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All in one :) Dr. Christopher/Schulze media - Re: ORIGINAL BF&C Formula

Original Dr. Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Original Dr. Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Free Natural Teeth Restoration!
The Powder that heals, protects, remineralizes

Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

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Published: 12 years ago
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All in one :) Dr. Christopher/Schulze media - Re: ORIGINAL BF&C Formula


Hallo everyone, Howdy Alphalifestyle :::wink::: me be an "alpha" too :)


I would like to know, where I can order some of the original Bone, Flesh and Cartilage formula of Dr Schulz. As has been posted, we have the tincture, tea, and oil imbued with the BF&C herbs in our Storefront...the "original".

I just found this forum and the work of Dr Schulz one day ago and I am pretty impressed. Especially this formula sounds like what I was looking for! Unfortunatly, so I read, Dr. Schulz's children are not treating their heritage with the respect it would deserve and watered the original formula of BF&C down... is there still a shop that sells the formula in the original strenght? To set the record straight (you're not the first to 'cross' the two) - Dr. John R. Christopher created the BF&C formula; he was one of Dr. Schulzes teachers/mentors.  Dr. Christopher practiced primarily from the 1940's through the 1970's; Dr. Schulze from the 70's through the late 80's/early 90's.  Both were prevented from healing people because of persecution from the law and other Powers That Be (Dr. Schulze would still be in jail right now, had he not been released before trial due to a technicality).  Dr. Schulze is still alive...but unlike the aging Dr. Christopher (who focused on teaching after his final arrest), Dr. Schulze has focused on 'selling product'.  And to the dismay of MANY people, he/his website offers products & information that contradict the teaching and protocols that he used while curing the thousands of people he cured while practicing.  It seems that the pressures from the Powers That Be have ' have worn him down.
If yes, I have a question about the application: I have a tissue damage at the tip of my penis, which was inflicted by a zipper and for some reason is not healing... can I use the formula on my penis?  Yes, you'd want to use the oil, or a fomentation made from the tea.  (A fomentation is basically a cloth soaked in an herbal tea).  That's a tough place to heal because there's not much circulation; it's a mightly tough area to secure a 'bandaid' or any type of poultice; and whatever one applies is rubbed off by underwear and/or t.p. (or dissolved away by urine) or both, depending upon the exact location. 

Here's what I suggest: using the BF&C oil (which is in a base of coconut oil, so the second it touches your skin it 'melts' into liquid), apply it liberally to the area after every time you urinate (being sure to remove all traces of urine before application - "shaking" is not good enough, lol).   You might want to 'wrap it in gauze' so the oil doesn't soak through your skivvies and make it appear that you peed yer britches.  Then everynight before bed, mix (both organic, of course) natural aloe vera gel with sliperry elm powder to the consistency of Play-Dough...and pack that onto/around the owee (sources below).  If allowed to dry, you might get lucky and that would adhere to the wound (which would be PERFECT!...if you can urinate).  Slippery Elm (but even more effective with aloe) will actually heal and regrow skin on a decubitus ulcer/bedsore!).  When we use this blend, typically it's packed 'into' the wound, allowed to dry, and then not removed (it absorbs into the skin)...and one just continues to apply more until the healing is complete, then just gently wash away what remains on the outside.  How long will it take?  Not knowing the extent of the damage I can't say for sure, but it's very possible you'll be 'all fixed up' in around 7-10 days (maybe less).  You can get both the aloe gel and the slippery elm bark powder here: Mountain Rose


It is VERY important to get PURE ORGANIC aloe gel - most on the market is just chemical gel with a tiny bit of aloe.  It'll say 100% PURE ALOE gel...but if you look closely, you see that there's a myriad of other chemicals & synthetic gel, and around 2-3% aloe.  What tiny bit of aloe gel is in the bottle is "100% pure", but the rest is garbage.


Also which book/DVD is recommended to get an overview about Schulz's work? 


Perfect, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.
Now, which book or other media would you recommend to get a grasp of Dr Schulz's healing system?


Well, we ALL wish that was an easy question to answer - but it's not! :(


Dr. Christopher's children have taken over his company since his death, and in kowtowing to the Powers That Be, and altered everything he ever wrote to comply with their pressure & threats...and unless one is comparing his original works 'side by side' with the newer versions, there's no way to actually know what are Dr. Christopher's words and what his children have altered.    One can occasionally find (on eBay and from vintage book sellers) his original writings (he died in 1982/83, so anything published before that is 'original). 


