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Re: Ummmmm....
John Cullison Views: 2,787
Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Ummmmm....

Ah, but we DO have the right to know every detail! That's the whole point of "freedom of the press"! The press is supposed to keep us informed of the activities of our government (among other things).

The government is NOT better, senior to, or in any way more important than the people. The government has used "national security" to hide tons of shady or downright evil activities from the people of this nation -- which is part of the reason why you have to go outside our borders to get the information. (And some people will figure that the whole world is lying to us, because of some excuse, like they're jealous, or they hate our way of life, or whatever.) Yet despite all the "national security" that has already been claimed, how secure were we on 9/11? What happened to national security then?

It is a common element of criminal government behavior to claim that you just didn't have enough funding for whatever something you're supposed to be protecting us from, so as to get more funding. And after the next failure, more funding. And after the next failure, more funding. Etc.

Businesses which aren't monopolies fail when they fail, but governments can just tax the people more or borrow to get the funding to waste on people who couldn't do it right before but insist that they can do it right this time. The US government is the most failed business on the planet, salvaged time and again by the people of the United States. How much more do we have to take before we reclaim our heritage as the masters of those who govern us? Remember, the government exists by the will of the people -- an ideal that was long ago forgotten.

The Drug War(TM) is a good example of this "need more funding!" scheme. Billions of dollars spent -- perhaps trillions -- and what good has come of it? More drugs, more jails, more police, more government. The War on Poverty was why so many expensive social programs were implmented in the 1960's and since -- most of which are failing, or actually promote the problems they're supposed to solve. And what good has come of it? More poverty, more red tape, more privacy intrusions, more government programs, more government. The War on Terror will be no different. The more money we dedicate to the War on Terror, the more terror we will have. Count on it. And the government will claim that it needs to spend even more money to combat it. And then we'll get more terror. Etc. Even worse, the money that we spend on this War on Terror will actually be used to CREATE TERROR in other nations!

And here's the thing which seems to escape you entirely: WE ARE NOT SOVEREIGN OVER THE MIDDLE EAST. Saddam is supposed to be proving that he has disarmed... according to whom? The United Nations?

Do you have any idea how many times the United States has ignored the will of the United Nations? Any idea at all? The United States is the laughing stock of the United Nations. The USA does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, but it expects others to follow the will of the United Nations -- as long as whatever that will is matches the "interests of the United States" -- which is, more importantly, the "interests of the rich who control the United States".

Take a look here:

As for running for office, do you really think that anyone but a rich man could possibly get into office? That's a tired old excuse used to justify all of these ongoings. YOU, personally, even with all the beliefs you have in favor of the current government, could do a better job of running this country than George W. Bush.

Heck, even rich men who have attempted it, who actually wanted to help this country, couldn't get elected.

But you aren't rich, and unless you scratch the backs of the rich, you won't get funding. In fact, guess what! The media is owned by the rich. Try to get past that one when you run for office. You could try to accomplish it via the Internet, but just wait for the smear campaigns to start...

On the other hand, a large group of people who agree that things need to change do actually stand a chance of making things happen, of restoring this country to its greatness. There are too few right now, however, to accomplish this task. So we talk, we try to get support.

It is a sorry fact that until enough people are hurt and fed up with the way things are -- in other words, until it's gotten so bad that we've hit rock bottom -- they won't be willing to do anything about it. A lot of people who come to CureZone are people who got fed up with the medical system after being injured by it, or seeing a loved one get injured by it, and wanted something better. And our numbers grow with each and every person who finally reaches his breaking point -- with the result that the medical establishment loses a little bit of its power.

The federal government, the master harm instigator of all time, is also losing its support, one victim at a time. I just hope that we Americans manage to save the USA before the rest of the world has to come in and set us straight.


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