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Liver cleanse protocol?
willowwisp Views: 1,409
Published: 12 years ago

Liver cleanse protocol?

I've had to put off my liver cleanse until this week, due to having a house guest last week.. and I start tomorrow. Just to make sure I understand how to do everything... I have a few questions.

So, I start off in the morning with the OJ, garlic, Olive Oil, ginger drink.

15 minutes later I drink two cups of the tea that I got from uny.. (would I put the tinctures in this tea? or just drink the tea alone?) also, how does this impact my colon cleanse? I usually take my first dose of that first thing in the am..

Here is where the confusion starts... what about the tinctures? I guess I thought, that I would do the tea/tinctures the same way I did the kidney cleanse.. put the tinctures in the tea, and drink it throughout the day. Can I do it that way? (obviously I would drink 2 cups in the morning.. but then, continue to sip it through the day with the tinctures in it)Or, am I only supposed to drink the 2 cups of tea in the morning. and no more tea the rest of the day? And, the only tinctures I've ever taken were the kidney one from uny, and I put that in tea.. so, if I'm not putting it in tea, how do I take a tincture? Sorry.. I'm like a 3 year old sometimes.. I need very specific instructions...

Also.. I know I need to eat apples, and drink apple juice/cider.. how much are we talking? one or two apples a day? or is there some standard quota?

Then, there are castor oil packs... do I need fresh castor oil for this? I have an old bottle (probably 5+ years old..) can I still use it? or should I buy fresh?

I'm also planning on doing the first "big flush" on saturday night... I've only ever done the "coke flush" so I'm a bit scared to change protocol.. but I'm going to do it with just the juice/oil... can I use sunflower oil, rather than olive for this big flush? (I just find the taste is not as strong as the olive, and it is much easier for me to get down) Also, will OJ be strong enough for the big flush? I usually use lemon.. but I don't think I could get 8 oz of lemon juice down.. and would think that grapefruit, or OJ would be much better. (btw.. I love OJ, but I always have severe diarhea from it... do I need to worry about dehydration? especially since I will be drinking OJ everyday?)

:) I am very excited to get started on the liver tomorrow! I'm making GREAT progress!!

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