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efficiency in cleansing & quality of herbs
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Published: 12 years ago
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efficiency in cleansing & quality of herbs

that's awful sweet of you to say - I do believe that any newbie can do that quite easily but it's dependent on diet and water intake. Those two things sabotage the body's ability to 'crunch & munch' or re-instate a decent peristalsis in their gut. Ya can't eat cheese & get that plaque out, for sure.

I've done various colon cleansing herbs and some were quite good. I've emitted smaller lengths multiple times on things like Nature's Sunshine (purported to be all natural but not organic), Jenson's cleanse (Anderson) and Okra/Pepsin/E3 small intestine detox and MH's Lower Bowel Balance. But - I've never gotten this far with so little output from my end, via time and cash. Her herbs are (in my brain) a 1:1 ratio - my body doesn't need to break down the herbicides, pesticides, search through the shrapnel to find the healthful information in the herb that it needs. There's no 'shrinkage' if you will, on what I'm getting out of the blend - I think that's the biggest contributor to why I'm making such huge headway in a short amount of time.

The same thing happened a few months ago when I first took Uny's 1&2 for a few days - perhaps 7" worth came out. So...I'd wager I've already emitted a foot and a half. Now - do I think that's the entire thickness of what was lining my colon (again) ? Probably not. I suspect that getting multiple lengths out of the outer sheath, if you will, will most likely produce an inner sheath later on - leading me to a 1:1 absorption ratio again.

I suspected that your having been on the IP for three cycles now (three months) would have produced a lot of plaque - whaddya think - multiple layers of sheath/plaque tubes or just one fail swoop in various lengths?

I had a great talk with Uny about the idea of the plaque being a myth. We both think that the saline wash they give you is very harsh to not only your gut but to your flora and your electrolyte balance. I agree that the majority of the icky collects in those diverticula and that the camera doesn't exactly move side to side to check out what's inside. If a garden hose were shaped like a colon, scalloped, and you rushed water through it at a fast rate (as you take a saline solution it draws water into your bowel just like when you take Epsom Salt - it produces a *flush*) then, I'll bet the fluid didn't take the time to collect in each of those pockets and really flush those corners out. It makes sense to my abstract brain, anyhow.


I sincerely believe (and prove it to myself again and again) that unless your diet contains high-enzyme and low-energy output to digest it, you'll not get too far with a colon cleanse. Staying away from mucous-forming foods while taking 1&2 (or other comparable *lol* colon herbs) will produce plaque in a relatively short period of time. Eating mucous-forming foods while taking bulking agents and munching agents (laxative herbs & plaque scrapers in the #1) won't get you too far. It's putting undo pressure on an already sluggish system. Remember kids - your body is a brilliant piece of work. If you ingest something that takes more energy than your cleanse has to offer *while you're cleansing* your body will stop doing what it's doing to put all the effort it has into breaking down that food. And that doesn't touch on the fact that those foods contributed to more mucous while you're trying to power-wash the mucous out. Make sense?

If you don't want to throw money down the toilet...quite literally...behaving while taking power-washing herbs is the smartest way to roll.


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