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unyquity Views: 1,471
Published: 12 years ago

2/1 response for a "must read" for everybody

For everybody, the "must read" section is the one on "muscle testing" - methinks everyone would get a bit of needed knowledge by reading through it.

Hey Uny,

Just wanted to chime, hopefully you didn't miss my post. I know you're busy, just want to know you saw it.

Howdy Palaecro - sorry for the delay :(   'Not a problem at all - I appreciate the note.   Your post was on 'yesterday's list'...but yesterday was a bit, uh, let's just say, "skewed".

I read through your posts the day you posted and I've been giving everything quite a bit of 'deep thought'.  Before I continue, I ask you (and everybody) to remember that when I post to a 'specific person on specific issues', that I'm also keeping in mind that already there are past posts (of mine and others) that have over 500 'hits', and some with over 1,000....and that's just in a few months.  What this means is that I may explain things that I've explained before; I may challenge/debate things that have been discussed previously (whether a previous 'agreement' was found, or not), and I may suggest (in various levels of, uhm "firmness" :::grin:::), things I've suggested in the past that you/others have chosen not to do (for whatever/various reasons).  NONE of this means that I disrepect anyones "right to choose" what they should do for their own own body (nor them personally), and I'm certainly not being condescending.  What it means is that I know that hundreds/thousands of people will end up reading this post over the years, and I want to make SURE they have a chance to see & learn what I know (at my current level of knowledge) to be the truth - based on the works of the greatest healers than ever lived.

I respect everyone that has chosen to learn about natural health & healing and take responsibility for their own health.  


Thanks for getting around to my post Uny, and thanks for the extensive response.

"Are you sure (or exactly HOW are you sure) that whatever 'fatique reaction' you're experiencing is due to the fish oil/Omega oil? ...there's a LOT of variables in each & everyday (especially when adrenal issues are added to the mix)."

When my burnout was at its worst I started doing elimination of various things I was eating/taking fish oil was one of these things, I checked into it by taking 1 tsp on its own away from other food and waited for a reaction, within a short period of time I began experiencing shortness of breath, increased heart rate & dizzy spells. I found it odd because prior to my health spiraling out of control again I always felt good from using fish oils. So I tried another, this was cod liver, the same reaction. I then tried shark oil & then salmon oil, all the same results. I do believe 1 of the oils had non-gmo soy oil but the others were clean.

I started branching off into looking at other oils I was using, such as coconut & olive oil which I consumed quite regularly. The day I stopped using both I saw a dramatic improvement in my energy, from the point of struggling to breathe to feeling ok enough to go for a walk, I was stunned and didn't want to believe it. So I went back to the oils again individually this time and in lesser amounts of 1 tsp each and still had a reaction where-by my energy would get sapped. So both of them were out too. I also tried taking oils at different times of the day but it made no difference. In addition to the sapping of energy most oils would trigger a reaction that I experience from food allergies such as immediate sinus congestion & a drop in blood pressure. I also was a fan of nut butters such as almond butter & pumpkin seed butter both of which had to go as I was experiencing the same thing. I also muscle tested different things blinded with another person who was not aware of what I was sensitive to & low and behold everything with a substantial amount of fat tested as being bad for me or making me weak.

Okee-dokee, we can clearly see from everything above (except the last sentence regarding muscle testing...I'll get to that later -- so don't 'bristle' just yet :) that oils/fats are causing various 'stress reactions' for you.  This is VERY VERY common when the liver is compromised and congested...did I mention? VERY common.  We see all kinds of 'reactions' to various substances when the liver is compromised; and yes, typical 'allergic type reactions', too.   In fact, there are hundreds of posts (maybe more) on CZ alone where people have completely eliminated
their allergies (food, seasonal, mold and chemical) via a series of liver flushes.   The longer the liver is left unaddressed, the more foods & substances will start being "reactive".

I also muscle tested different things blinded with another person who was not aware of what I was sensitive to & low and behold everything with a substantial amount of fat tested as being bad for me or making me weak.  Also (from below)  Oh I also started reacting to the Intestinal flush powder unfortunately, I later muscle tested and it determined repeatedly that it was the charcoal alone that was doing it.

