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Foundational IP 30 Day "To Do" List

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Free Teeth Cure!
Natural Fluoride free Remineralizer!

Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

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Published: 12 years ago
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Foundational IP 30 Day "To Do" List

Remember, this is the BASIC program that EVERY one does, no matter what the issue or symptom.  This does NOT include any of the additions for any specific disease, symptom or issue.


Foundational IP "To Do" List

(all tincture dosages are based on using a dropper from a 2 oz bottle)


--Juice & Potassium Broth Fast -- juicer should NOT be centrifugal -- goal is one gallon of juice daily when juice-fasting, and as much Potassium Broth (or other high-mineral veggie broth) as possible.  Several cups daily would be the minimum.

--Replenish intestinal microbiota -- via water kefir, naturally fermented foods (or juices of the same) and dairy kefir.  'Tis always preferable to make your own vs 'store bought' (as many of the store-bought versions have been found to be seriously lacking in the microorganisms they claim to contain).  When making dairy kefir - raw organic milk is always preferable, if not available then use organic (preferably non-homoginized, and never 'ultra pasteurized').

--Superfood - 6 tablespoons daily: 2-3 tablespoons mixed with juice and/or 2-3 tablespoons made into a smoothie with juice/water/ice and 1 piece of fruit (I suggest one smoothie and two mixed with juice)

--Bee Pollen - working up to a minimum of 4 tablespoons daily

--Kelp (preferably Dr. Christopher's Kelp Combination) for iodine & other nutrients 1 tablespoon daily (1 teaspoon 3x or 1 tablespoon at once)

--Kidney Cleanse (two five day cleanses) morning flush drink, 1 cup of Kidney/Bladder tea with 4 droppersful of Kidney/Bladder tincture 4x daily

--'Bad Calcium'/Kidney Stone Flush (3 days, during second 5 day Kidney Cleanse)

--Liver Cleanse (two five day cleanses, each followed by a 'big' Liver Flush) morning flush drink, 4 cups of Liver/Detox/Digestion tea, 4 droppersful of Liver Tincture 4x daily, 4 droppersful of Blood DeTox Tincture 4x daily.  Do not mix Liver Tincture with anything but water (the "bitterness" of the tincture needs to be 'tasted' for effectiveness)

--Colon Cleansing & Healing with IF#1/IF#2 (adding 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder to each dose of IF#2)

--Parasite Cleanse (if using Uny's, 1 teaspoon 3x daily - preferably on empty stomach when possible or as "Unybomb"  ).  Dry/ground herbs to mixed with 3 of the 5 doses daily of IF#2 (for at least one month)

--Slippery Elm Porridge (minimum 1 cup daily...up to 3 cups daily) made with 1 tablespoon Slippery Elm Bark powder, or mix powder with Superfood smoothie

--Wheat Germ Oil - 1-3 tablespoons daily

--Raw Garlic - 3-9 cloves daily

--Cayenne Powder - 1 teaspoon 3x daily (start with 1/8 teaspoon and work up to a minimum of a 1/2 teaspoon within 2 weeks).  Supplement with Cayenne tincture until 1/2 teaspoon 3x daily is reached.

--Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon 3x daily

--Blackstrap Molasses (or raw/local honey, molasses being preferred for nutrition) 1 tablespoon 3x daily

--Echinacea Tincture 10 droppersful daily

--Black Walnut Hull Tincture 10 droppersful daily

--Herbal Calcium Tincture 8 droppersful daily





--Coffee Enema (using S.A. Wilson's Organic coffee preferably) 4 cups = 1 Coffee Enema (or do two 2 cup enemas back-to-back)

--Dry Skin Brushing (before hot/cold shower)

--Hot/Cold Shower (1-3 daily)

--Hot/Cold contrast therapy on "broken parts" or tumor 3x daily

--Barefootin' (bare feet on/in the earth) 15-30 minutes daily (if weather is too cold, wear natural fiber socks)

--Sunbathing (naked) working up to 30 minutes daily (no matter WHAT the temperature outside) - if you must wear clothing, make it MINIMAL - like a two piece swimsuit)

--Foot Reflexology 15-30 minutes on kidney/bladder points during kidney week; on liver/gallbladder/pancreas points during liver week.  15 minutes on lower bowel every day; 15-30 minutes on "broken part" or tumor every day

--Castor Oil Pack nightly on liver or torso (or alternate between "broken parts" or tumor area)

--Castor Oil Pack daily on "broken parts" or tumor (1 hour minimum)

--Exercise until sweating, panting and 'red face' 3x daily - do not exercise 'till exhausted.

--Deep breathing - 15 minutes 3x daily - minimum

--EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 30-60 minutes daily

--Positive affirmations; express yourself; listen to yourself; LAUGH; good sex; help others; LOVE LIFE

--Sleep on Earthing sheet/pad nightly, and be Earthed/grounded in an many ways as possible during the day (foot mat, mouse pad, etc).

Every other day:

--High Enema followed by 1-2 cup rectal implant of choice (most logically/easily done after coffee enema) - suggestions for rectal implant include: pure aloe gel; 2oz of wheat grass juice mixed with 8 oz of water; therapeutic herbal tea of choice



--Cold Sheet Treatment

--"Trashing" (throwing/giving away unnecessary and/or unneeded items from your home/environment...especially those with negative/hurtful emotions/memories attached)


Not Allowed (!!!)

--Smoking (of ANY substance)

--Any beverages other than juice, potassium broth, distilled/RO water, herbal tea (and dairy or water kefir)

--Television (uplifting, inspirational, wholesome comedy or instructional videos only)

--Cell Phones, WiFi, DECT Cordless phones (this is VERY important). You MUST go back to "wired" connections and land-lines.  Optimally, get an 'earthing sheet' for your bed.

--Clothing that is not 100% natural (cotton, wool or silk only)

--Toxic chemicals, laundry detergent or personal hygiene products


Optional (all suggested)


--Adding one teaspoon of activated charcoal to every dose of IF#2

--Full body rubs of olive oil, wheat germ oil or castor oil

--Hydrogen Peroxide baths

--Upping the dosage of IF#2 to 1 tablespoon 5x daily (instead of one teaspoon 5x daily)

--Rectal implants after daily coffee enema

--Chiropractic, massage, or any type of therapeutic body work

--Yoga, Tai Chi or simple stretching exercises

--BF&C and/or B&B nightly fomentations

--Additional 'big liver flushes' as needed (daily if necessary in some cases)

--Bentonite clay baths

--Bentonite clay poultices

--Activated Charcoal poultices



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