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Re: Trying to cleanse for heavy metals

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Trying to cleanse for heavy metals

Yeah, nothing wrong with pulling things that work from all areas of medicine. Even from radical fundamentalists. A lot of my core foundations in healing come from MH. Would I trust the man to advise me in diet? lol, I did trust him and I got my self hurt. MH and Moreless act exactly the same, they just pitch different 'cheap' sales. Tons of what they say works great, but when you do every thing they tell you to do and you still fail what happens? They blame it on you. These are not people who will say, 'I really don't know how to help you at this point.' It's not in their vocabulary, their either telling you what to do while calling you an idiot and then strapping on 'god bless' at the end or just plain calling you an idiot. Either way, they both preach this 'one cure, cures all' mentality and I think at this point of history we need to seriously question any one who tells us there is only one way or the high way. As well we most certainly should be skeptical when one says, 'it will cure any thing.' Any time some one says some thing like that to you, it's bull. Sorry, but it is. Now in their defense, they preach systems that contain many elements and I understand that. However; they still bash any other system but theirs and that should always make you wonder what's going on.

Every time in humanities history we have listened to these people one hundred percent, we've gotten in big trouble. Whether it be in deciding wars, or telling us how to get better through nutrition you don't trust fundamentalist propaganda if your gut tells you it's not right. If you read Moreless and every thing he says passes the sniff test, then go for it. But take the damn time to actually sniff, don't just look for good results and say, 'oh yes this is the big one!' Nah nah, take your time, chill out and really READ up on this stuff. If you decide it works for you, awesome! But don't all of a sudden think it's the answer to every one elses health problems. The second you step into a healing modality and you start projecting your beliefs on other peoples conditions, that's the second you KNOW you got it wrong. These are people who have thrown out logic because they were 'hurt' by modern medicine and then just assumed that all logic based medicine is hazardous and all fundamentalist natural modalities are dominant when used correctly. These are guys who you could bring hundreds of people healed by modern practices in front of them, and they would say, "Sure they look fine now but their all going to be dead soon." It's delusional psychosis that gives you a large portion of Sugar with a small amount of cyanide snuck in. Don't fall for it.

Really these guys just threw out logic for systems that work some times and not the others. Look, I understand how painful for a lot of it can be to not have a stable beacon of hope that we can swim too. And I also know how painful it can be to not succeed when the other followers are getting the lives they want, but you can't just compare your selves to them that always leads to despair and death. And if you think their going to care if you die trying their methods, think again. They will sweep your story under the rug so fast and if any one brings it up they will insult your dead body and call you an absolute m*o*o*n. This is the truth.

It's the same problem we've had in martial arts, boxing instructors and kung-fu masters claiming their way is the only true way every thing else sucks. It wasn't until Bruce Lee came along and collected from every thing he could find that we we're liberated from this form of psychosis. But even still to this day I see tae-kwon-do instructors teaching people how to kick a gun out of some ones hands at knife point. Yeah, it sounds great and it looks very pretty but...odds are you're going to get shot. You search for the truth and you READ every thing from every one. Don't just stop at some mad herablists rants about god and the pope, or some next dudes vision of perfect PH with his miracle drink. Yeah, a lot of what they say works just great. But...when you get caught in some thing they say that DOESN'T all seems not worth it. Trust me. Kind of like communist Russia, at first every thing seemed great but when the real implications of their decisions caught up to them, it was too late and many had to take a big bite out of the pie they cooked. Some liked the taste, others died from it.

Not to mention they all speak in the same way, they never give lee way for conditional existence it's always black and white, god and the devil, fasting or fruiting what ever. Read from these people, listen to them but dear god don't just trust them because of their confidence and how perfect every thing they say sounds. Search for the truth, or face your downfall.

I'm sure many are going to just bombard me with replies and point out circumstances where I'm wrong. Maybe even reply with posts that some of these people made that show how great they are. My preemptive response? I know some of these people are good people at heart, but their ignorance and their lack of research makes them dangerous to some and I just won't put up with it. I don't even care what any one says about what I just said, I'm proud of my journey and I'm proud of my understanding and my lack of tolerance of what these 'good hearted' mad hatters do to people. I won't reply to any one about this comment, and I won't apologize. It needs to be said, and I said it, so SUE me(ahahaha even if you wanted to I don't got no money!).

Listen to your own heart, never stop reading(if you're ill do your best) don't let any one speak to you like an idiot and especially don't listen to people because they are confident and their followers preach their brilliance.

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