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Published: 19 years ago
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Last night Mr. Bush justified the use of upcoming pre-emptive strikes and war with Iraq based on what MAY happen in the future...preventive measures to potect us against POTENTIAL danger and threats to freedom. His response to those who question the lack of IMMINENT danger pointed to the lack of forewarning given by terrorists.

Imagine if this same logic for addressing international affairs were applied on an individual level. Do we lock up people who MAY be dangerous? Do we restrict the freedom of people who have the POTENTIAL of doing harm? And how do we determine who these people are? Do we monitor their activities and communications? Do we watch who they associate with? Do we use psycholgical profiling? Ethnic profiling? Racial profiling? Religious profiling? Gene profiling? Do we use their family, friends, neighbors, employers, etc. to conduct surveillance? Do we invade their homes? Do we remove them from society without explanation? Do we deny them representation?

In a 'free' society...would we tolerate this for one moment?

Well, it IS happening...and in the hysteria following 9/11 the restrictions to freedom and privacy are growing at an alarming rate...and tolerated by many. Fear is blinding us...and propelling us into actions that will have dire consequences the likes of which have yet to be imagined.

Mr. Bush stated that those who harbor weapons of mass destruction do so for the purposes of DOMINATION, INTIMIDATION AND ATTACK. Just WHO is dominating, intimidating and on the verge of attacking now?! Sadly, America has become the new Rome...and will suffer the same fate if it continues on its present course.


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