Muscle testing.  This art/science can/could be helpful as a tool.  For those that have never heard of it, or don't understand it - here's a broad definition I just snagged from the 'net:

Muscle Testing
A testing system used by kinesiologists (and other practitioners/my add) A part of the body is placed in a specific position, and then pressure is applied. The underlying muscle will either hold or go spongy/weak. The kinesiologist uses this muscle change to interact with the body, the mind and the subtle energy system.

In a very tiny nutshell, when something induces 'negative energy' in our body, the muscles weaken slightly, and strengthen or 'hold steady' when something induces positive energy.  So various practitioners use this process to assist people to overcome all aspects of dis-ease, and to determine what supplements may or may not be right for them. 

Here's an example you can do to show you how it works:  Hold your arms out slightly from your body and have someone else put very slight downward pressure on your upper hands or lower forearms (enough pressure that you must "just barely resist" to keep your arms away from your body).  Then have them ask you "what is your name?", and answer correctly/truthfully.  Virtually nothing will change in your arms.  Now have them ask you "what is your name?", but answer with a lie.  Immediately your muscles will weaken slightly...because of a disruption of the flow of positive energy (or the addition of negative energy).

Just like a lie detector test, this has the potential to be a truly awesome tool.  But the fact is, the muscle/energy response MUST be interpreted properly...and there are VERY few practitioners that are knowledgeable or intuitive enough to do this .  Take the example above.  If one answers honestly with their true name, they could have muscle weakness (if they were given another name at birth and then adopted, their subconscious mind would indicate that what they know as truth -and IS the truth to them--, as a lie).  If they lie about their real name, but do NOT have muscle weakness, it can be because they truly believe their name is different (or have convinced themselves of that).

What this is most commonly used for in the world of nutrition/healing is to test to see if a substance, food, or supplement is beneficial (or if it causes harm).  Someone is given a bottle of supplements to hold (or a food, or other substance), and the 'muscle test' is read.  A weakness means the substance is 'negative' for you, no change means the substance is 'positive' for you.

The problem is (and this is HUGE), this type of test does not address all the possible variables and issues at hand (and WHY the body is testing negative/positive for a substance)...and so again, there are very few practitioners that are able to utilize this reliably & effectively.

Before I explain how different variables can produce an incorrect result, let me explain a bit about a more advanced version of muscle testing that's known as "One Brain".  This healing/diagnostic tool, incorporates muscle testing - but is much more 'complete' (but still not foolproof).  Via a series of questions (all asked/answered while the muscle testing is occurring), it allows the therapist/facilitator to task a long series of questions in order to address the subconscious mind and spirit (and eliminates/lessens the potential of 'conscious mind' responses).  My mother-in-law is certified One Brain facilitator/therapist, so I've not only done this (as has Rocky53), I've also seen it in action...and I've also "fooled it".

One Brain is used for all kinds of healing & discernment (and can even be used to illuminate 'past life' information, if one subscribes to that).  If a One Brain therapist was using it to muscle test for a substance to be ingested (let's say the person has heart problems and we're testing for Hawthorn Berry, an herb/food that is totally without potential for harm and always beneficial for the heart).  The series of questions would go something like this (while continuously muscle testing/reading responses)...once again, a very tiny nutshell version:

--I am asking permission to address your subconscious mind/spirit/inner self directly without any interference from your conscious mind - do I have permission to do this?  (obtaining this permission, verifying it to ensure no conscious mind involvement takes a lot more than just one question, but you get the idea).  Once the permission and clear pathway is obtained/established:

--Is the herb in your hand positive for this body?  (let's assume a "no" weakness response...which is virtually impossible.  Yet most kinesiologists/muscle testers would stop right there, or repeat the test a time or two, and then say "you've tested negative for hawthorn").  But we need to go further...

--Is the reason this body responds negatively to this herb because of toxins/poisons in the herb? (no)

--Is the reason this body responds negatively to this herb because it has the potential to cause harm? (no)

--Is the reason this body responds negatively to this herb because of allergy? (no)

--Is the reason this body responds negatively to this herb because it won't correct the problem? (wavering/unclear) (now the facilitator/therapist has to be REALLY good - why in the world would someone with heart issues not need Hawthorn?)

--Is the heart in this body damaged in any way (wavering/unclear again --but yet there are known heart symptoms)

--Is the heart being affected by other influences which this herb alone can never correct (yes!)

--Is there a lack of oxygen in the environment that is causing the heart to beat faster? (yes!)

