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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

"Maybe its the relay because when i turn down the pot it does not make a click"

The 100K POT should only control output current, if there is a on/off switch on it then that will turn of all voltage.

On the older build you have 2 switches - one should control the timer circuit and other turns on the 3x9V circuit on relay. this switch could be just one switch that turns on 2 separate circuits at the same time.

"i notice u have 3 connections on your jack plug on yours and also 3 on your taper pot"

your jack does not need to have 3 connections as you are using momentary on switch to turn on voltage checking circuit. That is the purpose of the 3rd pin on my jack - once I place plug in this circuit is disabled.

My 100K adjustable POT has 3 connectors, I only use 2 connectors middle and one of the end ones, since the POT has on/off switch on it, then I have to start with maximum resistance and as I turn it up the resistance drops to zero and current increases.
"on yours it does not say if the led is bicolor or just single colour?"

I use bicolor LED, which color is fleshing depends on the direction of voltage passing through it, this is controlled by the 18V Zenner Diodes. The Zenners limit voltage passing through the BI-color LED to max 18V, where rectifiers only control the direction of voltage.


"does the out put between 27-33 volts at the correct frequency and do exactly the same as the becks 1 i have been making, from what i understand the 1 i have been making also makes Colloidal Silver as well as being a zapper."

Yes the frequency is 4-5 Hz (this depends on quality of .1uF CAP and of the resistors). Beck did stated that frequency is not as important - he was more concerned with polarizing the body with just one polarity (this could cause health risk)

You can also add the Colloidal Silver making circuit to my design - excluded this to make my device as small as possible, if you choose bigger enclosure you will have plenty of room to fit this CS circuit into it.


"i have a double pole double throw switch, however i am using this a a double pole single throw, is that ok"

Yes your switch should work fine.

S.P.S.T = Single Pole, Single Throw switches control a single wire circuit.
S.P.D.T = Single Pole, Double Throw swithches control two single wire circuits permitting only one circuit to be energized at a time.
D.P.S.T = Double Pole, Single Throw switches control two circuits simultaneously. Circuits are ON at the same time, OFF at the same time and may be of different voltages from separate sources.
D.P.D.T = Double Pole, Double Throw switches control four circuits, permitting only two circuits to be energized at a time.


"what percentage resistors you are using"

all are 5% 1/4 watt


"the polarity of only 1 of the capacitors is stated on the drawing, and also the diodes too."

10uF and 22uF CAPs are polarized electrolytic direction of + and - maters.
all 10uF caps connecting to ground are minus polarity,
all 10uF caps connecting to pin 2 on the 7660D chip are minus polarity to pin 2.

The .1uF is radial ceramic cap (non polarized) if you can only get polarized then make sure minus lead goes to ground. This cap connects to pin 2 on the LM358 chip.


"normal diodes not zeners?"

18V zenner diodes connecting from pin 7 on the LM358

1N5819 Schottky rectifier (1A 40V) connecting from pin 8 on the 7660D chip.


I'm more then happy to answer any of your questions.



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