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wow.. thank you..
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Published: 12 years ago
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wow.. thank you..

thank you so much for taking the time.. :) I'm feeling very weepy, and vulnerable... to read all those things I had written over the last year... I will admit.. I had to stop several times.. it is soo heart breaking.. you know, it's like you are blindfolded, and all you have is voices to guide you.. and over the years I've heard.. "have your gall bladder out"... "eat NO fat"... eat "NO carbs"... "2000 calories a day".. "no 800 calories a day"... "take this drug.. take that drug"... and I'm just going about blind, hitting all kinds of walls, and getting bumped, and hurt, and bruised... and failure.. and sadness.. and upset.. all the while I'm getting sicker and sicker. Even though I'm not dying... it's still really messes a person up to feel chronically bad... and have all this weight.. and people look at you like you aren't doing anything about it.. well Heck YEAH I'm doing something about it! I've been dieting for 30+ years! and then they say "you must not have enough willpower"... you've got to be kidding me!!! I ate 400 calories a day of nothing but tuna fish, and shrimp.. and dried chicken.. for MONTHS!!! all because one of those "voices" told me that kind of diet would help with my pcos trust me.. I got willpower!

And, I think of my husband, who loves to Kayak.. and bike, and hike, and travel... and play tennis.. and I can't even tie my shoes, let alone do any of those things, because a) I can't be more than 3 minutes from a bathroom at any time because of the explosive diarhea.. and b) even if I could be away from a bathroom, I didn't have the energy to do any of those things... and what do my doctors say? "diet.. exercise. count calories.. take metformin"... I WAS DOING EVERYTHING THEY TOLD ME TO DO!!!!

I knew my liver was a major problem.. the gallbladder problems, were my first clue... and that's why I started doing the liver flushes.. which it sounds like it was the right step...

my last flush was 3 weeks ago, or so... I did 2 back to back.. and then I took a rest... and then started in with the IF#1 and IF#2...

I took your advise this morning.. and I'm doubling my dose of IF#1 and adding one more dose of IF#2.. so, "ramping up" as you say..

I also started the kidney cleanse stuff today.. I've already done 6 liver flushes, and I just felt like I needed to clean my kidneys for a few days as they have been very overtaxed.. so, I'm doing the kidney for 5 days.. then I'll start in on the liver flush/protocol again..

I wanted to answer the questions you had posted for me:
--Did you ever end up doing the Master Cleanse? If so, what was the results?.... NOPE! I must have been sooo toxic, that a day or so on Master Cleanse, and I was deathly ill.. too many toxins way too fast... so, I didn't pursue that.

--Did you end up getting off the caffeine/coffee? completely? when? elaborate to current time please... NOPE! :) ok.. but I am doing much better with it. I used to drink 4+ cups of black coffee a day... and now, I do about 2-3 cups a week.. so, I'm weaning off... same thing with diet coke... I used to drink a 6 pack a day... and now, I have 2 or 3 a week... but, as of today, I'm off it completely.

--Past/current 'med list' please.... the only long term meds I have ever taken were metformin. I took that for 4 years... also 2 years of birth control, about 20 years ago.. and also, many years of antidepressents... then your average amounts of Antibiotics .. some pain meds, flexeril... oh, and clomid when I was trying to get pregnant.. that's about it.. but the big ones were the Met, and antidepressents... right now, I take NO meds at all..

--For how long did you use the fluoride rinse on your teeth?
Just a short time... about a month or so..

--Have you had recurring issues with swollen lymph glands in the neck? ... nope.

or anywhere else? what about lingering infections of any kind? I continue to have problems on the left side of my mouth, all stemming from a cracked tooth, that my dentist decided needed "fixing"... I now have a root canal and a crowne, and the problem has improved.. but not gone away.. I still have earaches, jaw pain.. swollen tonsil.. all on the left hand side.. sporadically, but at lest I'm not in pain any more..

--Did you follow through with the oil pulling? if you did, what were the results? I do oil pulling still.. not regulariliy.. but I do love the way it makes my teeth feel. So, when I have time in the morning I do it. I haven't seen any improvement in my health though..

--Did the ear issues resolve?.. see above.

Thanks again, Uny, and Wings... I'm going to continue to plug away... I'll keep you updated as I go...

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