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Green Sinus Congestion Daily 10+ Years

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Published: 12 years ago

Green Sinus Congestion Daily 10+ Years

Hi Hver, I'm hoping you might have the answer to this because I just can't seem to figure it out.

For at least the last 10+ years I've awoken every morning with light green congestion which I have to hawk up as it drains down the back of my throat.

What I've never been able to determine is if chronic allergies alone can cause this or if green phlegm/congestion always indicates an infection? As I'm sensitive to quite a few things this wouldn't surprise me.

I had multiple ear infections as a very young baby & had tubes put in a few times. My hearing crackles & pressure changes when I swallow or do heavy breathing. So it makes me think that maybe there's a build up of fluid behind the ear which has caused an infection to develop perhaps?

I've done quite a bit of ozone therapy including auricular therapy which I'm sure has made me feel a little better unfortunately it has had no bearing at all on the fact that I wake up daily with this green phlegm. I also find that if during the day for example I don't drink enough water, I'll sometimes hawk up green phlegm as well.

I had my surgery on my septum when I was young & I'm not sure if that could have caused an chronic infection to develop. Even with restrictive diets, juice fasting, trying to sleep in as hypo-allergenic of an environment as possible I still end up with this green phlegm so I'm quite baffled as to what it could be.

I also don't have any pain over the sinus cavity areas, and I read that's a very common symptom of chronic sinusitis so I don't know if that's what this is exactly. I do however have very dark circles around my eyes which don't change regardless of how much sleep,correct eating or supplements I've used thus far. I've tried using a Nettie pot consistently as well as sniffing cayenne and although these can help, they're still only bandaid solutions that temporarily help by opening up the sinuses some more but have absolutely no effect upon waking up the next day with quite a bit of light green phlegm (Although my sinus breathing has improved tremendously over the years thanks to diet + the many things I've tried)

All the men on my fathers side of the family oddly enough all suffer from congestive sinus problems, however none of them from what they've told me have green or coloured congestion like I do.

I've also been suffering from what would appear to be adrenal fatigue for the last 2 years which reached a peak just over a year ago which had me rushing to the emergency room repeatedly. Although this has improved significantly with the use of herbs, many of which you also recommend. In my mind the daily green congestion and this burnout I've been experiencing are no doubt connected & I know that when I can correct one of them the other will significantly improve & hopefully go away entirely.

Huge thanks in advance for any replies!

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