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so what do we do about the fluoride now!?

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Free Teeth Cure!
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Anne_33 Views: 2,849
Published: 12 years ago
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so what do we do about the fluoride now!?

on fluoride:
since the dangers are obvious and it is virtually unavoidable at some point...what/can we do now?
I have always been a water drinker and thought I was doing good by putting a filter on my tap..!! wrong!
I don't have the money $5000 to put a whole ECO water system in my home to take care of the problem ..
and what about the plastic jugs that distilled water comes in ?what is leaching outta them?
how bout a water distiller? how much are they? I need to check into that fer shure.. LOL
if I bought one(distiller) I would still be taking a shower in fluoridated water so how can I win? I do however have a filtered shower head that takes out only chlorine.. :(
and what about Cell Phone s? yep I have one and I consider it a need cause I have children and a business to run ...I do use a bluetooth though which is thought to emit less radiation..but I do need to know where my children are and that they are ok and coming home when they say they will.. and there are many people round here that no longer have a landline cause of cellphones and payphones are getting obsolete..
what about all those granite countertops that are so popular .. the radon they can emit is off the charts depending on the rock of course..!!!way more than Cell Phone s too! but everybody round here wants em !! its the new thing ya know ..update!update! update your home ! keep up with them Jones'es cause HGTV says so...
this crap is unbelieveable!!! we are doomed from the start huh ?

ok back to fluoride... can charcoal/bentonite help take it outta our bodies and if so then that should be a daily protocol for everyone huh?? what u thinks UNY?
I know I feel better when I take it and my mood is much better also... is charcoal/bentonite the new medicine for what ailes us ?is it the key to longivety? I dunno .

ok I do know that we can control what we put into our bodies to a certain extent but we cannot control the air we breathe outside and exposures to radiation via towers and nuclear plants and etc..etc..and government mandated vaccinations on top of that!! my daughter is required to get Hep B vaccine in the 8th grade or she will not be allowed to go to school !!! the more I think about these things the madder I get and apparently my body has not had enough fluoride to make me puppetized to render unto the powers that be! I am a stubborn person who does not like being told what to do/eat/drink/ or how to live my frickin life... I can make those choices on my own!but its looking like we don't have choices anymore and therefore that being said this is not a free country!!! only to do what we want if the government approves!

oh yeah .. I cannot home school my child unless I am a christian or their so called christian cause thats the only courses around here!!! and I refuse to be at their mercy and beck and call either! I am a religious person but I don't like politics in religion..nuff said bout that.

I am just so angry right now and truly fed up/confused as what to do next..
thanks to Uny for putting the info out there ..I hope everyone reads it and starts a change ..

love and peace


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