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Published: 12 years ago
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Firstly, to answer your questions re: Dr. Sutter. In a nutshell, the protocol I suggest is taken directly from the three most successful natural healers of whom the world has ever known (that I am aware of)...Dr. Gerson, Dr. Christopher & Dr. Schulze . Between them, they cured tens of thousands of people from every type of disease known to man...and Drs. Christopher/Schulze did it without ANY type of isolated supplement or ANY possibility of causing harm (Dr. Gerson used some isolated substances that could cause harm and he did do weekly blood tests, etc., to make sure 'all was well).

As far as I am aware, Dr. Sutter's protocol is based upon a protocol he devised to heal himself (with lots of other research, of course). I have seen him suggest all manner of isolated substances that have potential to harm the body and throw the body out of homeostasis...and of course as most all CZers know, I am ADAMANTLY opposed to the use of phosphoric acid (and coca-cola) when Liver Flushing (or for any other reason) - and here's why: //

Perhaps what Insight says is correct (I don't know, I don't have his book); but from his posts I see MANY things that conflict directly with Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze & Dr. Gerson.

Dr. Sutter's protocol and advise has likely helped MANY people to heal (and take responsibility for their health)...and stay OUT of the hands of allopathic medicine. His motives are pure, selfless and appreciated. I happen to feel the works of Drs. Gerson, Christopher & Schulze are more balanced and effective...and have a far less risk of harm. Onward to you.


You and Miss Helfinger seem to think the ONLY protocol begins with colon cleansing, parasite eradication, and working upward to the liver and kidneys. Sutter's approach is "from the top down," starting with parasite herbs to kill the parasites infesting the liver and then flushing them out with the coke flush.<<<

Nope, I don't know what Miss H has suggested to you, but I suggest that you do it ALL simultaneously...for this reason:

****Doing one cleanse at a time, can many times work against us. Think of it like restoring an automobile that's been driven hard & fast for 30 years without much (any!) regular maintenance...and really (REALLY!) cheap fuel - many times 'fuel' that was definitely not even designed for the car! The exhaust is clogged, the fuel lines are filthy, the oil/filter needs changed (desperately), the carburetor needs calibrated and cleaned, sparks & plugs changed & gapped, alternator fixed/adjusted; transmission rebuilt (or at least overhauled); suspension aligned; new tires needed, brake pads replaced., etc. If you cleanse the exhaust & fuel lines (similar to the colon & parasite) before cleansing the oil/filter and carb (liver & parasites), you end up filthy fuel lines and clogged exhaust before you ever get the carb/oil/filter work. But if you do the oil/filter/carb before you cleanse the fuel lines and get the gunk out of the exhaust and deal the points & plugs, the plugs'll be corroded again before you know it. New tires & brake pads before an alignment? A waste of new tires/brake pads. If the alternater is 'shorting or weak' that stresses all the system parts....the electrical flow through the engine is no different than the electrical flow through the body. Change to high-grade fuel before cleansing and restoring the damage from the cheap fuel? :::sigh::: That can end up being a waste of fuel (too rich for the compromised system to handle). The human body is no different. It's always much more effective to 'put it up on blocks' and do a full body cleanse/restore, than it is to do it one at a time. Yep, it's more work, but it's FAR more effective (and you'll get MUCH more life out of the car by doing it that way). Remember: in this toxic/poisoned world, our bodies are like high-performance automobiles CONSTANTLY in overdrive (generally running on VERY low grade fuel with extremely little maintenance). There's no truly safe/healthy protocol (maintenance) we can do, that's as extreme as the totally unnatural conditions we live in. And it's only MDs and "alternative practicioners" that believe we can deal with one system of the body at a time. EVERY system/organ in the body depends upon every other. (Perhaps those analogies weren't "mechanically/technically perfect", but I'm sure you get the idea). In one of Dr. Schulze s interviews he talks about how many people say: "Well I did a colon cleanse; I did several Liver Flushes already; yeah, I juice fasted a few years ago; yes! I did hot/cold showers; I tried the vegan thing; I took herbs...none of it worked!" And Dr. Schulze replies, "But did you ever do everything TOGETHER?".****

[edit] The time to parasite cleanse is during colon cleansing & liver flushing....and then anytime there's parasites once the elimination channels are open. The critters feed, breed & hide in the mucoid plaque, crevices & 'diverticulitis bubbles' in the intestines. Anybody that claims you can successfully eradicate critters (by just using herbs) without doing deep & thorough colon cleansing (to eliminate their main source of food, housing, breeding grounds AND their MAIN place to hide from killing herbs)...either makes a LOT of money selling parasite herbs, or is pretty dull.


>>> Ashwagandha worked a little bit but has since ceased.<<<

For consideration: I often hear people say: "The herbs in the IF#1: have stopped working - I've acclimated to them - they're addictive, I keep needing more - I need more to accomplish the same thing., etc" And I respond: have you thoroughly and deeply cleansed your colon since you've been taking the IF#1? NO have you altered your diet so that you stop forming mucous? NO have you increased fiber and fluids? NO have you done ANYTHING to increase your peristalsis or heal your body and stop your condition from getting worse? NO.

Hmmm, then, maybe perhaps, since they're the same exact same herbs and you're taking them the exact same way...that instead of the herbs not working the same way - perhaps your condition has worsened? What say you? To my knowledge, you've added nicotine (which worsens adrenal issues substantially). You said you'd stop smoking pot, but now you're smoking again. So perhaps that 'line of thought' makes some sense to you. ???