--If oxygen is added to environment, would this herb be useful in repairing any damage that's been caused by the lack of oxygen? (YES!)

BUT, the person was likely told the muscle testing 'proved' Hawthorn is negative for their body.  ::::sigh::::

Folks, muscle testing is NOT a solid or exact science - it is VERY SUBJECTIVE, and the results are always (I cannot emphasize this enough) always dependent  upon the ability of the practitioner to interpret the results!   (And don't even get me started on the various 'machines' they use to test things like this).  I am not saying it can not be beneficial or useful...but I am saying this:  there are certain truths, certain substances, certain healing methodologies that apply to every person/body on the planet - and we know what many of these are by studying the works of the greatest healers that ever lived, that were consistently successful, tens of thousands of times.

Muscle testing IS practiced by hundreds/thousands of practitioners.  Most have no more knowledge than what they learned in one textbook, a "one week" course, a semester or class in college or 'accrediting organization' (that may have not been fully devoted to muscle-testing, but included various other methodologies and forms of kinesiology).  None of these things by themselves qualify ANY practitioner to utilize this complex tool with any level of certainty.  At it's best, it should be used to confirm other known truths - at it's worst, it's no more than a typical 'parlor game' - and has scammed tens of thousands of people into buying supplements they don't need - and prevented tens of thousands of people from using substances that are beneficial. 

Let's also remember another solid truth - 95% of ALL herbal products on the market are grown in third world countries that use incredibly toxic poisons (that have been banned in the US) as fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides.  Then these herbs are overdried/burnt, baled and doused in pesticides again at the border (and possibly irradiated).  Yet when those substances sit on a practitioners shelf for sale and are put in their hand, people consistently muscle-test POSITIVE for their use???  Or when they test NEGATIVE it's because of the actual herb in the bottle and not the DDT?  Right.

There's very good reason for someone with liver compromise/congestion to muscle-test negative for fats & oils...that's because fats & oils cause bile to flow - but when the biliary channels & gallbladder are clogged, forcing bile through them is stressful to the body.  This creates a 'no win no heal' situation.  When someone has gallstones, the allopathic system tells them to avoid fats and spicy foods.  Why? Because they exacerbate SYMPTOMS...but those symptoms are the only way our body has of telling us what is wrong and what we need to address.  Shutting down symptoms is bad enough, but when one shuts down symptoms by exacerbating/worsening the problem? That's even worse!  The slight stress & symptomlogy that is created by the flowing bile IS the healing mechanism.  The more bile forced through the clogs, the more and more flow/healing is accomplished.  Do it 1-2 tablespoons at a time?  You'll do nothing more than induce symptoms daily for a very long time...hopefully you'll get there eventually (kind of like taking IF#1 without doing IF#2...oh yeah, after a few years the constant daily flow will slowly dissolve/eliminate the layers of rubbery mucoid plaque).

Keep in mind, I do realize there are some people that are so highly reactive to ingested oils, that it's necessary to utilize other 'liver protocols' before ingesting enemas, castor oil packs, liver herbs, foot reflexology (highly overlooked and under-utilized), and various cholagogue/choleretics foods & herbs.

This is one of THE most major reasons we must do things in the right order, with the correct support, and not 'pidley fart' around (not that I'm accusing Palaecro of 'fidley farting, I'm just making a point).  At any point in someone with liver/gallbladder congestion, they can be 'negatively reactive' to oils/fats & spicy foods.  When our body starts throwing us symptoms like this, that means we should pay attention and do something about it....and the very first thing we should do is eliminate ALL stress on the body and all useless waste of energy. How? By now, most of you already know the answer to this one...JUICE FAST!  And use IF#2, or bentonite clay or activated charcoal to adsorb the toxins that are being released throughout the body.  (The IF#2 is the logical choice, because we all need colon work, and the IF#2 & colon cleansing is MOST effective when juice fasting).

Regarding the 'negative muscle test' to activated charcoal?  I can see no possible way the test was accurate, because I just checked your orders, and you do not possess any activated charcoal from us (unless you got it from someone else).  Obviously one couldn't test the blended IF#2 for a single specific ingredients accurately.  The only thing that could have been tested was activated charcoal from a different supplier - which would invalidate the test entirely (WAY too many variables there).  Besides (and this is overridingly significant in my opinion), activated charcoal has no known contraindications; it is a completely benign, non-reactive substance; various animals naturally seek-out & ingest charcoal whenever they ingest a plant that's toxic; other than constipation or diarrhea (which virtually always goes away one acclimates to it), there are no possible side-effects; it's been shown to increase life span by over 30%; it safely adsorbs thousands of poisons, metals and other toxic substances; it does not interfere with organic nutrient assimilation, and it's been used safely and effectively by healers for centuries.

