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How Refreshing-The Truth Finally Told!!!!!!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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How Refreshing-The Truth Finally Told!!!!!!!

Hi healinginHiswings,

I want to tell you how refreshing it is to see you have posted nothing but the truth of the matter and it all has to do with the NWO.

"Now, here's more cheery news (not). When you kiss your little kindergartener goodbye and put him on the bus with his Digimon lunch box (or Hanna Montana), that child becomes State Property (actually, the State believes each child is State Property when you sign the birth certificate- something about old British Maritime Admiralty laws because your babies were born in "water," AND when you assign your child a Social Security Number for "tax purposes"- yeah, right- your child is "tagged," just like cattle get ear tags to identify them... actually the SSN is a National ID number, just as your driver's license number is your State ID number)."

What you describe in the paragraph above is something called "Strawman" I've been reading about it in the Conspiracy Theory Forum for awhile now.  Here is a link to the first thing I read.  You can find lots about it there.

Re:Strawman - Legal Fraud Perpetrated On All Americans...

Being a Christian I've known about the NWO for years but I'd never heard of the Strawman and Redemption stuff until recently.  When you read through the first post in that thread with an open mind it all makes sense and since I've started looking at it I see more and more how we really are debtors to the government the minute our parents signed that birth certificate.  Its mind boggling to realize that what we've been taught our whole lives is a lie.  I haven't made up my mind yet if its worth trying to get out of the system, don't even know if I would have enough time now.  But I think the more knowledge we have the more power we have when things start going downhill.  Knowledge is power!!!!

Just let me say that I'm not meaning to spread doom and gloom, just the opposite.  The more people who know what's coming the more people will be prepared.  I don't live in fear at all, I live in love, living each day to the fullest and to the best of my ability.  After all I know the end of the story.

I wanted to tell you and Unyquity both when I found this forum I felt like I found home and when I read your post in this thread it made me feel it even more so, like minds and all LOL.  Unyquity replied to me and she wrote something about the NWO so I know she knows too.  I am so happy to find that you are telling people about it, educating them or at least sparking their curiosity to get them searching.  I find it so sad that so many people know nothing about this, in fact they are being led right into it blindly.

I think what you three are doing in this forum, teaching people about healing without doctors and using nothing but things God put here on this earth for us to heal ourselves with is wonderful and is so important in this day and age we're in.  Heading into the NWO the more people who learn and can share and teach others about natural healing the better off people will be and I intend to be one of the ones who learn and then teach the people I know.  You guys are doing a truly fantastic work here in this forum. 

So, I'm done for now, just wanted to thank you for spreading the word.

One more thing, I got to thinking about it and if you guys don't think this message is appropriate for this forum I will NOT at all be offended if you choose to remove it.  No need to post if you remove it, I completely understand. Just wanted to tell you guys how great I think what you're doing is! 

Willow Laughing


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