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A personal story, part 1 - Tsunami in Thailand

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Published: 12 years ago
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A personal story, part 1 - Tsunami in Thailand

This is not about minerals but a little about health; via intuition, miracles (yes they do happen), a world shaking earthquake / tsunami that I experienced in 2004 in Thailand. Hopefully others will be wiser than I was that day.

10 years prior to this happening I had a magic holiday in Thailand; I was backpacking with some friends, did a lot of parties. Often ended up in trouble; but this time it was as if I had a helping hand from above whatever I did. My friends even commented about me "glowing in the dark" Yes;I felt I was glowing; I swear I could see a light surrounding me at night. Stray dogs would follow me home after late nights; strictly one meter or two on one side; when parking me at my bungalow they had a mission completed look in their face, and left.
I fell in love with this country; and after having children we went down there almost every year, my husband and I.

In 2004 we had split up, but decided to go through with the holiday we had ordered for Christmas. This time I didnt feel so well about it; something was not right, but I brushed away this feeling as I tended to worry a lot at the time, as many parents do.
Well down there we were jumping from island to island, having a great time; except that i kept having a picture of me swimming desperately in the sea with my 5 year old on my back. I could not make the picture go away; nor could i make the lingering fear go away; had no idea what this really was; but I really looked after him on all boat trips; I didnt let him out of my sight for a second.
Some friends sent me e-mails about a possible terror attack in Thailand`s tourist areas; asked me to be careful, I brushed this away too; no way anything like this could happen in this paradise.

My intuition, that usually is like a feather touching me gently on my shoulder, was now screaming for attention, hammering pictures into me. I didnt listen; not when I saw some dolphins acting strangely at a boat trip (they looked sad, jumping up without fun; then they would fall into the water ,like dead.
Not even when our appartment nr was 1109 at our favorite beach hotel where we arrived at Christmas Eve, did I react. I brushed all away as I tried to be a reasonable, sensible mother; not a freak acting on strange sensations and numbers.

So the morning of 26.12.04 I woke up about 7.30am; the room was shaking; I knew it was an earthquake but this was more intense than I ever had experienced before. I felt uneasy about it and was even having a thought about a tsunami; I considered to wake up my ex and the children, but then I thought he would call me hysterical or something, so I didnt do it.
After 10-15 minutes or so another shaking happened, and I was very close to wake them up, but I didnt.

I drifted away to sleep again; and at breakfast time I had forgotten the whole thing. I was sitting with my back towards the ocean, my ex was fronting it; he saw strange things happening in the ocean. None of us telling the other what happened.

After breakfast I went into our 1st floor apartment with my 5 years old; to slash some sunscreen on. the other two went down to the sea (I learned later)

I heard people screaming and was immediately thinking about terror; I looked out our balcony door. I saw the picture I had seen in my thoughts the same morning, a big wave coming toward the beach, people running in front of it.
Acted quickly; took my 5 year old under my arm; ran to the back of the hotel, hoping it was a fire staircase up to the higher floors. It was.
I had no idea where my 8 year old was; hoping his father was on the top of the situation. After 10 minutes or so I could see his father. He was looking for someone,not reacting to my shouting (he didnt hear me, I learned later, the waves made a lot of noise);
I am certain it is my precious first born he is looking for; my heart sink to the level of my navel and it is so painful I can hardly breath.

I try to make my way down to him; not easy but I find a way to get to our apartment.

Finally I am down at ground level; and I can see my precious son fully alive, (he was put on a high spot so his father could look for us..)
What a relief; I feel like crying, but dont as I am afraid to frighten the kids.
My ex have my big camera in his hands (when he realized we were ok; and this is my work) gives it to me and say "take pictures of this, I take care of the children) As a stupid robot I do; I even walk towards the beach, taking pictures of the destruction and even consider to help some fish trapped on land...

Then I realize it is not over, something is happening at sea; it looks like it is boiling out there. I run towards our apartment and call the others to come too. A lot of other people are coming back to their units as we all thought it was over with the first wave.

We are trapped; the wave is 8 meters high this time; over twice than the first one. We are sitting on the brick wall that parts the balconies; trapped.
This time it is serious. Our room is flooded with water, the glass breaks (a lot of people injured of these glass pieces in the water), at one time I look at the sea; it is at a higher level than us. Our hotel is built as two horse shoes, luckily it is a 3-4 meter opening in our section. It keeps the water flow through instead of filling up the floors (this gap saved our lives) only problem is that it fills up with cars, palm trees and other debris. I realize we will die soon if the water goes up any further as we have no way to escape; we have a ceiling over us.

I do something I havent done for 20+ years; I say the Lords Prayers, silently ; it is the only sensible thing I find to do at this moment. I also decide to go in the water if the children falls into it; I decide to die with them if they do; no way I will let them go there alone.

It helps; the prayer helps. the wave actually change direction (I learn to know later); flood the other side of the hotel up to the 3 floor. At our side only the 1 st floor.

The wave is settling down; and I am thinking; lets get the H out of here; end up with a choice of swimming 10 meters with my 5 year old on my back or go towards the next wave in hope of reaching a stairway before the wave hits us.

I find myself in the water with my 5 year old; luckily someone throws a Styrofoam board towards me; makes it possible to swim in the boiling water with 1/3 of my own weight on my back. I dont look back at the other two; I simply do not dare.
Finally safe at the 4th floor; full panic though, people crying, shouting, talking about a 3, BIG wave. Not good.

My 8 year old have a severe traumatic shock; he is old enough to understand that his life is in danger. He is shaking violently, repeating that he is not ready to die; trying to hide in a corner.
My heart dives down for the second time that day.
In despair I ask him ;shall we make a prayer together?
To my surprise he says yes; and while the other two are out looking for the 3 wave I do my second prayer that day, silently together with him.

Just a few minutes after a woman comes towards us; asking me; "do you know that your son has a traumatic shock ?"
Yes, I reply; I do know, but I have nothing I can help him with at the moment. Well, she says; I do; have you heard of Bachs flowers Rescue Remedy ? (Do I ever; I have this flower remedy in my flooded room; heard rumors of its excellent effect when in trauma, never had the chance to try it before, always in my suitcase though..)
I say yes I would really like some Rescue Remedy; a few drops are given under his tongue, and the woman disappear before I can say my thank yous. I never see her again; even if her room was very close to were we was, and she had no place to go, really.

About five minutes after this, my son rises up (he has been in a crouched position for a long time) and says; " I am better now mum; I want to go out and watch the wave."

I would like to continue the story tomorrow night as it is very late; and it is a lot to tell.


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