"All done muscle testing" - onward...

You say "continued liver detoxification with my adrenal recovery efforts", but I don't know what type of 'continued liver detox" you're doing...and how the fatigue you feel that's associated with fish oil, is associated with the other liver protocols that you're doing (or if you've yet done anything 'liver related' using ingested oil).  So, if you've done a 5 day cleanse (with oil in the morning drink), a big liver flush, or have ingested daily olive oil, compare/contrast fish oil ingestion to olive oil ingestion. 

For liver detox I was doing coffee enemas 2x a day, it was going well until 1 time I screwed up and held it too long and went into a major panic attack since a drop of coffee can do it to me you can image how that went. So I decided I would hold off on coffee enemas until I stabalized my adrenals a little more so if that happened again it wouldn't be so severe. I plan on going back to the enemas shortly. Besides that I was doing liver flushes every couple of weeks and reached my 6th but the shortness of breath and panic was too much the last time after I drank the oil so I've had to leave them for a bit as well until I get this issue better understood or handled, since I would get so burntout from drinking the oil on the flush alone that it almost made the flush more of a strain on my body than I could handle. The first couple times I did liver flushing was nearly 2 years ago and at that time I wasn't burnt out the way I am now and I had no problem at all with the oils. 

I haven't tried the 5 day liver flush, I was debating trying it because I know its much more tame than the big flush, although I know my body the way I'm reacting and at this point I just truly feel that aiding my adrenals is my #1 priority. Once that's handled to a certain degree I think I'll try the 5 day.

I would not have discontinued coffee enemas because of one adverse reaction (especially since you know what caused the reaction).  You indicate your want to stabilize your adrenals more before restarting the coffee enemas.   I know, it's it's a 'worn out record', but we can't expect to heal the body "one organ or system" at a time.  It seems that ingesting oil is causing physical/adrenal reactions, but the adrenals have nothing directly to do with ingesting oil.  If ingesting fats/oils is causing various reactions, it's not because of your adrenal compromise (of course) - it's because there's something wrong with your bodies ability to process & digest fats & oils (and that's always the liver) stopping the coffee enemas wouldn't have been my choice.  At this point, I don't know if I'd recommend the 5 day Schulze protocol or not - it works up to 5 tablespoons of oil on the last day (and below you mention having issues with garlic - which is in every morning drink).  If I were you, I'd be VERY aggressive with my liver in every possible way that didn't involve oil - I'd immediately go back to 2 coffee enemas daily; definitely a castor oil pack every night; at the very minimum, 3 tablespoons of organic milk thistle seed powder mixed in with each & every Superfood smoothie (at least one daily); what I call "dedicated" foot reflexology for 15-30 minute sessions 2-3 daily ("dedicated" = no 'foot pad thingies' - direct application of intense pressure to the liver & gallbladder points), and hot/cold contrast therapy on the liver during the shower, and two other times daily.

"Also, do you feel anything similar to 'fish oil fatigue' after a coffee enema? castor oil pack? foot reflexology? liver herbs?"

With the exception of the one experience I didn't have any problems with the coffee enemas, castor oil packs did seem to actually help reverse the reaction when I went breathless to help my body relax and breathe normally. I have a food reflexology pad I walk on daily and rejuvenates me a little, nothing bad. Liver herbs have been ok, however certain ones such as dandelion I've noticed can cause a similar reaction, but go figure I'm allergic to them anyway so that's that. You won't be allergic to anything once your liver is healed & decongested.  Btw, you may have noticed, I do not believe adrenal stress is responsible for allergies.  This is another "science/medicine" claim that is not supported by simple logic.  Children develop allergies/asthma after vaccines (and antibiotics/pharmaceuticals) - all are huge stressers on the liver.  Children RARELY have adrenal issues.  Adults develop allergies when exposed to chemicals and other liver stressers...with or without adrenal issues.  I've helped many people over allergies and 'food reactions' via liver healing/cleansing, and of course, there's hundreds of stories on the "liver flush forum" of people that have been cured of allergies via liver flushing alone.   Oh I also started reacting to the Intestinal flush powder unfortunately, That would be after you stopped doing coffee enemas? or before?  What kind of reaction? similar to the oil?   I later muscle tested and it determined repeatedly that it was the charcoal alone that was doing it. I also juiced a bulb of garlic and drank it which is something I had been able to do before but recently it has been sending me into anxiety attacks and I can't even touch the garlic anymore without a burnout reaction.  Again,  was this after you stopped the 2x daily coffee enemas?   I'm hearing a lot of "anxiety"...this protocol calls for cayenne 3x daily, and cayenne is a known reducer of anxiety. So, I have to ask if you're taking the daily cayenne?  (whoops I just see below that you're still taking it).


