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where do I go?
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Published: 13 years ago

where do I go?

hello, Iím new to this site and reading all the great knowledge here has prompted a shy confused girl to ask for some help. I hide as best I can the conditions I'm suffering with as I've been struggling for 2 years or more. I need to put an end to these things, Iíve seen numerous health care specialists and spent thousands of pounds. I have found a practitioner who is giving effective colonics but the effects don't last longer than 2 or 3 weeks then I'm back to square one.

Ok, so Iíve suffered with worry, anxiety, being over emotional most of my life. I had a very stressful upbringing even though my parents were kind, they didn't get on and my dad has terrible anger issues which has made me a very on edge person. Iíve always been thin, I managed to put on weight when I reached my mid twenties but I was living off complete junk since I was 14 or so. I ate red meats everyday, barely touched fruit and ate 1 or 2 portions of veg every other day. From 18 Iíve been a binge drinker and took recreational drugs. I was addicted to soda drinks until 2 years ago when I decided enough was enough. I was a good weight despite my diet and felt so confident about this for the first time in my life but inside I was sick...I was on anti-depressants, had constant terrible gas, was getting haemorrhoids, severe bloating, unbearable emotions and pains with my menstrual cycle, vaginal thrush, eczema, fatigue, stress etc.

I saw a nutritionist almost 2 years ago now. She said I had Candida, exhausted adrenals, calc/mag ratios were out, low in sodium. Intolerances to dairy, rice, several fruits, wheat and gluten. She gave me lots of supplements and I felt overwhelmed with it all. She took my money and didn't instruct me well enough to cope with the confusing totally alien program so I decided to research it alone without success.
I have seen several people since then and I don't feel any of them are getting to the root cause of my problem and just give me more and more supps to take. Vie had lots of expensive tests and found out I cannot tolerate fats too well as my liver is congested. I was severely folic acid depleted as well.
I have had all metal work removed from my mouth which I think helped me a bit. The colonics are helping me at the time but it doesn't last. The lady I see now said I have leaky gut but I seem to be taking expensive products and there are a lot to think about and Iím still overwhelmed. I have found that magnesium citrate gives me more energy, progesterone cream and borage oil is helping the period pains but I have a horrible headache as I type this. My stomach is so massive from bloating and I can't eat any meals without looking pot bellied. I seem to have stopped myself getting vaginal thrush by inserting probiotics internally and applying tea tree oil in that area at night. I can now eat honey without having a breakout. I have had cystitis since before Xmas 2008. I take cranberry tabs everyday to calm this but I still pee maybe 15 or 20 times a day. Iím confused and stressed about what is wrong with me and nobody seems to genuinely want to help me and on top of that I really don't feel like I can go on anymore. I'm so sorry this is so long but I need help and being strong for my family all the time is breaking me inside and I feel really old, not 31.

I eat lots of fruit and veg and hardly have any meat now except fish. I avoid grains most of the time and have Quinoa instead. I eat sauerkraut (homemade). I have a super food smoothie for breakfast, salady things for lunch and I have a daily fresh juice of veggies and fruits. I donít drink alcohol or touch sugar, pasterised dairy, potatoes and always stick to whole foods. I weigh 8stone now and have lost 1.5stone in the last 2 years.

I feel this site is my last hope so any advice is gratefully received.

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