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could mitral valve prolapse cause adrenal fatigue and apnea?
tux81 Views: 10,096
Published: 14 years ago

could mitral valve prolapse cause adrenal fatigue and apnea?

When i was in high school one of my friends gave me a caffeine pill to help me stay awake in class. Well, 30 minutes later i was in the hospital. Turns out i had mitral valve prolapse and the caffeine pill damaged some nerves in my heart. Ever since then i had a severe reaction to any kind of chemical stimulants and adrenaline. I also couldn't watch scary movies or do anything that would cause my adrenaline to rise or my heart rate would shoot up above 180 and i couldnt breathe very well. The doctors gave me Toprol xl which greatly improved my condition and i was on it for many years. I still had to avoid coffee etc but it helped my sitting heart rate and just helped me feel better in general. However, a few years on that i noticed i was constantly tired, developed depression. A few years after that anxiety and panic attacks started. Im planning on doing a parasite and cleanse, but i was wondering if anyone thinks i could also have adrenalin fatigue caused by my MVP/high blood pressure or maybe being on beta blockers so long. I still have the cold hands and feet, and my arms and legs fall asleep very easily in bed or if i raise my arms above my head for too long. And it is very hard to sleep at night, which is a recent development in the past year, plus occasional sleep apnea. The sleep apnea started anytime i layed on my back, i would just stop breathing. This started a few years ago, but is still around today. I have no idea what that could be, its just very hard to breathe lying on my back and if i fall asleep that way i just wake up because it feels like i stop breathing. It also takes a tremendous effort to get out of bed in the morning. I can get 9 hours of sleep (on a really good night as i frequently wake up during the night) and still feel tired in the morning and lay in bed for hours trying to convince myself i really need to get out of bed.

I am not on the toprol anymore or any medication for my heart. It took 10 years but my heart i think is finally improving. I can have a little caffeine now although i try and avoid it. But my only real problem is the anxiety and Depression which is constant still.

I was thinking about trying the keto-7 but wanted to make sure it wouldnt be too stimulating for me as im sensitive to any kind of stimulant. Ive read you can take it every day, but ive also read you should only take it when you have symptoms like anxiety attacks. Can anyone clarify this? I was wanting to take it for anxiety and tiredness thinking it may be related to adrenal fatigue.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

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