Give me a quick history of your 'liver detoxification' protocols and results...'ever got out 'stones' and liver debris?  If so, what protocol prefaced them being expelled and how did you react to know, write a novel (lol), if there's much to write.  Basically, I need to know how much liver flushing/cleansing you've done, what you did, and the results.

The flushes were awesome! With the exception of my issues with fatigue/breathlessness from the oils I loved doing them, I believe between the 6 flushes I've already gotten out about 800 stones so far. I've had several that were the size of quarters, I've seen pics of others online and I've had some that would dwarf them, although it's possible that multiple stones bound together to form one large stone, as I had one that was about the size of 2.5 quarters attached, freaked my out when I saw it lol! I got quite a bit of debris as well during the flushes.  That's GREAT results!  I've had a couple of whoppers myself (but like you, not as big as some of the pix I've seen).  I saw one online somewhere that was almost the size of a ping pong ball!  :::smirk::: and people say gall/liver stones can't come out through the biliary ducts, or they're just a blend of olive oil and intestinal enzymes.  What total hogwash!  I've gotten out stones from CE's - Rocky's cousin (who was on the verge or having her gallbladder removed) got out a LOT of stones from one tablespoon of Epsom Salts.  And my cousin's hubby (a pharmacist) was recently hospitalized, became constipated from the horrible food, and had a major/double dose of some type of  'heavy hitter' milk of magnesia...and wallah, the same exact stones he'd seen with olive oil flushing, came out with absolutely no oil. 

If I were you, I hit that "non oil liver regime" with gusto for 2-weeks solid, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil before each CE for a couple of days...and see what you get.  If no bad reaction?  I'd likely do a "big flush"...but of course, the 5 day protocol is 'gentler'.  BUT if I'd been dedicatedly working on my liver with 'non oil' protocols for two weeks, I'd know it was ready for a big flush.  That 5 day flush is a great prep for a big liver flush, but knowing that you've had 'big yields' in the past AND that you're gaining symptoms of liver-issues, I wouldn't want to take the chance of messing with a "little flush" and just get things all riled up.

What else do YOU discern might be a factor?

Definitely adrenals, although recently since I've begun taking a regimen of adrenal herbs I've seen some significant improvement. Notably I've been using 1tsp Ashwagandha x 3/day, the same for Astragalus, Amla, Rosehips, Hawthorn, Gokshura.  'Sure hope those are all organic (particularly the herbs that can be from India - India still uses DDT last time I checked). Of course I'm also using your cayenne which really helps balance me out when I have a bad reaction and can't catch my breath, I've been snorting it as well as the snuff to just wake myself out of a congested dizzy spell. This has made a greater difference for me than anything I've done in the past year to help myself besides moving out of my toxic room, which I believe I told you about before? Yes, I remember the 'toxic room'

The interesting thing is that when I'm feeling my best off these herbs I can tolerate oils, although tolerate is the key word as more than 1 tsp of any oil at a time will still send me back & burn me out. (Also by Burnout I mean dizzy spells, severe congestion, difficulty breathing, lowered blood pressure.)  How does the Lobelia work for the breathing?

"But thinking that a couple of 'capsules worth' of fish oil is "pushing through" isn't going to get 'er done.  Once I know a bit more about what you've done in the past (and the results), I'll have a better idea of what 'pushing through' actually means for you."

