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Help for the past few days - Re: Rough past few days...
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Published: 12 years ago
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Help for the past few days - Re: Rough past few days...

Firstly, here's what I suggest you do now:

--Get a castor oil pack over the area that is paining you 12 hours a day, and get it over your ENTIRE lower abdomen the other 12 hours a day (from the bottom of your rib cage all the way down to your lower abdomen).

--Ingest WELL over a gallon of pure water daily plus at LEAST 2 cups of prune juice (you MUST hydrate & soften the blocking mass/es)

--High enemas daily (adding castor oil would be VERY beneficial to soften the fecal impaction/clogs).

-- coffee enema daily (increases peristaltic action throughout the entire intestinal tract)

--Foot reflexology on the entire lower colon area AT LEAST 6 times a day.

Dig into these reflex point HARD & DEEP for 15-30 minutes per session.

--Do the same kind of massage several times daily that your colonic therapist does when you're having a colonic.

--Hot/Cold packs (or showers) 3x daily, minimum (6-8 reps of hot/cold lasting 1-2 minutes per rep).

--Castor Oil flushes (see links below):


While I have never done one of these, nor do I recall Dr. Schulze or Christopher using them, I have read a LOT about them. I discern that of all the "intestinal flushes" to increase bowel activity ( Epsom Salts , Salt Water flush, OTC laxatives, etc) that this gentle flush (starting with only ONE TEASPOON of Castor Oil - NOT 2 Tablespoons) would be VERY effective, gentle & safe for your situation

It is IMPERATIVE that you increase (SUBSTANTIALLY) overall "flow" to your colon ASAP. I'll address IF#1/#2 further down.


Lessons for learning follow:

--Insight was "@%*&#*$(!!" LUCKY that he turned to the 'third leading cause of DEATH' and "only" walked out of the hospital (1 CT scan and SIX x-rays later) to become FAR more likely to get cancer than he was before he went in. It is VERY rare that one presents with symptoms of appendicitis and walks out without "emergency surgery"....and all the extremely REAL, life/health destroying dangers that allopathic surgery entails (carving into ones body and/or bombarding it with cancer-inducing radiation is not healing and is very VERY dangerous). They likely would have gotten in there, seen the extent of the constipation and inflammation and cut out part of his colon.

And that is VERY likely to occur if he keeps returning.

--Yes, constipation (defined as the lack of having 3-5 normal bowel movements in a day) is THE major cause of appendicitis. Check out these images:




The food/slush from the small intestines DROPS into the ascending colon (at the base of the ascending colon is the appendix) and then the peristaltic/muscular action has to push the food UPWARD (against gravity) into the transverse colon. That's why it's called the ascending colon, because everything that drops into it has to ASCEND into the transverse colon.

--Insight, what you have is FAR worse than simple constipation, you have an impaction. Impactions are caused by years/decades worth of not having healthy bowel activity (the build-up of mucoid plaque on the walls of the intestines narrows the opening so drastically that normal bowel movements can't get through...hence creating MORE mucoid plaque). And because you have this, we can safely assume that you're assimilating FAR less than 50% of what you ingest (one of the many reasons for the weight loss), and everything that you ARE assimilating is soaking through putrid, toxic/acidic layers of junk. Everytime you eat or drink something (no matter how pure it starts out to be), you're poisoning yourself and seriously stressing your already compromised liver (and kidneys) and the rest of your body.

--In the second image above, you can clearly see how the lower colon impacts the various organs. Yours in likely engorged substantially, and is pushing unnaturally on your liver, kidneys, bladder, prostate, and pancrease...not to mention the enormous amount of gas that is spread throughout the entire intestinal tract (which creates even more swelling AND upward pressure on the small intestines, duodenum (where the gallbladder/pancreas dumps), the pyloric sphincter (valve from the stomach) and into the stomach (this is what causes hiatal hernias & acid reflux)

--This presented nearly 1/2 a month BEFORE you started taking the IF#1/IF#2 - they are certainly not the CAUSE of decades worth of damage & build-up. Dr. Schulze had hundreds (likely thousands) of patients with colons in worse shape than yours.

-->>>The colonic itself went ok. I saw some stuff come out - more than the laxatives had removed - but I am still blocked up some, which is what I expected. Today I had two bowel movements so far, and even though they were not well formed (just kind of mushy/crumbly) I think it is better than nothing. I still have that pain in the appendix area, although it hasn't been as bad as when I first went to the ER since drinking that prune juice.<<<

I'm glad to hear you had SOME bowel activity and had a colonic...but mushy/crumbly isn't the clog or the mucoid plaque that's causing all this. If you think a few colonics are going to undo this critical situation, you are mistaken. It would take a FULL series of colonics (2-3 weekly for 1-3 months) to clean out your lower colon. AND the colonic do not strengthen the peristaltic/muscular action of the colon (which you are so desperately lacking).

