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Re: Bio-identical hormones/vitamin & nutrition

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Bio-identical hormones/vitamin & nutrition

Maybe part of what is behind the anti-vitamin propaganda is the industries leading the Genetically-Modified-Organisms research. Iím just beginning to learn in this area. Iíve never been one to think ignorance is bliss, but in the case Iím wondering how well Iíll continue to sleep at night. For a greater and albeit, scarier understanding on GMOís (think I had a respectable knowledge base and didnít) get Greg Ciolaís, Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse! GMOs. In relation to vitamins here is a small exert.

ďGeneticists are working on ways to enhance the vitamin and nutritional content of various crops. Itís now possible to make food into a powerful vitamin or multi-vitamin. Rice is one of the first crops theyíve focused on because itís a predominant food in the third would and many people in these areas are severely malnourished. The first approved version of this technology was a modified version of rice called golden rice that contained ghigher amounts of Vitamin A. The next wave of biotech crops will produce a host of different products including oils with increase levels of Vitamin A and reduced levels of saturated fat. (My emphasis) Many more food products are planned for introduction in the not too distant future. Itís hard not to see the ulterior motive behind the promotions of this aspect of biotechnology. The real movers and shakers are behind increasing nutritional yields in food crops are the pharmaceutical giants. Itís their goal to wipe out the nutritional supplement industry and then use genetically engineered foods with higher nutritional yields as a substitute. However, these techno-foods will come at a much higher cost in countries such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe compared to the cost of nutritional supplements.Ē

What Iíve learned so far the concerns me greatly:

1) Antibiotic markers or virus markers are used when the DNA modifications are made. They are used b/c placing these markers in the alter matter allows scientists to tell if they were successful with their DNA modification. Hmmm letís see Antibiotics in lettuce and squash, will I every really be candida free? What about the public that still relies on Antibiotics , and then what about the viruses they have to fight off in the foods that have been altered. Does anybody see what Iím seeing?
2) Think youíre a vegan or a vegetarian? What about the tomatoes and strawberries that contain genes from a fish in the Atlantic waters? Itís place their to enable the crops to withstand freezing temperatures w/o damage. Guess what? No one has to disclose to us when we are eating these foods. Why? Because they are patented.
3) Think if you eat organic youíre safe? 80-90% of the soy we have available to us have been genetically altered (I donít eat soy, but a lot of vegans, vegetarians do.

I canít go on, it would take too long.

Here is a partial list of some plants that have been genetically manipulated and approved for human consumption: corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, rice, potatoes (this oneís a Frankenstein story all itís own), squash, papaya, tomatoes, peppers, various garden vegetables, and some other fruits.

Enough on my soap box I guess. But itís very frustrating to realize youíre desire to take control of you health through VCO and getting rid of Candida and eating healthier is hampered by someone whoís only concern is getting a larger piece of my dollar. I thought all I still need to be concerned about when I couldnít get organic was getting the bug spray off the fruit and veggies. What about the co-ops? Does anyone know the answer to this? Just b/c something is grown organically (lack of chemical fertilizers and pesticides) is it a given that the seed it came from isnít a hybrid of GE in some way? This is my next quest.

I wrote the author of the book I mentioned about bio-indentical hormone repalcement therapy
which I've chosen rather than the pharmactical synthetic hormones. The bio-indenticals are made from soy and yams. We are told they exactly match the respectors in our body and decrease our chances of stroke, cancer, and heart attack by more than 50% when compared to the synthetic. Since reading Greg's book my question was is the soy beans and yams they use heirloom or GE? What is done to the DNA of the yam and soy to prepare them for use by my body. Here's his reply:


I do not know enough about the product you're taking to give you the

I do know that women are getting some great results with products from
With the soy, as long as it's topical and not ingestible I'm sure it's
better than synthetic pharmaceutical hormone therapy which is wreaking
in women. That's about all I can tell you for now.



The way he says "that's about all I can tell you for now." I hope I can read into this I've peaked his interest and he'll do some research for us.


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