I'll do anything as long as it doesn't threaten to stop my ability to breathe, which unfortunately anything dealing with large amounts of oils is doing at this point.  I agree - breathing is pretty important stuff! :)  I'm all up for daily herbal drinks, I've been juicing and was at one point doing a series of 3 day juice fasts which made me feel great, but the instant I would touch any oil it was back to square 1. I've just assumed since its oils above all else which does this to me that my liver is a major issue. However I should clarify that these reactions I get from oils are identical to what I get from eating anything I'm sensitive to or if I happen to eat a great deal of carbohydrates at once and happen to forget to chew thoroughly.  Yep, I'd definitely take a break from the oils and go to strictly juices for the two weeks you're hitting the liver without oils.  I was checking your 'other forum' posts to see if I was missing anything and saw this (6 days ago) I'm doing best with protein & vegetables, the only limitation with meat of course being the fat content but I find I'm still better with it in moderation than taking straight oils. MEAT/PROTEIN?  Oh dear - well, there's one key...excess protein (and especially meat) are the "anti healers".  Schulze/Christopher/Gerson (it doesn't get any better than that trio) - all 'no meat' and it didn't matter what the disease or issue.  Juicing/vegan = 55 grams of protein daily on Gerson's program.  Please read through these if you want to understand why this is true.  

dotProtein and Healing - part 1 dotProtein and Healing - part 2 dotProtein and Healing - part 3

As for pushing through I've been a little ridiculous lately since I've said to hell with my breathing & low energy I want to get fit & exercise and I would try to go out for a walk/run and would soon find myself getting faint and almost passing out & ending up in another burnout panic.  ::::sigh:::: what AM I going to do with you?  lol

What I'm getting at is that perhaps I need to focus more on nourishing my adrenals, once I reach a certain level I can get back to the coffee enemas and liver flushes. But I was curious if there was any other reason you could see for specifically having so much difficulty with oils. Liver, liver, liver.  And if I'm interpreting this correctly (which I may not be on the 'timeline'?), it appears things have been worsening since stopping the CE's.    "Once I reach a certain level I can get back to the coffee enemas"?  That sounds like the age old BS "I'm too weak to restore my organs to sound structural functioning".   How in the world can we expect to improve if we stop doing the things that our body needs to heal itself?  Gerson had patients that were on death's doorstep doing FIVE CE's daily.

When I used to take several oils in good sized amounts daily I remember getting energized from them & I also never had problems with my hair & skin, but in the past year I've gone from formerly being told how envious people were of my soft, thick hair to being told I'm going bald   So all I know is that whatever is wiping me out is very quickly wearing me away and many of the things I'm trying to use to help myself seem to be turning against me (I've always had a tendency to develop sensitivities quickly). I do understand herxiemer effects as I used to welcome them and could identify them when detoxifying because it was a bad sometimes disgusting feeling but it felt would also feel purifying or healing in some way as well at the same time even if I had a fever, nausea & diarrhea all at once I could move through it with a smile, but this doesn't feel that way at all. It feels like I'm slowly being suffocated.  :( :( :(  I'm sorry - that would be a horrible way to feel, for sure AND for certain.  I so much wish the Powers That Be hadn't prevented us from having a "Schulze Clinic" in every town.  The information we have now is SO convoluted and UNnatural in the field of "alternative science"...and when mixing & matching it's SO easy to get worse instead of better.  I wish with all my heart that I could just 'download my knowledge' into everybody's brain so they would just do the IP and get healed :::sigh:::

P.S. I noticed you mentioned in regards to liver/gallbladder issues affectings fats & spicy food. Is this the reason why no matter how small amount I take of cayenne I can't help but get these bizarre hiccups that almost feel like my stomach is trying to send it back up?  I've never heard of that happening, but that would be my first guess.  Does it do the same with both the tincture and the powder?


As a quick follow up I believe if I could calm down my bodies overly aggressive immune response.  Mmmm, that's mighty "iffy"...because I don't think I would classify your reactions on an overly aggressive immune response.  It sounds to me like basic 'lack of flow' and liver compromise.   I would have a much easier time building myself back up and being able to do cleanses/flushes requiring oils.  You can 'get there' initially without using the oil flushes, if you're aggressive enough with the non-oil protocols.  Remember, Dr. Gerson didn't use "oil" at all (but 4-5 CE's is tough for anyone to 'get in' in one day).

