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Few questions...
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Published: 12 years ago

Few questions...

Hello people,

Just have a few questions.

I usually have pain and other problems in my head everyday(outside the scope of this topic), but yesterday was particularly bad and frustrating so I got up and mixed a cup of water and cayenne powder to relieve it. I took more than what I'm adjusted to so the burn in my mouth was pretty good, but I actually enjoy that part a little. Anyways, it reduced the pain within a minute, but as soon as it hit my stomach it started burning/cramping. I've had this in the past when I was using 100,000 HU on a near empty stomach, but it usually took at least 30 mins before the cramping pain started, and Unyquity's cayenne is a lot stronger (and better). So I started eating carrots and drinking water to counter the cramps, as having something else in my stomach usually prevents or takes away the pain.

Eventually I got it under control, but I felt tense/sore in my stomach/intestinal area, and by nighttime my whole tract all the way down felt tense and sore. Didn't eat much dinner because I felt nauseus when the food got down to my stomach. I woke up today and it still feels a little sore. Not too bad though. I haven't had any diarrhea though; in fact I haven't had any diarrhea from using it since I first started using cayenne months ago. I read some back posts and I'm in agreement in believing it is not caustic, so I think it's just irritated or perhaps a little inflammed. The cayenne also gave my kidneys a workout, time for another Liver Flush I believe. Then again, it's always time for another Liver Flush when you're sick.

Should I keep taking IF#2 to soothe my stomach/intestines? Anything else? I didn't drink milk or eat bread at all, as it seems a little counterproductive to do so.

The worst cramping I've ever gotten from cayenne was months ago where I had taken some on a near empty stomach, and about an hour later was pale, sweaty, clammy, felt cold, shaking, and cramping so bad I couldn't stand up straight, but after 5 apples or so and 20 minutes, I was pretty much ok. None of that is exaggeration at all. I read some nonsense before that 'cayenne overdose' can start dropping your body temperature and kill you if you don't go to the ER. I don't believe that, and I've never heard of anyone dying of peppers except with allergic reaction to it. I bring this up because I was thinking about cayenne powder in emergency situations. A teaspoon of cayenne with water is said to stop a heart attack, but what should be done to prevent the cramping that may follow?

It's really powerful stuff though. I felt really warm all over last night even though my temperature stayed around where it should be. Increased circulation. I've also been checking my blood pressure before and after taking cayenne, and it really does regulate the blood.

I also have some questions about Brain Formula tincture. I got a sample of it but cayenne and the other herbals are keeping me occupied, so I gave it too my sister to try out, as she has brain fog, etc., and I've been preaching natural healing to my family for a while now.

She says she feels better on it, but she still hasn't actively begun addressing her health problems, so I was wondering for how long can someone be safely taking the brain formula, as it is part of a larger program?

I've also read about the herb calamus supposedly being a mild hallucinogen. I've had problems with hallucinations/delusions in the past (also outside the scope of this topic), so I've become very wary of putting anything into my system that can potentially adversely affect my mind. What are your thoughts on calamus in this regard? Could it have a cumulative effect?

Excuse the length of this post, by the way.

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