch box (or Hanna Montana), that child becomes State Property (actually, the State believes each child is State Property when you sign the birth certificate- something about old British Maritime Admiralty laws because your babies were born in "water," AND when you assign your child a Social Security Number for "tax purposes"- yeah, right- your child is "tagged," just like cattle get ear tags to identify them... actually the SSN is a National ID number, just as your driver's license number is your State ID number).

So when you enroll your child in a public/government/STATE indoctrination center to be "educated" in the ways of the New World Order, you provide to the school "authorities," representing the STATE, the child's birth certificate (British property which apparently rules over all national law), her social security number (identifying "mark"), her vaccination records (showing she has been innoculated and is ready to receive new information), her report card and standardized test scores (if she has attended school already, so she can be properly labeled and tracked), all kinds of health/medical forms (for the school nurse, who is also an agent of the STATE, and makes sure each student... and attending parent...complies with corporate and fraternal-lobbied and controlled medical laws supposedly placed into statutory case law "for the good of all." *cough cough*

This isn't "conspiracy theory," Naturalgirl, it is Truth. It's just that most people do not ask questions about what it is they are signing when they apply for STATE licenses, etc.

Now here's the biggie. :-) When you enroll your children in the school system, you waive your God-given, unalienable, sovereign parental rights. The phrase used is "in loco parentis," which means "in place of the parent." From the moment your child's foot touches school property and until he gets picked up and you leave the campus in the afternoon, your child does not belong to you. He belongs, in your case, to the STATE of PENNSYLVANIA. Your rights as that child's mother are GONE. What's even more crazy is that the STATE has an "interest" in the child 24/7. So if the school thinks there may be trouble at home, they actually have a right (through statutory law, not organic Constitutional law, and certainly not Biblical law) to check the home situation out and even remove the child(ren) from the home if they think the chil(dren) are not receiving adequate care. You, as a parent, actually grant the STATE the right to intrude into your private home life when you enroll your children in school.

Now, I owe it to you to tell you this. PENNSYLVANIA has what I believe are the most HORRID homeschooling laws in America. The STATE has almost complete oversight of home education as well as the education of children in any other location. I have met a few faithful homeschool mothers from PA, and I tell ya, they are outstanding, courageous women. If you choose to dis-enroll your children and begin teaching them at home (which I strongly encourage you to do if at ALL possible), be sure to find your state's homeschool support groups so you can comply with all state regulations. Otherwise, as has been suggested by others, I suggest you move to a different state, like Texas. :-) Texas, and I believe, Iowa (of all places lol yay Uny) have the absolute BEST home education laws in the country (but let me tell you, we worked HARD to get these laws in place).

If the only reason you have your children in school is because they "like school," they can "like" homeschool, especially if you enroll in a co-op program where your children can learn/play with other homeschooled children. If you want to provide your children "real world experiences," how can your children experience the world as it really is if they are in a room all day filled only with children their own age, being taught only what the current government agenda is, and being trained to change activities based on a bell schedule? If you want your children to learn how to deal with other children, you can easily enroll them in sports or gymnastics.

I am NOT one of those homeschool mothers who look down on public school mommies for their decision. As I said, I have to enroll my own children in school this fall against my STRONG better judgement. But I sense that you may not be aware of the Truth behind the school system, and you need to know.

lol You didn't know when you wrote your lament that you had stuck one foot in the White Rabbit's Hole. Let me adjust my tinfoil cowboy hat and then you can tell us if you want the red or the blue pill. :-)

Big hugs- I know this is a lot to think about-


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