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Hydration...and liver flushing

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Published: 12 years ago
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Hydration...and liver flushing

'Just replied to a 'buried post' with this information, but this is seriously important info:

-- Liver Flush day or not, ample hydration is ALWAYS essential. Dr. Christopher recommended EVERY adult (no matter what their size) drink at least a gallon of distilled water daily. (Personally, I ingest WELL over a gallon of water a day, and it's one of the things that has been integral to the speed of my healing/cleansing, and my ability to have 3+ bms daily). The general rule of thumb now-a-days (for water intake) is to take your body weight (in pounds) and divide it by two. The result is the number of ounces one should drink daily for even minimally adequate hydration. (150 pounds = 75, so 75 ounces a day, not even 2/3 of a gallon :(. And if one drinks any caffeinated beverage (dehydrating), one should add 'double the amount of ounces in the caffeinated drink' of pure water, to make up for it's dehydrating effect. So if one drinks 8 oz of coffee, they should add *another* 16 ounces of water daily to their water intake.

How does this relate to liver flushing/cleansing/bowel movements?

Imagine your liver (or any other organ) completely hydrated - "juicy", biliary ducts & veins elastic, lots of general flow, and full of thin, oxygen rich blood.

Now imagine it in a state of dehydration - "dried", biliary ducts & veins shrunken and tight, lack of flow, and full of thick, sluggish blood.

Now imagine how that dehydrated liver is going to react during liver flush. (yikes) Hydration is ESPECIALLY important on ' Liver Flush day' :)

'Tis just another reason to add to the list "against" Epsom Salts when liver flushing. 'Know all that water that comes out with the 'butt pee'? That water comes from your BLOODSTREAM! (hence dehydrating/thickening your blood & bile and limiting flow). Yes ES *does* relax the biliary network and cleanse the digestive tract (making it easier to see what comes out, and making sure the debris does all come out). But when we have coffee enemas to make sure everything comes out AND we've prepped our livers adequately AND we're fully hydrated, the actual need for ES is extremely (if not fully) diminished.

'Drinking enough water? Don't miss one of the BIGGEST blessings you can give your body...ESPECIALLY when cleansing!


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