I've ordered a lb of cats claw powder and hope that it makes a difference, are there any other herbs you could suggest that might reduce either the histamine reaction occurring or help reduce the auto-inflammatory response my body keeps putting out? Ooooh, I get a big red flag on Cat's Claw.  If I remember right (quick check) yes, it's high in oxalic acid, hence can cause kidney stones.  And I've never found anything it can do that other (what I consider safer) herbs can do.   It's an immune stimulant, and it's known to cause allergic reactions.  eeek.  I've been responding very well to the adaptogenic herbs so I really think something like this will help me.
I've considered upping my rosehips & ashwagandha to 3 tbsp per day Absolutely - I recommend 3T of Ashwagandha all the time., is there any limit I can go with these herbs, nope as well does the body develop a tolerance nope to them or are they more like food in that they nourish the body at the same consistent level at all times and the effect the body receives from them is also maintained? yep...although you can simply become acclimated to the way you're feeling and the benefit, get a bit stressed and feel like you've developed a tolerance.  You'll know that's not true about 1-2 days after you stop taking them I'm just curious if at some point my body is going to need me to increase the amount to maintain the feeling they're providing.  That can happen if your body worsens...but you shouldn't need to increase the dose because of "developing tolerance"

Obviously I wouldn't plan for this to correct my condition but only allow me to consume oils and move through without my body wearing down at the same time as a result.  :)

I agree heartily with upping the Ashwagandha; I think Acerola cherry is higher in Vitamin C than Rosehips (you can get that at Pacific Botanicals); reducing/eliminating oils WHILE working on the liver aggressively via other means is excellent - reducing/eliminating oils without working on the liver aggressively via other mean is likely to make you much worse (make sure you have a stethescope so you can hear just how effective the non-oil protocols are for you...and exactly where the liver/gallbladder spots are on your feet).   I believe doing without the IF#2 (absorbing toxins) and stopping the CE's could be the reason you're starting to have more 'liver issues'/reactions/burnouts.  If you feel you can't take the IF#2, then I believe you should at least be taking several teaspoons of bentonite clay daily (and of course, enough IF#1 to ensure 3bms daily).  JUICE FAST!!!  And if you're not going to take the IF#2 because of the activated charcoal (when you NEED the IF#2 when juice fasting, both for the detoxification AND the bulk), then we'll be happy (when Rocky returns from Texas) to customize a batch of IF#2 without charcoal (and use double the amount of bentonite). 

Also, I don't know what (if anything) you're doing for stress relief or to induce calmness, but I'd like to hope you're being seriously aggressive on that front.  EFT is great.  Barefooting daily is essential.  Low/no EMFs (certainly no cell phones unless a total emergency).  If you do a search on "adrenal, EMFs", you'll find TONS of documentation that reads similar to this:

Research shows that these fields have a disruptive effect on the energy levels of your body. You have to expend energy to counter the high frequencies of EMF. This can magnify your body's "Fight or Flight" responses, compound your adrenal loads from other stressors, and significantly reduce your ability to function effectively. This can also impair your body's natural ability to heal.

EMF exposures may cause a number of adverse effects including weakness and fatigue, increased anxiety, decreased mental function, headaches, dizziness and impaired vision. The long-term adverse health effects of EMF are still unclear, although a number of studies show serious health consequences. Emotional imbalances and mental fatigue can also result from EMF exposures.

The very first rule of healing is to stop doing anything & everything that makes us sick.  And with adrenal issues, that's "eliminate stress"...and ditch anything and everything that can cause stress to the adrenals.   A room/home full of EMFs is JUST as bad for you as your "toxic room" was.  And there's no such thing as too much of doing absolutely NOTHING!  If there is anyway you possibly can, do a lot of "laying around", reading good books, listening to your favorite 'mellow music' (JT is one of my favorites for "chilling" :).  If you live 'in town', get a blanket and a pillow and get OUT of town (or at least to a big part), spread out the blanket and spend a few hours just laying there in the warm of the afternoon or early morning sun just examining the grass (and the incredible 'world's of life' in just one square foot).  And when you get bored with that (if you can! lol), then get lost in all the cloud formations...while the earth pulls all the toxic EMFs and stress from your body, the gentle sunlight fills you full of healing energy and recharges your battery, and the soft breeze carries away all your troubles.  Remember, whether we believe we evolved from the earth or God created us from the earth...there's simply no place like home.  Nature is an AWESOME healer :)

Blessings aplenty :)




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