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Answers, solutions & questions for SOG25

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Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

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Published: 12 years ago
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Answers, solutions & questions for SOG25

(I have started this thread for SOG25, from this thread: order to get out of the "cross posting" situation)

SOG25 -

My sincerest of apologies for the delay in response time (in case you don't know, this is a relatively new forum that was opened several weeks before I was ready...and I got way behind at the start and haven't had a chance to get caught up). Anyway, I'm here now, and I have very solid & definite solutions for your myriad of health issues. YAY! I have also read your post here:

Although 'the cure' won't be "cheap", it will CERTAINLY be less expensive than buying products 'retail' ...and the products in our Herbal Apothecary are the same basic formulas than what you can currently get from Dr. Schulze and/or Dr. Christopher.

I also realize, especially in your fatigued and altered mental state, that what I'm about to suggest may seem overwhelming (at best) or impossible (at worst). But I can virtually guarantee you that you'll likely be amazed at how quickly and positively your body starts responding and you have more energy & mental clarity.

There's a couple of things you need to know before I continue. #1 Dr. Schulzes current "online protocols & recommendations" are not necessarily the same as what he did & recommended when he was in clinical practice. For whatever reason, the "Dr. Schulze" (and protocols) we see now are not always the same as in his Save Your Life manual/videos, (made when he was in the clinical, healing thousands from incurable diseases). #2 Since Dr. Christopher's children have taken over his company/legacy, they have ruined many of his products by changing the herbal ingredients, as well as switching (mostly) to cheap/toxic/ineffective non-organic herbs.

The program we utilize on this forum is called the IP (Incurables Program) which is what Schulze/Christopher called theirs, and it is an UPGRADED (intensified) blend of their protocols with additions that they missed (or weren't available to them when they were in clinical practice). Just like Dr. Schulze had to "upgrade" Dr. Christopher's works to make up for the more 'toxic era', we must do the same. Onward to your healing solutions:

-- You are correct, you haven't done NEARLY enough of Dr. Schulzes protocols to have seen a difference.

--I'm sure you realize this, but it's important that I make sure you know it...that you likely (as do most folks) have a combination of mental & physical issues that need to be addressed. The body is physical, mental and spiritual...and all three parts effect each other substantially - just like all physical organs & systems of the body work together (and if one is broken or compromised, it can affect the entire body or other organs).

--From what you've posted about your past physical history & use of antibiotics (combined with likely a very toxic/poison diet for most of your life + other chemical/poison exposure, plus what sounds like a systemic parasite infestation), you're current condition is fairly predictable :( ...but it IS curable :)

Here are some posts I want you to read (and I want you to read every link in every post).

I realize that's a LOT of reading, but just reading my words (and past advice to others) will give you some good general information about the 30 day program (much of the information is copy/paste so there's a lot of duplicate information).

The links on juice fasting and juicer quality are VERY important.

The first and most important thing you need to ALWAYS remember is this is NOT "30 days and then you're healed", it's a "do it 30 days at a time UNTIL you are healed" program. At the end of every 30 days, you take a break, re-evaluate your progress & health issues, update/alter the protocol for the next 30 days accordingly, and continue on until you're healed completely.

Here are the links to read:

Also, if you decide you want my assistance in putting together this protocol and doing it, I will need the following information so I can do my best to assist you:

--Do you live alone or with someone? If you live with someone, is that 'someone' supportive to natural health & healing?

--Do you have any money of your own that you can spend on the herbs, products, produce for juicing, juicer and other items you will be needing? And if you don't have any of your own, is there anyway you can borrow it? or sell something to get it?

--Describe to me what happens when you eat raw fruits or raw/steamed vegetables.

--When you did these colon cleanses, did you see any parasites? (or have you ever seen any parasites?). If so, describe them (or tell me what kind they were, if you know)

--Describe a typical bowel movement...and tell me how many times a day/week you have bowel movements naturally

--Are you on any supplements or pharmaceutical drugs? And other than the antibiotics in the past, what other pharmaceuticals have you taken.

--Any other information that's not in the past two posts that you feel is important.

I want you to know, that your body IS totally capable of restoring itself to vibrant health (assuming you haven't substantially altered your body by having several organs removed, etc). Truly, there are NO incurable diseases...however, there are incurable people (and people whose 'time has come'). The only question is are you willing to do what it takes to undo decades worth of damage? Everyone on this forum is willing to help & support you to the best of our ability...and my husband and I have devoted our life to doing the same (as well as creating an Herbal Apothecary where the healing products necessary are readily available at the lowest possible price).

If you desire further assistance, just get back to me with the answer to my questions, get started reading & learning, and we'll take it from there!

Healthiest of blessings -



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