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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

Q: "I still dont quite get it with the diodes at the bottom , ive finished everything else and just need to change those zeners and then its done, could u please re-send the drawing with the diode arrangement corrected on it"

A: All the previous links have the corrected diagram.

Q: "I have connected the circuit exactly as per your drawing that you have provided but somehow its still not working, could it be that its not working because i have used a 1uF CAPACITOR instead of a 0.1uF , i did not know which 1 you meant so i have put in a 1uF, the 1 in the bottom left hand corner around the resistors,"

A: If you want polarity switching frequency of 4.5Hz then you should use the .1uF cap, the cap you are using (1uF) increases the time before polarity switches, this should not effect output voltage.

Q: "another thing i have done different is that i did not have a 2.4 Mohm resistor so i have used 2 of which being a 2.2 meg and a 100k, is that ok,is there a sequence of tests i can do to test out the problem."

A: This will work fine, it causes very small difference, but what maters is how you hooked them up together. To get resistance of 2.3M ohm with 2 resistors, you have to connect them in serial (like this -XXXX--XXXX-)
If you connected them in parallel then you have altered the performance of this circuit and should fix that as above.
But even with wrong resistor you should be getting around 8V with full 9V battery.

"My lady is coming over from switzerland tomorrow and i want to give it to her as a gift, thats why i am on this trying so hard,"

You're really nice, I hope you get it to work.

Q: "The bulb is not lighting, i have 1.3 volts at the silver jack plug," tested the polarity of the switch which seems to be ok, zero volts at zapper jack plug, nothing on LED, my chips are 7660S and LM358N, please let me know asap, thanks."

I have checked the data sheet for 7660S and it will perform same as 7660D chip. Same is with LM358N, it works same as LM358P.

The bulb will only light if there is 18V present.

-The CS jack should have full voltage of 33V - there is something a miss in your circuit. Could be wrong polarity on step up circuit electrolytic caps - recheck that.
-check voltage between ground (minus on battery) and the last rectifier (top right of the diagram) it should read 33V or more on a full battery. - If not check the one bellow that and so on. Make sure the rectifiers are connected in the right direction as shown in the diagram. Check if you have made the right jumpers from underneath the board. Also check that there are no shorts (two components making contact - only the conductive parts) between components
-Also trace your circuit and make sure that there is no shorts between adjacent soldering points that are not suppose to make contact. Use a magnifying lens or reading glasses if you have them.
-Did you make the jumpers on top of the circuit as well as the jumpers bellow the circuit? When you connect pin 3 to pin 5 from underneath the board are you sure you connecting the right pins (it could be confusing when flipping the board as pin 3 is now on the right side and pin 5 is on left side in this perspective)

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