There's also a set of videos that was made at his school (The School of Natural Healing in Utah) shortly before his's generally referred to as "Herbalist Seminars" (17 hours)...and is currently offered on DVD by his children for $395.00.  The quality is HORRIBLE (on VHS or DVD) - there are many stops & starts with large sections 'cut'...yet it is the ONLY video record of Dr. Christopher...and the information and inspiration is priceless!  You can occasionally find the VHS videos on eBay for around $50-$60.  Or you can currently watch/download them on Google video.  There's also a set of 10 audio CD's (Dr. John R. Christopher's Herbal Lectures) which you can find being sold retail at various places (for around $60-$80).  They are also priceless and totally original.  Here's a list of the publications originally written by Dr. Christopher:




       List of Conditions and Ailments
       List of Herbal Combinations and Formulas


I took the list above from my copy of a CD entitled "The Complete Writings of Dr. John R. Christopher" - this CD was created for Windows 3.1, is "original" and not edited, and I consider myself HUGELY blessed to have found one of the last copies available (before his children 'worked it over' for a new version, that I don't know if they've marketed yet or not).  This one was originally marketed for right around $100 (I paid much more).  As you can see from the list above, this contains ALL of his newsletters AND his unpublished writings.  Even though this CD works on any computer, because it's designed for Win 3.1, it's kind of tricky to navigate (it has it's own 'search program', as did most everything designed for 3.1)...but I've always been able to find everything I wanted to find.

Here is a link to his children's offerings:


I am SURE that Guide to Colon Health has complete sections that are not Dr. Christopher's writing, because it includes a section on using IF#2...IF#2 was formulated by Dr. Schulze, and Dr. Christopher never used it (because it wasn't yet even created when he was in practice)...yet this book is written as if Dr. Christopher wrote all the words in it :(  As far as the other pamplet-sized books, I've never seen any of them, so I don't know what his children have done to them. 


What I do know?  There's no way in this world I would EVER give his children ANY money, nor will I ever stop espousing the truth of how they have altered his words, his works, his formulas...and now they use cheap, toxic, imported herbs in his products, too. Yell   Dr. Christopher risked his freedom, his own health, his family's well-being and his very LIFE (he was arrested 7 times) to ensure the truth and healing of God/Nature would be carried to anyone and everyone that needed it.  And his children have disregarded  disrespected, dishonored and defecated on his life, legacy and sacrifices - they have prevented people from learning/knowing the truth and altered his formulas (end result, people NOT being healed) order to comply with the Powers That Be so that they can be wealthy.   There are some things they DO deserve (for sure), but it's not my money.




Dr. Schulzes writings & works (another "story").


Frustratingly to all of us, most ALL of Dr. Schulzes writings were published 'in tandem' with a man that made his living interviewing and then publishing/selling works of various healers, NDS and alternative medicine practicioners.  And the copyrights are somehow "joint".  This interviewer no longer offers ANY of the works (newsletters or video series/manuals) that he originally published of Dr. there's no way he can profit from them (he doesn't offer them for sale).  But for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, if anybody copies the originals and offers them for sale or for small donations, they are immediately his with letters/lawsuits from his attorneys and 'cease & desist' orders.  So again, the original works of Dr. Schulze (when he was in clinical practice) are VERY difficult to come by.


The most awesome/complete of Dr. Schulzes publications is/was the Save Your Life series...which contains his "Incurables Program". It was originally 12 VHS videos and a 650 page manual.  You find the videos frequently on eBay, but it's rare to find the manual...and the manual contains the 'meat' of the series.  You can also find (occasionally) a random Save Your Life video (usually titled something else, to keep 'the interviewer' from finding them) on Google video/Youtube.

We do have available to us (on Google video) Dr. Schulzes Natural Healing Crusade - you can read about that here (as well as download the original manual, which is QUITE a find!):


There are also random videos on Google video & Youtube of Dr. Schulzes - we have a few in our Storefront (and we're listing a couple of new ones of Dr. Schulzes 2-3 hours from now).


If you're interested in more than the various videos you can find online (or in our Storefront), email me


Healthiest of blessings,



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