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Re: Donn
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Donn

You're just not getting what Donn is trying to explain so let me put it in simpler common everyday terms. For years and years I'm sure you've heard that people should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. At an average of 10oz per glass we are talking 80 to 120oz of water a day. To be more precise to your specific weight it's half your weight in in oz of water so at 200 lbs we are talking 100oz and you weren't anywhere near that not even combining the junk drink with the water you were drinking. Now this daily recommended standard is for everyday consumtion IN ADDITION TO FOOD from which the body also gets a good bit more additional fluids making  what you did way below what a person should be consuming every day by ANY common every day standard.

The really scary part of what you did as I said in another post is that there is no way in hell that in a relatively short period of 2 months +/- that the 97 lbs you lost were all from fat. It's scary and alarming to even imagine what part of that was muscle and vital organ tissue. The human body is very resilient and can survive many "hardships". The key words here are "survive"  and "hardships" which by any stretch of the imagination does not equate to any thing to do with ANY healthy standard. None of what is being discussed here is rocket science. Just plain ole common sense without even getting into scientific or holistic well documented studies of years of supervised fasting.

Given the very simple common sense of the above without even getting into any dangers connected with known studies and documented harmful effects of the chemicals you were ingesting as the sole source of nutrition for 65 days you should consider yourself lucky that you did not suffer any "apparent harm" for now. What you did was extreme and dangerous, no 2 ways about it.  So again consider yourself very lucky that you had the constitution and did not have any unknow health issues and you SURVIVED the ordeal and ABUSE you put your body through. The preceeding is a relative statement cuase they jury is still out and will be for a good long time which could even entail years from now.

Ok so what's done is done. So let's move on and address some very basic things. It's a fact that you're metabolism is going to be shot to hell from 65days of "starvation". This will entail a couple of common sense things, one is going to be your refedding and taking it extremely easy in bringing your digestive system back on track. It you go back to your old habits you not only can you cause harm and have problems with digestion but any weight you lost will come back gangbusters. Two your intestinal flora or beneficial bacteria in your gut has been depleated so you need to replenish/rebuild and do some probiotics. My favorite is Kefir with contains many strains of beneficial bacteria that can actually colonize in your gut. You will have to get some regular exercise to bring the metabolism back in the most effecient manner. Since you prolly lost a good bit of muscle tissue the best thing will be to include resistance or weight training. The preceeding is just very basic stuff if you are smart and realise how lucky you are and the very pressing need rebuld your health you will do some research and find a nutritional program that resonates for you and really stick to it to minimze and repair any harm you may have done from your extreme and dangerous actions.


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