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Re: Turning Type 2 Diabetes Around
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Turning Type 2 Diabetes Around

Lists of things that helped cure my diabetes:
Well, I am still having to work on the blood sugar numbers as they are still a bit high, but i have conquered most of it.
#1. What do you do when your liver shuts down? Diabetes is not as much of a concern as is getting your liver flushed out of all the stones, parasites and debris, in that case. When your liver shuts down, you either start getting the junk out of there fast, or you don't have much longer on this planet. I had to do 84 liver flushes over a period of 21 months. You get it out of there or put up with the excruciating pain and put your affairs in order. No other choices. With evry liver flush I did I got more stones, inflammatory type of slime, bug eggs and their debris and drug debris that I had accumulated over the time that I was unaware of what the doctors were doing to me. This was mandatory if I was going to live. The colon cleansing helped me to rid my body of 15# of debris that was not allowing me to absorb calcium. If you don't absorb calcium, then you lose your teeth, your bones suffer and the pH of your body suffers. Face it, you can't do it all with raw food. You have to clean it all out, under the circumstances or your body will not come back to a homeostatic state.
Another thing. Yeast or candida is the culprit that causes diabetes in the first place. That's an unbalanced amount of candida in the intestines. If you have parasites and leaky gut, then you have it in your bloodstream and the organs can get the hyphae stage of it IF you've had it for a long time. Diet may contriblute to this. So do parasites and stress as well as environmental and other poisons we may ingest. Just breating in in in the form of fungus or mold can do it. There is no one thing that is the only answer as to why we have diabetes or any other disease.
I've discovered that cleaning the colon is not enough. The hyphae stage has to be killed in the large and small intestines. It may be in the interstitial spaces of the cells and body as well. Feeding it any type of sugar whether it is fruit sugar or the whole glucose molecule will not rid yourself of it. In actuality, sugar in any form feeds yeast and causes it to proliferate. So I have used the colon cleansers like the LBB that has some herbs that kill it and am using Syclovir in the intestines that kills and extracts the hyphae of the yeast. That's a silica plankton product. Starving yourself is not going to do it. It's prolific and opportunistic. When the body is cleaned out, then the oxygen levels rise. That helps the body to discourage the growth of it in other areas like the organs. I use oregano oil and olive leaf tincture, MMS, coconut oil internally and externally. Diet plays a part in that we need the minerals like the zinc and selenium that kills it off. I do celtic sea salt. I think the plant enymes are essential to helping this get gone. A blood sugar that has been high, allows for proliferation of the yeast. Mine has gone down considerably, I have felt something pass out of the pancreas with the liver flushes. I saw 2 pancreatic flukes and recognized them for what they were and photographed them. I have the pix in my files. I may have passed some pancreatic stones by using the gold coin grass and chanca piedra. I've also used the Barefoot herbs for the pancreas.
On the outside of the body, tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil is effective with any rashes caused when the candida leaves at such a fast pace. There's been many years of this stuff and it gets pretty close to taking over, so when it leaves it may cause some symptoms. Especially with people who have any type of cancer.
When you clean out the body, the last of what you're getting rid of can settle in the pelvis area because of gravity. Then your body slowly gets rid of it. Again, stay away from the sugars as it's doing so. You can also gargle with tea tree oil if you have it in your mouth. (Thrush) That is all leaving and is much better, however it has taken a good 3 months to see it getting much better, symptom-wise. The pancreatic cells need to be regenerated. Bitter melon is one of the herbs that helps with that. I haven't started on that just yet. There is also a product called Insulow-l from
that's natural. I have not tried it yet. Herbs are effective at regenerating the beta cells of the pancreas. Sooooo, it's not just the junk food junkies who get diabetes. There are a lot of other factors involved. It's a process and can be slow with the healing, but nothing happens without cleaning out the junk that's accumulated in your body that's making you sick-- or one step further--putting you at deaths door. Your blood can't clean out, neither can your tissues and organs if you don't do it. Your body depends on the filtering power of your liver and clean blood to build healthy cells or regenerate any organ by carrying nutrients to it and carrying away the poisons that are making it sick. The health of your body depends on a clean, healthy liver and colon and clean blood. Your car won't run without gas, neither will your body re-build the organs without protein. Your body IS protein. So, get the protein going in there, get the live enzymes from the food going in there, and supply the body with ionic minerals. Chlorophyll from green plant foods is another blood purifier. Get the blood clean when it can be cleaned after the body is cleaned out, get the lymph dumped and clean, feed the body the specific herbals that help the organs regenerate and you'll be healthy. I must say it takes a while. So that's what I'm doing. It's not all hinged on what I've put INTO my body, be it the raw foods or specific herbals; it included taking OUT the poisons and parasites. Hope this exlains a few things, becuse this IS how it works.

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