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hair loss from trauma?
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Published: 14 years ago

hair loss from trauma?

AFter an accident i had in 2007, my hair seemed to be falling out more and more... i am 23, and before my accident my hair was strong and thick. So im wondering if maybe my trauma induced alopecia has something to do with the subconscious... psychosomatic? In the hospital, i went into septic shock, and had to be pumped full of liquids... If anyone has ever heard of this, you would know that when pumped full of liquids to keep your heart working, the body swells up and the person is pretty much unrecognizable.. Afterwards, the body begins to get rid of all the liquids through the skin.. I believe, that all the minerals and vitamins in my body that were supposed to depleted in a span of 20 years, were lost in about a week.. I woke up with a layer of dried of skin that had to peeled off by the nurses... I noticed because i was being cleaned as soon as i woke up. However, I must also take into account that since i had lost so much weight, my diet turned into eating lots of meat, and dairy products... not so much anymore... trying to work on it again.. I have done 17 Liver Flushes to date, but i feel a pressure in my liver and maybe its time for another... I wake up in the morning, with a pressure in my ears.. a slight headache.. Andreas Moritz says hair loss is due to backflushing of toxins in the body due to poor elimination.. The toxins cant go down and out through anus and urine, so it goes back up through the scalp. So im not sure whether, my alopecia is because of toxins going back up, or if its something Science cant understand.. I need to figure out how to stop the pressure in my ears, since im assuming thats all toxin build up.. Maybe kindeys? Since i also read kidneys are connected to the scalp... but then again, everything is connected... I also tried electrolyte supplements, since im sure i lost those in my ordeal.. ELectrolyte supplements and even Sole (himalayan crystal salt solution).. Been trying Black strap molasses since its a superfood good for bringing color back to hair..... Man, our bodies are too complex... I started healing myself because of acne, liver flushed and my problems were solved.. with maintenance, of course... now my new obstacle is hair loss... I need to remember to pray... maybe my spirit is sad..

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