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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

I was asked about the parts list for the step up circuit to 33VDC from

here it is:

Q: "the diodes: what values do the have? (are thy 1n4001 1A 50v) or something else. i was looking for these with out luck (1N5817 schottky)
what have you used?"

A: The diodes need to handle about 38V DC max, when battery is new as they are slightly more then 9VDC(9.65 VDC), so I went with 1N5819 schottky, but the 1N5817 given in part list will work too, so will the 1N4001 with about -1 VDC less output.

I bought all my parts at

Q: "how about the capacitors:
did you use do like it is describe. 25v 35v and for the 3th set 50v or you used again 35v and at what µf (micro farads)you use?"

A: Yes I used 2 pairs of 25, 35, and 50 V polarized electrolytic capacitors and all are at 10uF. But if you get just the 50 VDC for all of them it will work too. (it recommended to use capacitor's size 1.4x the needed voltage - if you need 10V then 1.4x10=14v capacity)

Q: "and as i can see from the picture you used a TLC7660CPA.
i was looking for all the ones mention in the plan.

A: I used both the TLC7660 and also NJU7660D chip for my second build, they both worked the same. As long as it is 7660 it will work, the other numbers are generally manufacture specific. Just to make sure look up the datasheets for these components on the internet. The MAX1044 has hyper circuit (when this circuit is turned on it will increase output frequency which is not needed for our design).

+V from battery (through switch)connect to pin 8 then start first rectifier diode from this pin (8) also as in the diagram. Use the negative side from caps to pin 2 as per diagram, connect pin 3 to negative side from battery. Pin 1 is not used (that is the hyper circuit on MAX1044 - not needed - it ups the Hz to around 1,200 HZ instead of 120Hz output side --- Beck's circuit will fix this - no need to worry). has large selection of plastic enclosures that have removable 9V battery compartment built in, just search "plastic enclosures 9V" then choose the size that will fit your circuit board -

Circuit board info: One can find bus-prototype circuit board at radio shack. It is one long board that has single power strip on each side and the component connectors have 5 component spots per side.
Like this: X XXXXX XXXXX X

I used the bus-prototype circuit board that I then cut to size with sharp circular box cutoff saw that has very sharp blade (do not use jigsaw as it will shatter the edges of the board - never use gloves with saws of any type - if it gets caught by the blade it will pull your hand into the saw!!!!!!).


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