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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

Someone already did do just that. Check out this link to do it your self thumper.

It runs of the 110V AC or 220v AC. If one wants to add some safety one could use 1:1 transformer 110V, but that would make this device more complicated and bigger and more expensive. The transformer would separate the source current adding safety just in case wire insulation breaks exposing user to high current. Putting resettable or just blow fuse in the circuit would be helpful as well. As the instruction say it is best to run it from a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) protected outlet - code requirement for bathrooms and kitchen outlets, one might find them on a outlet power strip extension cord (rare to find).

Another alternative is this hand held device developed by Dr. Glen A. Gordon. It runs on one 9v battery and pulses 70 times per second. This site has clearance on this device:
It is FDA approved for muscle pain management. NASA have studied it for 4 years and found that it helps to heal 4x faster then with out it. Check the doc explaining it him self:

I do not believe that this device is as penetrating as the thumper, but it stimulates electrical currents far more in exposed tissues due to high speed Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF). Due to this caps must be lower power/high voltage to keep the unit from cooking. Thumper has considerable current going through it, which results in fairly higher temperatures on the components, including the coil, thus thumper is best to be hand triggered at slower pulse rate.
There are tons of circuit schematics on the net for 9v dc powered high voltage output. To keep charging times as short as possible one need to get caps that are around .1uF to 10uF at 330V or higher - photo flash caps are preferred for quick discharge. I have not tried it yet so one needs to experiment with this.
Good luck and happy zapping.


Update: I have found US patent for this device (US 7,175,587). It runs on 9V DC it produces 2 gauss magnetic output flux / 72 times per second at 15-20 amps. This patent has electronic diagram and parts list listed. It is well know that electrical current is present only during the change in magnetic flux (constant magnetic flux does not excite mineral ions in the tissue, only pulsed magnetic flux does this) and that is what makes this device effective in tissue and bone healing. And now we have a recipe in how to build one for our selves (it is patent protected - thus no resale of your own built device - unless you use different dc circuit to run it.) Second benefit is you do not need lots of expensive magnetic wire (3 spools of magnetic wire package sells at Radio Shack for $7 dollars get the AWG18 or 16 - the lower the AWG number the more current it can handle and less heat is produced)- on this device you probably need just 1-3 inches of magnetic wire.

I will repost once I build it.

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