-->>>I had been experiencing some random attacks of ***stabbing pains*** in my groin and appendix area starting around the beginning of May. They would hit while I was having a bowel movement usually, then subside after a while. Later on towards the middle of the month I had two such attacks that stayed ***for about an hour before going away. They were bad. I couldn't walk.*** But, they went away....On the 25th I pretty much stopped eating because putting more food into my stomach would bloat me and increase the appendix-area pain. By the 27th ***the pain was to the point were I couldn't stand up straight and had to keep my right leg bent forward. I also started feeling lightheaded/dizzy/bizarre that night.***...I ended up not being able to sleep, so I went to the ER at 2AM to get checked out since I had been suspecting appendicitis and it hadn't gone away<<<

:::shaking head sadly::: So why didn't you post and ask for help/advice? on ANY forum? Why did you choose to ignore 'stabbing pain' in your body and let it go to the point that you ended up choosing to subject yourself to cancer-inducing radiation (when you KNOW you're at genetic risk for cancer, and at more risk for cancer because of your liver compromise), rather than reaching out for help and TRYING to do something about it yourself? I can't tell if you don't really think your health issues are serious; if you believe "it" can't happen to you; if you don't trust me (or Dr. Schulze or Dr. Christopher or logical common sense); or if you just have a death wish. But whatever it is, it's my advice to get over it FAST. I may not be Dr. Schulze, but I am quite well-versed enough in reading symptoms to have indicated to you quite clearly in past posts that I think your combined health issues are VERY serious/critical, and that I feel you NEED to put together an organized healing protocol AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (and you are quite aware that I am willing to help you do that in every way possible).

With (apparent carotid blockages), liver compromise, bowel impaction, major lack of assimilation and digestive issues, lack of flow throughout your body and now this:
>>>I mentioned that I had been blasted by at least 5 CT scans with numerous x-rays last year and had a family history of cancer, so was glad that he felt that way.<<<
...I'm beginning to wonder if you have Alzheimers, too (lol, but not really "lol" at all). Dear God, man. You put your body & life into the hands of allopathic medicine WILLINGLY. You've WILLINGLY subjected yourself to 5 CT scan and what sounds like almost a dozen x-rays. And you're relieved that the "doctor" felt like you shouldn't have another CT? I'd think you'd be a helluva lot MORE relieved to just get down to the business of healing yourself SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY.

As far as the IF#1/IF#2, once you've spent a week or two "doing the above" and getting yourself to the point that you're having a couple of bms daily (and out of crisis), then I suggest that you start a course of IF#1/IF#2...and stick with it - for a MINIMUM of a month

--to Insight and everyone else reading this: Because my husband and I care SO much about our human brothers & sisters that we've risked our retirement and our future to reach out and help others learn & experience the truth of natural health & healing, it stands to reason that we care SO much that we have no choice but to be HONEST with everyone. And if that offends anyone and they can't understand the need for blunt honesty & truth when it comes to natural health and healing, PLEASE exit this post immediately and read no further.

I'm beginning to see a VERY dangerous trend on this forum, and this post IS the beginning of the end of it! When people ask for my advice & assistance, many times (like now) I spend HOURS typing one post to answer to the best of my ability (based on the works and solid clinical experience of healers that risked their LIVES to ensure SAFE healing for even the most crippled & symptomatic of people) - this is information that has taken me YEARS to gather and compile.

From henceforth, if people that are in bad health ask for advice and then don't TAKE the advice...

(or worse yet, decide to customize & alter the instructions, methodologies, dosages & protocols from the healers that cured tens of thousands of people safely)

...without even asking/sharing their situation and requesting further clarification or input. And THEN get into trouble and want to be bailed out of a mess THEY created? They are not only going to find me to be EXTREMELY unsympathetic, but they'll likely find themselves permanently banned from this forum. I don't expect or demand that everybody will agree with my recommendation, nor do I expect people to think I'm some kind of "Healing God" sitting on some high & mighty throne made of ego & power-mongering (FAR from it!). I take the advice I give SERIOUSLY - please feel free to ask Rocky how many hours I spend in tears & frustration TRYING to figure out 'just the right thing to say' or 'way to motivate' so that each of you can have the benefit of my years worth of research, education & knowledge. I've been hanging around CZ a LOT of years, and I can guarantee you there's not another forum owner that sacrifices more or cares more deeply about you than I do (and there are a few that care a LOT).

There is one thing I can guarantee EVERYBODY...this forum is NOT going to make the mainstream media news about how someone tried to cure themselves naturally and then ended up in a crisis (or having emergency surgery, or DEAD). And I most CERTAINLY am not going to risk my LIFE & FREEDOM (and that of my adored husband) to play natural healing games with people that are having things like "stabbing, debilitating pain" and don't have enough common sense to ASK for help for weeks on end until they end up in the ER (and as fodder to fuel the forces of the Powers That Be).

Yes, I *am* mad - I am furious, actually. Not necessarily "at" Insight or anyone else specifically, but at the PTB that have brainwashed us all into believing that when we 'get into crisis', we need to go to the hospital and risk our very life in order to get results. And I'm mad that CZ is 'most often' a "playground" of folks dilly-dallying into self-medication, and VERY few people take their health seriously enough to study, research, learn and APPLY that knowledge safely & logically. So, if I didn't make myself QUITE clear before, I'm saying it again.

We can giggle ourselves silly, socialize for hours on end, tell jokes, share stories, play videos, support each other happily & joyously and have all the fun we need to have...but anybody that is NOT SERIOUS about learning to be their own doctor, that chooses to self-medicate illogically and NOT follow the works/protocols of the greatest healers that ever lived (OR at least post questions, research and facts about their own body, so that they can get input from others and come up with a safe way to heal & self-medicate, and then DO IT) acting in an irresponsible, dangerous manner about a very serious issue - and they are NOT going to pull my valuable time away from others who ARE serious about their health and/or cause this forum ANY type of harm. And I WILL make sure it doesn't happen - I don't care whose toes I step upon or who I offend to make sure of it.

Blessings of truth & healing -


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