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Borax-Boron;consolidated info
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Published: 14 years ago

Borax-Boron;consolidated info

Borax is a controversial remedy; I get quite a few PMs about it, usually about dosage/ how to take it / where to buy the right stuff etc. Here are som Facts;

Boron content of Borax is approx 11 %
I have tried 3 kinds, one from pharmacy, one a la Mule Team and one from a chemical supplier; I could not tell the difference between those 3.
Borax is classified as a chemical, but it is usually a mined product;

It has some H202 quality and emulsifies fat. Hence its use as laundry powder.

Best info on Borax use is at earth clinic;

mr. Olree is best on Boron;

Short about dosage; standard dose is 1/8 of a level teaspoon in one liter of water for women and 1/4 for men.
-Or make capsules and down it with a large glass of water.

IMO this is a low dosage; I have used 1/4 for a long time now, this seem to be a fit dosage for me (I am 60 kilos)
I have given the same dosage to children with no adverse effect so far; but they did not have the remedy every day; more like every other day or less.
But; as with Iodine and most / all other supplements, dosage are individual; I recommend starting slow and low in case you are sensitive to it.

I have found it best to take after meals; as it is very alkaline and I dont want it to interfere with the
digestion acids.
In the beginning I thought it was the fungus killing quality that made borax work; but lately I have changed view on the matter; I simply think it is needed in greater amounts now because

1. A high aluminum intake these days (ALU inhibits boron)
Olree,"Boron is easily displaced by aluminum,
losing three boron molecules for
every aluminum molecule"
2. Candida / fungus is a widespread problem.
3. Most of us have a way to high fluoride intake
4. Boron is highly needed by two important strains of gut bacterias according to Olree. Without these strains your digestion wont work properly.
5. It works very well together with iodine; I have not figured out why, yet; maybe because it inhibits fluoride.

It is of course possible to take boron as capsules; but;this boron usually comes from Borax.

Toxicitity levels of Borax is about the same as table salt ;
LD 50 is approx 3000 mg pr kilo body weight.
(LD = leathal dose)

I overdosed borax on purpose a while ago; took 1 and a half teaspoon for 10 days; I developed a dry crusty nose and some dryness of skin, thats all. I then discontinued the borax and the symptoms was gone in 3 days.
In this homeopathic reading below one can find out more what happens if you overdose Borax, as this is how they make the provings of homeopathic remedies;

Why use borax;
I did it because I had systemic candida for 20 years and was ready to do whatever to combat this.
It keeps the fungus in check for sure; I have been 90%symptom free for almost 2 years now.
Fungus, mycoplasma and insects have little to no utilization of boron, but it is essential for plants and mammals. This is why you may use it as an insecticide.
Boron is essential for many plant functions. Some of them are;

Maintaining a balance between Sugar and starch.
The translocation of Sugar and carbohydrates.
It is important in pollination and seed reproduction.
It is necessary for normal cell division, nitrogen metabolism, and protein formation.
It is essential for proper cell wall formation.
It plays an important role in the proper function of cell membranes and the transport of K to guard cells for the proper control of internal water balance.

I have used it with great success on enuresis / frequent urination on children; It works well and very fast, again together with iodine.
It works on dandruff and skin fungus; and also a Psoriasis case was cleared in a month or two with the combo Iodine / borax + companions.

(BTW she still have no sign of the psoriasis)

Lately I have tried it as a pain killer; my own 10 year old son get stomach ache every now and then when he eats poorly; I then give him one capsule of borax (1/4 of a level teaspoon) and one capsule of magnesium oil; as there is some cramping involved. Usually he is a lot better within half an hour to one hour. The same combo used on growing pains and general muscle pain is also effective on him.

It also works on Arthritis pain; but this is not as effective as I hoped it would be.

Other uses of borax;
It can save your life if you are fluoride poisoned;
you can also use it as a fluoride detox

It was used after Chernobyl;
"OLREE; The backup system to force-fed potassium Iodine in
severe, acute radioactive poisoning is a
mineral called boron. In the entire table of
elements, including subatomic particles,
there is only one mineral that is capable of
accepting and ionizing radiation that
never changes the innards or the nucleus
of the cell ó boron. The protons and the
neutrons do not change under any conditions
in the boron molecule. Boron can
take radiation and release it without upsetting
this very delicate balance."

It is also used for osteoporosis and arthritis;
balances the hormones in menopause women.

In Minerals for the Genetic Code,
boron comes off as one of four magnificent
minerals ó the other three being iodine,
selenium and magnesium ó that belong
in the survival kit of most people in most
parts of the country. "It is probably safe
to say that most physicians no longer
remember ó if they ever knew ó that
boron plays a part in the bodyís sugar
metabolism equation."

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