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For EVERYbody :) How LONG do I cleanse? Re: lol "crunch n munch"...Re: efficiency in cleansing & quality of herbs

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Published: 12 years ago
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For EVERYbody :) How LONG do I cleanse? Re: lol "crunch n munch"...Re: efficiency in cleansing & quality of herbs

We're looking at around 30 feet of extremely convoluted tubing (in total) - the lower colon (typically the 'filthiest clogged-up impacted' part) is about 5 feet.

Re: Wing's post -- Dr. Schulze had 1 bm weekly when he started (and had most of his life)...AND he didn't have IF#1/IF#2 when he started, he didn't develop & perfect those products until WELL into his own cleansing/healing journey.

- check out the images - particularly the Jenses 'small & large' folders.

How long does it take to get "squeaky clean" and start having 3-5 healthy bms daily? That depends upon a zillion factors (of course) - but diligence with the cleansing (one/two long cleanses back to back, is better than 8 scattered little ones, that kind of thing); willingness/ability to be more aggressive (high enemas, home/professional colonics); and DIET & HYDRATION (free of toxins and non-mucus-forming foods, with good sources of fiber - truly WHOLE grains, not ground up grains, etc)

AND how much emotional & spiritual work we do, and growth we have, REALLY counts! It's true "you can't have sweet thoughts on a sour stomach" (ask any mother, a constipated child is GRUMPY!)...but the opposite is also true. A person that's angry & bitter and vengeful that never communes with God/Nature will have a MUCH longer and more arduous 'healing pathway' than those that address ALL aspects of their 'trinity selves' at the same time.

And ALWAYS remember folks: "cleansing" does NOT equal "strengthening peristalsis". Someone that's had 2-3 bms per week most of their lives and have a 2-3 month long series of 2-3x weekly colonics, and be "clean" - but in a week, they'll be constipated again and starting to clog back up....because they weren't using or doing ANYTHING to strengthen those saggy, stretched out, non-elastic colon muscles. And just cleaning them off does NOT make them strong - that's the IF#1 (and lot of good fiber in the IF#2 causing lots of good squeezing & strengthening daily). So for some, it does take a year or two (or possibly more) to UNDO and REstrengthen saggy stretched out colons that have been that way for 20-40 years.

After every one of the maintenance cleanses I do now, I go immediately to having 4-5 bms daily (30 minutes after food), but within a few weeks, I'm generally back to 3-4, then in a month or two 2-3, and then it tapers down to 2...and then I start feeling like clogged-up-yuck. And then I do another 2-4 weeks of cleansing...and I'm back to normal. (Remember: EVERYONE needs to do some type of 'maintenance cleanse' of every organ 4x yearly - NOT doing 'regular maintenance' is what got us all INTO this condition).

Just fyi, I have never seen anything but finger-size pieces of mucoid plaque and smaller (and I think there's some people that never seen bigger pieces). But, I also sense that I need to follow a 30 day cleanse with a series of colonics. But the closest city with a colonic therapist is a 4 1/2 round trip (and my bathroom is way too small for a home colonic set up). And remember, I just turned 50 and didn't start all this until my early/mid 40's - so I have a LOT to undo. Still, I may be wrong - as I feel GREAT after every maintenance cleanse and not the slightest bit toxic or "clogged' at all.

This is something we all learn to judge & discern for ourselves ('tis the best part, actually, of being our own doctor, naturally). Only allopathic/alternative "medicine" has rules & regulations for persnickety-perfect "levels" of their isolated substances & chemicals (poisons & unnatural substances have a very "measured" effect). "Take 3 of these 3x daily; 4 of those; 6 of these; do one 'protocol A'; two 'protocol B'; exercise 15 minutes 3x daily; blah,blah,blah...and if anything goes wrong or doesn't work according to the "spec sheet"? You either need an antidepressant (or more drugs/supplements to counteract what the first one caused); you're imagining it; or you're having "detox reactions"....and please don't forget to sign your check and make your next appointment. :( :( :(

This is about US learning to listen & hear our OWN 'doctor within'. Our 'hearing' and listening doesn't become overnite. I can now immediately TASTE the different between organic & non-organic produce (and there's an organic romaine on the market that I am SURE is not truly organic) - but that didn't happen within the first few months of my healing journey - nor did the ability to now know that it's time for a 'maintenance colon cleanse' and/or my liver could use some attention happen in a few months. Healing is an ART - the body is not a test tube or a laboratory...and what a total blessing it is to be able to hear & know what my body is saying now. YAY!!!!

Healthiest of blessings -


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