>>>Honestly all this stuff is rubbish, and I would trade it all for a lack of brain fog.<<<

Well, I'd call coffee, cigarettes & reefer in the presence of adrenal distress & Effexor a bit of a different word than "rubbish"...but since I do my best to 'keep it wholesome', "rubbish" will have to suffice.

If you would really "trade it all for lack of brain fog", then put them down already. Caffeine & nicotine are likely the TWO WORST SUBSTANCES (other than Ritalin, Cocain or Meth) for adrenal distress. Cannabis INDUCES adrenal distress. I've got two tinctures that are LIFE SAVERS here...Kola Nut or the Brain Formula (that has Kola Nut) WILL help you get off the coffee without those horrendous 'sick headaches from hell'. And Lobelia WILL help you get off the nicotine (and it's a gentle sedative as well).

Let's leave out the worst offenders (caffeine, cannabis & nicotine) and go to the "adjuncts"...the fluoride/chlorine in the water of the coffee and the additives in the cigarettes.

Read this regarding fluoride (there WILL be a test :)

Read this regarding cigarette additives (ditto):

So, you can't REALLY expect me to believe that YOU expect your body to heal itself while you're plowing it with all that, right? Of course, right.


Sumner, I need your help here (I really do...this needs to be posted in 'good form' but I really don't have the time). Please (if you'd be so kind) go through these next two links, and post the top 5-10 reasons why someone with adrenal issues shouldn't drink caffeine or smoke.

Google search on: adrenal +coffee OR caffeine:

Google search on: adrenal +nicotine OR cigarettes

(That's fair right? You help me -and everybody that'll be reading the information for years- and I'll help you...that seems 'right' to me). Besides, your 'style' is SO effective...please, please, purdy please? :)


Google search on: adrenal +cannabis OR marijuana

It bandaids the symptoms but worsens the condition exponentially....for some, it even causes adrenal stress.

Dude, I've BTDT. I've defended it's use; I've railed against the PTB and their bullshyt regarding marijuana; I've justified, and I used it to "treat" Depression for years. It cost me eight years of my life.

Bottom line, it's making you matter HOW much it feels like it's not. The other bottom line: if the PTB wanted to stop the use of MJ (or any other illegal drug) they could. The reason they don't is because it IS VERY harmful and VERY addicting (ever know a daily pot smoker that quit successfully?). It serves their purposes QUITE well for people to be running around in a THC induced fog believing they're not compromised.

'Just like with all their other propaganda, they've done a FANTASTIC job with this - they've "created" a rebellion/attitude that causes tens of thousands of people to become addicted and sick. It's a scam; you've been duped; I was duped. Let's just admit it...and be smarter & healthier.


First rule of healing: STOP doing what is killing you; start doing what will make you well.

STOP ingesting and inhaling like THE three top things you're ingesting that INDUCE adrenal distress. If you don't care enough about yourself to get tough on yourself, there's no one else that does.


Regarding the Effexor - it's very possibly (very likely) that your rash is induced by the Effexor:

It's also typical that withdrawing off Effexor too rapidly can cause HORRENDOUS & BRUTAL side effects and issues. If you haven't already, please check out this program

(specific for your class of drug
...and then get back to me and tell me what you think (and why or why not you will or will not give give this program some consideration). It's NOT 100% natural...but it has worked for MANY people. I can help you put together a similar program (as likely can Miss H)...but just trying to "tough through" an Effexor withdrawal is NOT safe, sane, nor do I recommend it.


Whether it's been a day, a week, a month or a year (or more)...the truth you're going to HAVE to deal with is this: You're on FOUR physically addictive substances, all four induce adrenal distress, anxiety, mood changes, Depression and mental abnormalities. All four harm your body, cause the very thing you're wanting to be free from, and prevent your body from healing. Someone using addictive substances that knows they are harming themselves but will not stop using them is called what? An addict.

"They" did it to you with the Effexor - but you're doing it to yourself with the rest.

Superfood - 6T daily
Fish Oil - 1200 EPA/600 DHA daily
Ashwagandha - 3T daily
IF#1 = 3 bms daily
If needed:
Brain Formula or Kola Nut (to withdraw from coffee)
Lobelia (to withdraw from cigarettes)
Backbone (to withdraw from cannabis) flu-like symptoms are very typical when withdrawing

How will you feel? FLAT. You'll likely feel like you'll never laugh or be yourself again - you won't feel 'sharp' or witty or funny....that's what happens when you use stimulants and substances that alter and artifically increase/enhance your brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) to abnormal levels...when you withdraw, the brain chemicals have been artificially elevated for so long, that a normal level feels like the pits...and it can take weeks or months for a normal level to feel normal again. Use this recovery time to get your sleep schedule right. Every time you 'give in', you set yourself back substantially. You'll deal with it sooner or later Sumner, and the longer it takes to decide to deal with it...the worse you will become and the worse/harder it will be. I promise.

You can win, but you're going to HAVE to fight! (and it's NOT a fun battle to fight). There's no magic bullet for this. You can have EVERYTHING you CAN be yourself, you CAN be in charge of your life and your future - but not when you can't stop ingesting/using addictive substances that harm you. You don't need more information from Miss H, from Doc Sutter, from me, or anybody else. You just need to APPLY what you ALREADY know...understanding that it took quite awhile for to get into this mess, and it's going to take quite awhile for your body to get you out of it. (but of course, I'm sure we'll all be here to help you with the 'details').

>>>Honestly all this stuff is rubbish, and I would trade it all for a lack of brain fog.<<<

You've got all the evidence you need now...what you do with it WILL determine your future.

Healthiest of blessings -


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